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Author's Chapter Notes:
Spoilers: Season 5 episode 9
This is my vision of how things happened after Michael came back from his interrogation as a free man. this is a two part story. Here's the first part. Enjoy!
Oh and P.S please do comment how you liked it.
Sara opened the locks and entered the house; Lincoln and mike behind her. Sara knew this was the last place Michael would want to be but she also knew that this was home to mike; the only place where he would feel comfortable. She could sense that Lincoln thought her insensitive to Michael but was glad when he made no arguments other than a look questioning her sanity, when she asked him to drive them home; because as much as she loved Michael she had a son to care for too now, and it’d be easier to explain things to Michael than to her 7-year-old kid with a brain of a 12-year-old.
Mike was unusually quiet and Sara could understand why; seeing guns at seven was no joke and god knew what other things that lunatic Jacob had filled Mike’s head with. So, when Lincoln put her son down she came eye level with him and hugged him, releasing him she placed one hand on his cheek and the other on his arm giving him a comforting smile. But mike was still stoic.
“Are you okay?” Sarah asked
“Yeah.........” Mike stopped wanting to say more but not putting it into words. Sarah quickly picked up on it.
“What’s wrong mike?” she asked him softly.
Sarah was thrown off guard when mike asked her where Jacob was as she had expected a question about Michael.
“What do you mean Mike?” Sara aske blankly.
“He left the office to deal with the man impersonating dad but he never came back? Is he coming back here? Is he-”
“There’s no one impersonating your dad, mike. That man is your father.” Sara cut mike off
“No... No Jacob said-” mike started
“Baby you told me in the car that he said I was dead. He lied to you about your father. You really did meet your father today.” Sara explained gently
“But my dad’s.... Are you and uncle Lincoln sure?” he continued confused
“Yes mike, We’re sure”
Sara could see confusion written all over her 7-year-old sons face, who didn’t know what to believe. Sara had a feeling that it might be best if mike satisfied his doubts on his own.
“Mike, how about when your father comes you can make sure if its him or not?” She stated her suggestion
“How do I do that?” Mike asked still confused, her bright kids brain shutting off on account of everything that had transpired today, understandably so.
“Well, I’ve told you things about your father.... how about you ask this man things only your dad can know?”
Mike went quiet as contemplating the idea. Knowing he needed comfort she asked him whether he’d like to go to bed.
” Is he coming home? That man?”
Sarah looked at Lincoln not knowing what to say as neither of them knew the whereabouts or fate of Michael.
“I think he might, mike.” Sara replied slowly, doubt in her eyes on taking such a huge leap of faith,
“I’d like to wait for him. I’ll be in my room”
“Do you want company?” Sarah asked softly but he nodded no.
“Okay. But you should lay down a while. You’ve had a long day.” Sarah told mike
“Yeah.........” and with that mike was off running to his room.
Sara stood up sighing at Lincoln, worried for Michael and mike, she walked into the living room and reached for the TV remote and turned it on.
“Lincoln!” Sarah called out to her brother in law who was rooted to his spot.
Michael’s face was plastered all over the news as Kaniel Outis. The headlines read ‘Kaniel Outis arrested for murder, worry started to hit Sarah, the reality of Michael never making it back to her all too real. She turned to Lincoln with her face shrewd in worry.
“Have faith Sarah. Michael will make it through” he assured her himself not believing what he said.
Sara put her hand on her mouth and sat on the sofa a silent prayer in her heart hoping that Michael made his way back to them
“You should go rest Lincoln, you’re down a lot of blood.” Sarah said suddenly partially because she wanted to be alone.
“I’d rather stay I’m not goanna sleep anyway”
“Go lay down Lincoln, you need rest. I’ll let you know if something happens”
Hesitant Lincoln got up, worry eating him up but as always wearing a brave face. He placed a hand om her shoulder and went to lay down in the guest room after Sara persistent pestering. A part of Lincoln knew she was right because the pain was reaching a new high along with the guilt for letting Michael down.
