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Hiya! I'm a northeastern gal who's been carpetbagging it down South just long enough to say y'all without wincing. During the school year, I teach English; during the summer, I get obsessed with television and fanfiction. The flavor of the year: PRISON BREAK!
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Series by phantomrhiannon
Summary: Michael once asked Sara "What if?" He seemed to imagine a simpler life, free of the complications of Fox River. But if those what-ifs are out there, would they really be so simple or so free? What if...every choice made a new reality? It would bring new consequences. These are just a few of those stories. Note: most categories, characters, genres, and (canon) pairings could occur, individual stories will be labeled appropriately.
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Warnings: Character Death, Drugs/Drug Use, Extreme Language, Graphic Violence, Original Characters, Sexual Situations, Work In Progress
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