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Story Notes:
This is part of the Touch universe. If you haven't read the two novels, check out the Touch Timeline so this at least will make some sense. The Timeline does contain spoilers for the novels

“I do,” Alex answered decisively as he stared into Lincoln’s eyes. Lincoln smiled, pulled him close and kissed him thoroughly not really caring if he might shock the public official in front of them. He couldn’t remember the days when he had lived without Alex and he didn’t want to.
The air was crisp and in the distance people were gathering to look at a different miracle. This was the edge of the world, a place of myth, wonder and surreal images. To others it was just romantic.

“Then by the power invested in me I now pronounce you husband and husband. Congratulations,” the Norwegian official said in heavily accented English and shook both their hands.
Alex was positively radiating, but then again, he always did when he did anything concerning loving Lincoln. The man was a sap in Lincoln’s opinion, even if he did totally enjoy the sappiness Alex displayed and he was quite certain Alex knew.

Lincoln put an arm around Alex’s waist and kept him close as the sky lit up, displaying green, blue and yellow in an amazing spectacle of nature’s finest. Lincoln had never seen anything like it and it made his heart beat a little faster. This was perfect. “This really was one of the best ideas you’ve had this year,” he whispered, awed. “Remarrying each other here, man, you would have swept any girl off her feet with this.”

Alex nuzzled Lincoln’s neck, shifted a little so he stood partly behind him and hugged him from behind, resting his hands on Lincoln’s chest and belly. “I only want to sweep you off your feet.”

Lincoln felt laughter bubble, but tried to contain himself because he knew Alex was serious and was still easily hurt. “Easy, old man, you’re seventy-one, not eighteen.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Alex whispered and Lincoln laid his hands on Alex’s, content. They stared at the lights, Aurora something or whatever it was called. Lincoln only cared what it looked like and it was awesome. “You know, legend said this was the edge of the world where the world was on fire. That when the sun dies down in the evening, its flares engulf the earth, kissing the ice to create the glaciers.”

“Thought you said it was those Xena’s riding around in the sky.” Lincoln swayed, feeling enchanted, not bothered by the cold while Alex was shivering a little. Lincoln would have held him if Alex hadn’t taken up position behind him. It probably was a subtle hint of what he wanted to do or maybe Alex was just as impressed by the display and wanted to hold Lincoln. Lincoln snorted, amused and a little horny.

“Valkyries, Linc,” Alex sighed exasperated.
Lincoln loved it; he remembered what Alex had told him of course, but Alex didn’t know that.
“Warrior maidens serving the God Odin, they brought dead warriors to Valhalla.” Alex was smart and he loved to give everybody little details he discovered reading books or just by doing research which he did for every holiday, trip or visit. Lincoln made sure he could keep doing that even though he had retired long ago and he knew it made Alex just a little happier.

“No way could they have known the true meaning of Valhalla; they weren’t married to you.” Lincoln answered feeling sappy all of a sudden. This man had given him everything; a house, four children, Christ, they even had Grandchildren. Lincoln had taken such a long time to accept him totally because he was a man. He couldn’t for the life of him think of a good reason why he had balked at it.

Alex hugged him closer. “God, I love you so much.”

“I know; ditto,” Lincoln answered, leaning backwards just a little bit and they swayed together. The wind picked up, sweeping December’s promises all around them, penetrating their warm coats. A little bit of snow fell down on them as the glowing waves of natural neon lights put them under a spell.

They were married and Alex had given Lincoln a new life after so much hurt. It was as if Lincoln had been electrocuted, died and went on to live another life. That alone was magic, even compared to this. Lincoln gripped Alex’s hands a little tighter and cherished the treasure he had received. It didn’t matter where they were, because he realized the worth of what he had all too well.


“Told you we should have gone back when that bus of tourists went,” Alex pointed out a bit haughtily and Lincoln fought his annoyance.

