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It’s Friday, finally. The day before a relaxing weekend where the last thing you have to think about is work and the office. As the clock slowly ticked away and got closer and closer to 4:30pm all eyes in the office would every so often glance up hoping time would move a little faster.

As the end of the day neared the colleagues at Michael Scofield’s firm would bring their blue prints that they had been working on into his office so that he could take a glance at them before closing up for the weekend.

Standing at his desk with a set of blueprints laid out he picked up his pencil as stated to make a few minor adjustments and a little editing to the design. As his eyes gazed around the large blueprint he held his yellow wooden pencil between his lips.

As he concentrated another one of his employees stepped into his office and set their blueprints down on the desk so that it was right in front of a 5x7 black picture frame that was sitting on the corner of Michael’s desk. In the picture looking back at Michael was shot taken in front of the Chicago River on a cool fall day. There were six smiling face staring at him in the picture all bundled up in their fall jackets or sweaters. In the picture Michael had his one arm wrapped around his beautiful wife Sara as she was huddled in close with her head resting between his shoulder and neck. In her arms she held the newest member of the Scofield bunch, 7 month old Lucas who was the spitting image of father with pretty much as little hair too. On the other side of Michael, hanging off his back was their five-year-old daughter Lexie. She had her arms wrapped around her father’s neck as he used his free arm to help keep her up piggyback style. She had her mother’s eyes and dark hair much like the colour Sara had once but had her father’s smile. Standing in front of Michael and Sara were the nine-year-old twins Nicole and Matt. While Matt took more after Michael, and Nicole like her mother they both had striking baby blues like their father. The people in that photo were the reason he worked so hard and the reason why every night he couldn’t wait to get home.

As the clock finally hit that 4:30 mark he closed everything up and pulled on his jacket. Wishing his colleagues a good weekend Michael waved to one of his colleague’s Daniel who had become a very important partner in the firm. As he made his way out the door he quickly made his way to the car and headed home for the weekend.

He pulled into the driveway, of their new house that they had moved into just less then a year a go. He noticed Linc’s truck parked on the road much like every Friday night. It had taken Lincoln some getting use to living apart but Michael could tell that Linc and Hannah actually enjoyed having their own space. Parking the car he stepped out and looked up at the house that he had designed for his family and built for his family.

As he made his way up to the house he could hear the twins giggling away about something and Michael was sure it had something to do with what ever Linc was doing to them. As he shut the front door, Ace the loyal golden came running up to greet him and after that everyone else seemed to notice he was home. He could hear the padding of feet coming his way and then saw the smiling faces of Nicole and Matt.

“Daddy Daddy I got a A+ on my math test!” Nicole chirped as she wrapped her arms around her dad.

“That’s great Sweetie” Michael told her as he wrapped his arms around both of them. “Hey where’s everybody” he asked.

Just then Linc came around the corner followed by Hannah who was carrying Lucas dressed in the cubs uniform Linc had bought. The little man had a big smile on his face as his daddy came into view and his little legs started kicking around in excitement. “Hey buddy” Michael said with a huge grin as he reached out and took his son into his arms. Kissing his tiny head Michael looked around the room noticing both Sara and Lexie were missing.

“Sara is upstairs with Lexie, she’s um not feeling well,” Hannah explained as she saw the curiosity in Michael’s eyes.

“Yeah she came home sick this afternoon” Linc informed him with a shrug.

“Oh” Michael said as he looked down at his son in his arms. “Is your sister not feeling well?” he asked in a calm voice as he handed Lucas back to Hannah.

“Mommy said she has a fever,” Matt told his dad.

“Well I’ll just go upstairs and say hi” Michael said and then made his way up the stairs while Linc and then others headed back into the family room. As Michael climbed the stairs he could hear the soft voices coming from Lexie’s room. As he made his way over to her room he peaked his head in to see Sara sitting on the edge of Lexie’s bed and brushing her fingers through their daughter’s hair as she slowly drifted off to sleep. Once Lexie was asleep Sara turned to see Michael standing at the door and smiled. As she got up from the bed she did her best not to wake Lexie up as she left the room.

“Hey” Sara said with a smile as she leaned into her husband of ten years and kissed him gently on the lips. Quietly she shut Lexie’s bedroom door and smiled up at her husband.

“Everything already?” he asked her as he nodded towards Lexie’s room.

“Yeah, she has a fever” Sara told him. “I guess when the teacher wanted to send her down to the nurses office she told her that I was a doctor and didn’t need to see a nurse and that they should just call me” Sara said with a smile and laugh. “Wouldn’t even let the nurse take her temperature” Sara told him.

While Lexie slept most the evening, only getting up for some toast and water the others enjoyed a quiet night watching a movie and spending time together.


“Alright whose up for a sleep over and Uncle Linc’s?” Linc called out as him and Hannah were getting ready to head home. Almost before he could finish his sentence both Nicole and Matt’s heads popped up with huge grins on their faces. They loved it when they got to sleepover at uncle Linc’s because he always let them have some treats and stay up a little later then their mom and dad ever would.

“Aw I feel hurt you don’t want to stay with us,” Michael said, although he was having a hard time keeping a straight face as he wrapped an arm around Sara who was holding Lucas. Sara too had a smile on her face as she looked up at her husband knowing full well what his intentions were with the kids gone.