Sara’s head was swimming in thoughts and worries the news doing nothing but increasing her anxiety, plastering her innocent husbands face as a terrorist she looked around at what was home. To her surprise her disgust only grew, mainly because she saw a picture of Jacob, her and mike. The frame Michael should have occupied but couldn’t because of Jacob and indirectly because of her; because as Jacob kept reminding her; he did it all for her. Sara got up, sighing she held the picture, hatred pulsing through her veins for falling for a man like Jacob; she was hurt because Michael wasn’t there and Jacob used her. He used her for his happiness depriving her of her own and her sons even Michael’s. Her hatred for him increasing with every passing minute Sarah soon came to the realization that Michael must absolutely loathe Jacob. Her husband occupying her thoughts and heart she started combing the house; removing anything that might link the house to Jacob, pictures papers clothes. Tired as she was she couldn’t welcome Michael in the house with Jacob’s face hanging on every wall, opening the wounds that were trying to heal. She packed the boxes moving them in the closet where Jacob had tied her, burring a strong impulse to set all his things on fire. Once done she checked on mike who was laying on his bed his back to her, knowing he was okay, she walked to the kitchen the news now showing nothing of Kaniel Outis, she poured herself a glass of water when she saw mikes drawings on the fridge. She walked to them running her hand over them with sorrow at the thought of having to take them off. She took a last look at her son’s handiwork and was reaching to take them off when Lincoln entered behind her.
“You should leave those on. He loves his drawings” Lincoln commented remembering Michael’s fondness at his sons drawing, his voice unusually light for the occasion.
A warm smile spread across Sara’s face turning to see Lincoln she was shocked to see him smiling. Thinking he’d lost his mind Sara raising her eyebrows approached him cautiously “Lincoln? Is everything alright?”
“He’s free Sarah. He’s free. I’m going to get him now.”
“What?” she asked in disbelief
“He just called. He said he’d explain everything when he’d get back.”
Sara couldn’t believe it but once the truth sunk in she finally chuckled. Michael was free. Her Michael. Before she could even compose herself, Lincoln was out the door gone to get his brother. Sara still in her state of disbelief couldn’t stop smiling. She waited and waited checking the house again and again to be perfectly sure that no ghost from the past would follow them as they started anew, something she knew was impossible, but she could always try. Time couldn’t go any slower Sara thought, still, wait she did. Until finally she heard a car in the drive and then saw the front door open, revealing her relieved, exhausted and beautiful husband; Michael.
Sara took a minute moment to look at him her hands on her mouth as a laugh of sheer happiness escaped her lips. She could see Michael’s loving smile; that’s when she walked to him and hugged him not being able to stay away any longer.
Sara felt relieved, at peace and safe in Michael arms. She closed her eyes in the security that Michael provided. Finally knowing nothing could take Michael away from her she noticed he hadn’t change at least not physically the stubble at the back of his head still felt the same so did his back. In that moment, secure and happy, Sara could fully appreciate what having Michael back meant.
She pulled back with a wide smile, Michael mirroring the same expressions. She leaned in to kiss him. Relief washing over her as she made contact with his soft lips that had an under-laying smile, a smile Sarah hoped would always be there. His hand on her waist and her back hers at the back of his head and caressing his cheek; both oblivious to the man standing behind them smiling at them. Sara pulled away and rested her forehead against his with an audible laugh
“You came back to us.” Sara smiled her hand on the side of his face
“You waited” Michael replied with a sigh of relief.
“Mom?” Sara and Michael’s attention immediately turned to their son. Mike was apprehensive in approaching them. Already at the last step. Sara kneeled to mikes level when he’d come down the stairs, releasing Michael and giving him a reassuring smile.
Lincoln stood silent, his arms folded a stern look on his face. a quiet spectator ready to help his brother earn his sons trust.
“Mike this is your father; Michael Scofield.”
A small smile crept across Michael face as he approached his son slowly and hesitantly yet again, Michael came eye level with his son only to see mike take a step back. His smile was soon replaced by immediate hurt. He hadn’t expected his son to fall into his arms especially since he called Jacob dad. No one knew what Jacob had told mike but it hurt all the same knowing that his own son was repulsed by him. Michael shook his head, a cover up smile creeping up again as acceptance of the situation.
“I want to ask you a few questions” Mike spoke up hesitantly and fearful.
Before Michael could reply though Sarah chipped in
“Mike its late, why don’t we do this tomorrow? He’s tired…….”
“Sarah, it’s okay” Michael cut her off in a loud but soft, pleading tome.
“Where do you want to set up the interrogation room?” Michael smiled at his son. His son, a son he’d never thought he’d meet. Even though his son was scared of him (which could have been attributed to the fact that he had blood on his jacket) there was still this nervous excitement/happiness inside that he was finally, at long last, with his family. Mike moved towards the living room, waiting at the door as a signal for them to follow him. Before Michael could Sara put her hand on his chest.
“We’ll be there in a minute mike” Sara said reassuringly and mike moved to sit in the lounge. Sara knew that Michael must be heartbroken it was her idea for mike to take conformation from Michael. But she thought this pain would inevitably bring happiness; a terrible price of happiness Sara thought.
“Take off your jacket” Sara said softly “It has blood on it Michael” stating her reason ever more softly to a confused Michael, rubbing her hand gently over his chest.
