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Story Notes:
This could be considered a double entendre on my part. It was boredom for the boys of Cramped Quarters, and boredom for me at 2am. I didn't plan anything for this, just thought "What would happen if the power went out?" and went from there, so dont expect too much awesomeness.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Wrote it while listening to Metallica, and once again, I was really bored so dont put too much stalk in it. Nevertheless, enjoy C:
"I can' believe tha power is out," T-Bag grumbled as he sat down in his usual place in the living room. "Wha' in God's green earth are we supposed ta do now?"

"Well, we've done pretty much everything we can." Michael stated carefully. "I've tried to reset the power in the fusebox, and from what Fernando could gather from the locals, this happens often when it rains. Good news is, it only takes a couple hours for the power to turn back on. So, all we have to do now is-"

"Oh, can it, Pretty." T-Bag snapped. "I'm so not in tha mood for your scientific answers righ' now." Lincoln glared at the murderer menacingly.

"Watch how you talk to my brother, Bagwell."

"Shut up, Sink."

"Excuse me? You want your throat ripped out?"

"You'll do no such thing, Lincoln. This is my house."
"You know, John, that shirt is nice, but it would look better with a Colombian Necktie."

"BACK OFF, Sink, or yer gon' find a shank in yer gut one day real soon."

"KNOCK IT OFF!" LJ yelled, much to everyone's surprise. "Look, we're all stuck like this, alright? So just sit down, shut up, and stop talking!"

Everyone stopped talking for a few moments, the silence getting heavier and heavier until Tweener stood up, stretched, and grunted.

"Well, I'm bored. I'm going for a little dip. Catch ya on the flip side, homies." And with that, he flung open the patio doors and dashed out into the rain, flinging off his shirt and running for the warm water. Growling under his breath, Abruzzi stood up and went to shut the French glass doors before the rain stained the carpet. Then he started banging around in the kitchen, opening and shutting cupboards and quietly talking to himself. Curiousity getting the better of him, T-Bag went to investigate.

Michael went to his room and came back a moment later with Oliver Twist, sprawling out on the armchair next to a candle to read by the dim light.

Sucre, C-Note, LJ, and Lincoln sat in silence for a few moments before Lincoln grinned and said, "Hey LJ, think you can beat your old man in an arm wrestling competition?"

The boy glanced up, grinning too. "You're on."

Cheers broke out all around, and the four moved the wooden coffee table to the middle of the living room floor and duked it out. Arm wrestling soon turned into full on wrestling, and C-Note was in the middle of pinning Lincoln and bragging about how militial training beat out brawn any time when Abruzzi called out a cheery,
"It's chow time, fuckers!"

Laughing, the five men in the living room moved to the kitchen to see a makeshift salad bar set up on the counter.

"This is all I could do with no electricity. Like it, or don't eat." Abruzzi stated, already sitting at the table with Teddy. Everyone murmured their appreciative thanks and were about to serve themselves when LJ screamed.

Lincoln turned around to see his son being held down on the ground by a soaking wet Tweener, who was laughing his ass off and soaking LJ in the process. And, much to John Abruzzi's distaste, the floor. He was just lucky he wasn't on the carpet.

"Alright, alright you two, come on." Michael said, yanking them both up. "Boys, go change before John has your head." Still chuckling, Tweener disappeared into his shared bedroom with LJ.

"They are quite tha pair, aren' they?" Theodore drawled between bites. "Like two schoolboys on their first field trip."

Abruzzi nodded thoughtfully, staring at the closed door the two teenagers had disappeared behind. "I agree. They get along better than I ever expected they would. I think LJ is starting to heal the wounds left by Avacado." Lincoln, C-Note, and Sucre nearly spit out their food.

"The bulls put him in with Avacado?!" C-Note gaped, astounded. "He's just a kid!"

"Pendejos." Sucre growled into his salad. "I'd like to see one of them last one night with Avacado."

Lincoln merely glowered, thinking that if LJ were in Tweener's place, he'd have a real reason to be in jail. Mass murder.

"Honestly, it's amazing how upbeat that kid is after all he's been through." Michael said, smiling. "I admire his spirit, and I think we should be a bit easier on him."
Each of the men were silent, thinking, slightly guiltily, about their behavior towards Tweener over the past few months, and each silently resolving to be a bit kinder.

At that moment, two things happened. LJ and Tweener emerged from their bedroom, looking quite red faced and guilty, and the power came back on. Theodore leant back in his chair, considering the boys with a slight smirk on his face.

"My, my, my, I wonder wha' you two coulda possibly been up ta." He said, tongue flicking out between his teeth.
LJ laughed and said, "Oh, we were just-"

"I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!" Lincoln thundered, interrupting his son, "I'm trying to eat."

The table burst out into laugher.

"I'm sure they were jus' bein' good ol' boys, Sink. Dontcha worry, I-" T-Bag was abruptly interrupted when Lincoln kicked his leant back chair, causing the murderer to fall over backwards and crash to the floor ungracefully. Cussing under his breath, Theodore picked himself up, ignoring the raucious laughter from the rest of the convicts.

"Oh, ya gonna get it now, Sink." He grinned evilly, and made a move as if to grab him. Lincoln disappeared out of the dining room faster than thought humanely possible.
The table was once against filled with the weight of hysteric laughter before C-Note lurched up, clutching his stomach.

"Check this, Bagwell. I'll help you get him back using a bit of... military tactics if you let me watch CSI uninterrupted tomorrow night." T-Bag considered the offer for a moment then grinned and shook C-Note's hand.

"Ya got yerself a deal, there, darky. Now, wha's yer plan?" The two left the dining room, talking animatedly, and LJ grinned to himself as he followed Abruzzi into the kitchen, who was promising to teach him how to make something called puttanesca, one thought strumming through his head.

I love my family.
Chapter End Notes:
I dont really know what to say about this one, but i hope you enjoyed it XD