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Holy crap, I haven't done this yet? Wow uh well I just want people to know that I stand against Sara by all means. She's a morphine junkie, come on folks! I have a weird fascination with T-Bag and Tweener is just so cute isn't he?

Got something to say, well then contact me. I'll get back to you whenever I can oh and it doesn't hurt to read my fics and possibly review either.
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Series by Cenababe1
Her name is Natalie Abruzzi, looking to escape her family name and desperately try not to become what she may fear the most: a killer. Two men struggle to keep her. One to love, to help, and to save her. The other to show who she truly is and be able to accept not only her, but himself as well. Their lives will be forever changed and our Abruzzi star will always keep everyone, including herself, guessing at just what will happen next.

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Characters: Agent Alexander Mahone, Agent Felicia Lang, Agent Paul Kellerman, Brad Bellick, Caroline Reynolds, Debra Jean Belle, Fernando Sucre, Frank Tancredi, Hector Avila, Jane Phillips, John Abruzzi, Lincoln Burrows, LJ Burrows, Maricruz Delgado, Michael Scofield, Nika Volek, Original Character(s), Other, Roy Geary, Sara Tancredi, Susan Hollander, Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell, Tweener
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