“What…. Oh yeah” Michael acknowledged moving to take off his jacked.
“Lincoln I’ll give you some pain killers you should sleep now you need rest this is going to take a while” Sara sighed turning to Lincoln indicating his nephew and brother. This time genuinely concerned for his health. Lincoln stated to resist but Sarah just shook her head no, refusing to hear otherwise. Lincolns had tested his medical chances long enough she thought.
“There’s nothing you can do. Maybe talk to him in the morning after he’s slept on it…………….” Sara lost her words running her hand through her hair.
“She’s right Linc. You need rest” Michael put a hand on his brother’s shoulder and with a smile pulled him in for a hug “Thank you” Michael said while hugging Lincoln.
“Yeah man” Lincoln replied knowing full well that he’d do it again if Michael was ever in jeopardy. Tired and weary Lincoln offered no more arguments and waited for Sara to lead the way to the painkillers
“I’ll get you a glass of water” Sara said to Michael running her hand down his arm and giving his hand a reassuring squeeze, leaving him with a sad smile,
Michael knew Sara could see his heart break but there was little he would do to prevent his emotions from surfacing, for he had too many right now happiness, love, sorrow, heart break, guilt. He slowly made his way to the living room where mike sat waiting for them an expression of fear and nervousness on his face. What did mike think of him? Michael thought as he sat down. Did he believe him to be an imposter? Is that what Jacob had told his son? He gave mike a smile which was not returned; disappointed, he continued with a sigh.
“So, what do you want to ask me?”
The same dread that had followed him while being questioned by the director of the CIA followed Michael, what if mike didn’t believe him? What would he do then? What if mike liked Jacob more than his biological father? What if after all this time he actually did resent Michael? A small voice in his head said he’d deserve that……… his chain of thoughts was broken when Sara walked in the room with a glass of water. He gave her a thankful smile and turned his attention back to mike,
Sara placed her hand on his back, her gesture giving him support and pain, he made an effort not to wince as it still hurt from where Jacob had hit him. He was trying to recompose himself when mike asked his first question taking him a bit off guard;
“Where’s Jacob?”
“He uh….” Michael began, unsure how to tell a 7-year-old that his father figure is now in prison “he got arrested” Michael answered softly to his son, thinking honesty would be a good start no matter how cruel.
“Why?” was mikes immediate response
“He murdered a man mike” Michael responded” They arrested him because new evidence has come to light.”
“I…. I don’t believe it. He’s a good man he protected the country he’d never kill. He……… uncle Lincoln said evidence can be forged and…….” Mike went on refusing to believe what Michael told him.
“Your uncles right. But I was a witness-” Michael began but mike cut him off.
“So, you sent him away. you hate him. You’re Kaniel Outis pretending to be my dad.” Mike’s rage coming up a rage Sara had never seen before, thinking it was the fear of change and hurt she softly intervened;
“Mike where is this coming from?”
Michael put a hand on her knee as if to assure her that it was alright, he deserved it, and continued talking to mike;
“Before I explain everything; can you please tell me what Jacob has told you? About me I mean?”
Mike encountered everything Jacob had told him about Michael/kaniel.
“……. that’s why I told you stay away from my dad. But you didn’t listen you’re still impersonating him.” Mike finished.
A relief of sorts washed over Sara and Michael knowing mike cared for Michael, and that he would care for him provided that Michael was successful in assuring mike that he really is his father. Knowing what Jacob had told mike, Michael and Sara began to explain to mike; why Michael was absent for 7 years, what Jacob had done, why he had done it; breaking it down for him in simple words, leaving information he was yet too young for. They knew Mike wouldn’t understand fully first, once he’d thought about things he’d have more questions. So, they told him enough to settle his curiosity for the night. Silence followed after they were done. After a minute of contemplation, he began
“I don’t …………I don’t completely get it, but I believe you. I think” mike added the last part as an afterthought.
Relief washed over their faces followed by contagious smiles.
“But if you really are my father you should know this; what does the origami crane stand for?”
Michael gave a small audible laugh closing his eyes placed his head on the back of the sofa and recited these words as if they were burned in his memory; vaguely remembering the time he had said the same words to his brother
“Familial Obligation: he opened his eyes leaning forward looking at his son with a loving smile and continued “Looking out for one’s own. Your uncle Lincoln used to leave it by my bedside.”
As soon as Michael finished mike walked towards him and hugged him, his small hands on Michael back and pure relief and happiness on Michael's face, he embraced his son tightly running a comforting hand on his back and placing a hand on the back of his head.
“I missed you” mike whispered, the words only meant for his father.
“I missed you too buddy.” Michael echoed him with a warm smile.