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Ok, I didnt want to write about my life in case people didnt like me. LOL. I'll write it now, if anyones interested. Lol.

I used to write more when I was younger, Im stil young 19years old. lol. I stopped writing when I got involved in a bad crowd. I ditched them just over a year ago coz I didnt want to keep getting in trouble and I stood back one time and watched them and then I put myself in with them and their behaviour and saw a side to me that I really did not like. I'm back to being a nice girl and I started up my writing again. have really changed for the better now and when people meet me for the first time and the convesation drifts to the subject they dont believe I am the type and Im glad because I dont want to be that person. I was never involved in anything really bad, I used that group to vent some of my anger and our friendships were more our means to vent that anger. I hope that makes sense.

Im not sure what made me take a step back and look at my 'friends' that way but Im glad I did. Im nice to everyone now, overly nice probably, lol. Its the best way to be.

Finding fan fiction has been brilliant since I do love to write and to get feedback is really cool. When I was younger, I used to be shy about people reading my workbut now I cant wait to hear what people think. I so love prison break and to put it with fiction anything can happen and we can use the brilliant characters as we please ;) I think writing PB stuff will help me with my OC stories in a way.

Most of my fics are AU and have been tranformed from OC stories to fit with PB and in doing that it helped me get further in the storylines. Most of my stories have MiSa elements but that is not usually the main focus of the plot. For a couple it is :D

My favourite character is actually T Bag, I think he is great and the show would not be the same if he were not part of it. He's such a great bad guy.

I also love Sucre to bits, he is just so adorable. Lol. So loyal and sweet.

Obviously I love the amazing Michael Scofield, who can resist those eyes? Im in love with him but who isnt? Lol.

William Fitchner is a great actor and when he came into S2 I was thrilled. I really like how they developed Mahone's character and even though he killed off some of the great characters in the show, Abruzzi, Tweener, Haywire, I felt Mahone added a lot to the show. I really got the sense that he was as much a victim as Mike and Linc.

Thank you for reading my bio, I hope I didnt bore you. If you read my fics I really hope you enjoy them. Love Celia xXx

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Its started with Living the High Life. The guys are working the streets as rent boys with T Bag as their pimp. He took them in and they found a place to stay. Since the beginning the group expanded and the many prequels follow how each of the boys found T Bag and became part of the High Life family. What happened to them? How did they start working the high life? What led them to it?

Romances, a violent mob, urequited love, a kidnapping, drug abuse and family trouble.

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