“Yeah I bet you are” Hannah laughed as she pulled on her coat along with Matt and Nicole.

“You can come too Mike if you feel left out” Linc teased.

“I think I will manage” he replied. “Alright you two be good for your aunt and uncle” Michael added as she gave both of them a hug and kiss.

When he pulled away Sara came forward and as they gave Lucas a kiss they wrapped their arms around their mom. “You two make sure uncle Linc behaves,” Sara whispered to them although Linc had no problem hearing it and gave a playful glare to his sister in-law.

As Sara and Michael waved them off baby Lucas’ eyes followed his brother and sister as they hopped into Linc’s truck and drove off. “Wave bah-bye” Sara said softly as she pressed a kiss to Lucas’ temple.

Shutting the door Michael had a huge grin on his face. As Sara stood their bouncing Lucas she couldn’t help but laugh at her husband. “And why are you so happy?” she asked although she knew full well by the desire he had in his eyes. Turning on her heals Sara made her way up the stairs so that she could nurse Lucas and then get him ready for bed. She too was excited about being down two kids and having the night all to themselves.


After Sara put Lucas down in the nursery, she quickly made her way to the master bedroom just as Michael was stepping out of the shower in their ensuite bathroom. With a smile on her face Sara quietly stepped into the bathroom just as he was drying off and slowly ran her fingers up and down his arms. Looking up into the mirror Michael could see his wife reflection and the seductive eye stare she was giving him as she stood behind him kissing his back shoulders while her eyes were looking straight into the mirror at Michael.

“I’m not the only one with a certain thing on my mind” he said as he watched his wife in the mirror as she slowly left kisses from one shoulder to the other.

“I guess not” Sara replied.

As his grin grew larger Michael spun around no longer being able to hold back and cupped her face as his lips crash down on hers. She let out a load moan as her arms wrapped around his neck and bringing her slender body as close to his as she possibly could.

With only a towel wrapped around his waist Michael backs them out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom where their big comfy king size bed was waiting. Sara couldn’t help but smile at Michael’s eagerness even after all these years they still can’t seem to get enough of each other.

Since Sara seemed to be a little overdressed compared to him Michael quickly got to work taking off her black t-shirt and jean while only breaking the kiss when he needed to.

“Someone is a little excited” Sara laughed as Michael picked her up in his arms and covered the distance to the bed a lot quicker and then set her down.

Biting her bottom lip Sara ran her hands along his back and then pulled at the towel and tossed it across the room. Just as quick Michael discarded the bra and underwear and the two fell back on the bed both smiling as they devoured the other’s mouth. Michael’s hands ran up and down her sides and then through her long auburn hair, while hers wrapped around his neck and pulling him as close as she could. That is until she suddenly froze and her eyes went wide in horror.

This change in her didn’t go unnoticed by Michael as she stopped and looked at his wife with concern. “Oh crap!” Sara said as she brought her palm to her forehead and through back her head.

“Wow Sara, ten years and I get an oh crap in bed” he said with a hit of humour.

“No, no I think I forgot to take my pill” Sara said and she shut her eyes trying to remember. “Damn it!”

“Your foreplay talk is really great Sara” Michael told her sarcastically as he rolled off her and rubbed his eyes.

Not answering him Sara let out a groan and quickly scurried to the bathroom to check and see if she had indeed forgotten to take the pill. As she was gone Michael tried to calm his body down as he still lay there with his legs hanging off the side.

“Damn it!” Sara called out and Michael let out a moan in frustration.

Finally sitting up Michael opened up the nightstand frantically looking for a box of condoms or even just a packet that had gotten stashed in the back. He let out another grunt when he came out empty handed. “Check the drawers!” Michael called out to her and then listened as Sara quickly opened every single drawer and begging God that she would find one. Yet alas she came out empty handed.

“How the hell can we not have a single one?” Sara yelled in frustration as she slammed that last drawer shut.

“How could you forget to take the pill?” Michael asked her as he leaned forward and tried to relax his body.

“Gee I don’t know maybe it’s because I have four kids I have to run around with and get ready in the morning,” Sara said as she came back into the bedroom with a silk bathrobe wrapped around her naked body.

“How come you never bought condoms?” Sara asked.

“Because my wife is suppose to be on the pill” Michael said in frustration as Sara came to sit next to him on the bed and wrapped her arms around his shoulder. Both let out a disappointed sigh as their night of passion was slowly disappearing. “You know, there is something we can do to solve our problem” Sara said as her mind started to wonder.

“Nothing is open, I can’t just go out and buy condoms at this time a night in the suburbs” Michael told her as his hand ran up and down her thigh.

“No I was thinking more along the lines of a solution as to not need the condoms and birth control pill anymore” Sara told him and watched as the gears in Michael’s head started turning as he realized what she was getting at.

His eyes went wide in horror, “you mean… um” he stated to stemmer but couldn’t bring himself to say it.

“I’m talking about you getting a Vasectomy,” she flat out said as the horror and fear in Michael’s eyes grew.

Chapter End Notes:
So I'm back! Recently rewatched Prison Break again over the summer and had an idea for another story! Hope you like it and hope people are still around reading :)