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Story Notes:
Part of Cramped Quarters but will stand on it's own.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Yes, I know, this is terribly OOC and im going to rot in hell for writing this XD oh well, read on and enjoy anyways!
Lincoln woke up with his face pressed against something hard and cold, shivering. Rolling over, his face met the dresser in an unpleasant way. He cursed and sat up carefully, glancing at his surroundings. How did I end up on the floor? He wondered, then peered up at the bed.
Of course. Michael used to do the same thing when they were younger and he would get scared and come sleep in his room, too. His younger brother was sprawled out on the bed, taking up the entire space. Obviously, Lincoln had been pushed out of bed at some point during the night.

Quietly, stealthily, Linc crept back up onto the bed, then positioned himself so he was sitting almost on his younger brother's stomach, trapping him. Then, grinning to himself, he reached out and started to tickle Michael.
Instantly he was awake, laughing and trying to get away as Lincoln's nimble fingers poked and prodded his body, tears starting to run down his face.

"Stop, stop!" He gasped. "I didn't do anything!" Lincoln just grinned and tickled him harder.

"You pushed me out of bed, you little brat!" He responded, laughing and twisting around deftly to get Michael's weak point. Michael saw where he was headed and almost squealed in panic.

"Linc, stop! Please! I'll do anything you want!" He begged. Lincoln paused, finers an inch away from his brother's left foot.

"Anything, Mike?" he questioned, placing the tips of his fingers lightly against the base of Michael's foot.
"Yes, anything!" Michael replied hastily, panting and trying to get his breath back while also struggling to get out from under his older brother.

"Here's what you can do..." Lincoln said, a devilish glint in his eyes. "Pay for what you did!" And with that, he stroked his fingers up and down Michael's feet, causing him to scream once before biting his lip and laughing and squirming and begging his brother for mercy.

"Hey!" A voice suddenly yelled. "Stop your freaking giggle fest, would ya? Some of us are trying to sleep!" Before either of the brothers could reply, another voice joined in.

"You can shut yer mouth too, darky! Ya took my last bowl o' Cocoa Puffs yesterday!"

"Yo, homies, I'm tryna catch some shut eye, you feel me?"

"I didn't take your fucking cereal, Bagwell. You better sleep with one eye open!"

"All you pendejos better go back to sleep before I come in there and whoop your asses!"

"Theodore, David, and Benjamin, I suggest you all quiet down before you end up with rat poison in your pasta."
More bickering insued and Lincoln groaned. Rolling off Michael, he put his head under the pillow to try and block out the growing noise.

"I regret waking you up now." He huffed to his brother, who just chuckled.

"That's what happens when you live in a house full of convicts."
Chapter End Notes:
MUAHAHA. You know you loved it XD please review C:
And dont deny that T-Bag totally eats Cocoa Puffs *gleeful* :D