“That wasn’t *romantic*. We can deal with a little bit of snow on our own, all right, Stop complaining.”
“I wasn’t complaining,” Alex sniped and they both shivered because the heating of their rental car didn’t work well enough. “You are lost in the middle of a snowstorm just because you’re as stubborn as a mule.”

“If I am lost, so are you,” Lincoln grumbled and threw the map behind him without looking where it fell. If he should backtrack and take a left, he was sure they’d end up on the road again. It was common sense; just follow the road south and they’d get into more civilized areas again… if only he could see the fucking road.

He turned the car around, put it in second gear and peered through the windshield as he carefully drove back. Unfortunately, the car spluttered and Lincoln felt heat rise in his cheeks as he dreaded the ultimate sound of horror. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” It spluttered some more, stopped and then the engine died.

Alex sat stiff and upright with his arms crossed in front of his chest. He didn’t comment, but Lincoln could imagine what he wanted to say right now. Well, big fucking deal, Lincoln was suffering too. He jumped out of the car and a big blob of snow fell from the car roof and right on his head. The snow found its way into his collar and down his back. The cold assaulted his every nerve and it actually hurt. He wrestled to the front of the car and put his fingers below the hood, trying to wrench it open. The cold now assaulted his fingers too, turning them blue at lightning speed. He blew on them, rubbed them and attempted to open the hood again. It finally worked even though he couldn’t feel his fingers anymore. He leaned in and cursed the snow that had started to fall again. Maybe if he could try to put in some more oil? But no, he’d gassed it up, they should have enough to reach their village and back again. He checked every part of the engine he could reach, but he couldn’t find the problem. He would never get used to these fucking modern cars, not to mention that they were European too.

“Linc,” Alex spoke close behind him, annoyance gone from his voice. “You need to go inside, you’re turning blue.”

“No, you want to get home, I’m getting you home.” Lincoln felt angry, mostly because he felt all of this was spoiling what should have been a perfect getaway for Alex more than it should have been for him.

Alex’s hand closed around Lincoln’s arm; he didn’t feel it and looked at Alex’s worried face. “There’s a log cabin behind that outcropping of trees, see? We can go there and ask for help after you’ve warmed up. Come on, Linc.”

Lincoln looked in the direction Alex pointed in and he couldn’t see a cabin of any sort. Alex seemed convinced though, so maybe he should humor him. Walking would warm him a bit and it was awfully cold. “All right, just to check it out.”

He almost fell when he turned around because of the heaps of snow all around them. Alex was there, however, and they took hold of each other as they made their way to the cabin that was tucked away between pine trees and snow. Getting there wasn’t easy and it took longer than Lincoln had expected. They were both heaving from the exertion when they arrived at the door, cold air hurting their lungs and throat as they did so. Alex knocked on the door. Once, twice, but nobody answered. Lincoln looked back from where they’d come. It seemed like a long ditch through the snow coming up to their hips, which in effect, it was.

“We’ll break in. We can cover the damages later,” he decided.

“What?” Alex said in disbelieve and Lincoln turned to him.

“I am not going back to that car, Alex. It’s fucking freezing and that car ain’t going to work today. This cabin is better than out here in the snow.” He kicked against the door, rattling the lock, but Alex held him back.

“We can’t break into somebody else’s house like that. We’re in a different country, Linc!”

“The cold doesn’t feel any different. Besides, they’ve got gay marriage here; I’m sure they’re more understanding than in the States. Now let me break the lock.”
Alex let up and Lincoln went back to work. He had the door open in ten seconds and they stumbled in.

The cabin looked like it came straight from a Martha Stewart commercial fifty years before. It wasn’t dirty, but it was clear nobody had been here for at least a month. “Private getaway?” Lincoln murmured as he picked up a bronze moose that stood on a side table.

“They’ve left some logs; fire’s the first thing we need to get going and then we’ll get you out of those clothes,” Alex ordered and Lincoln chuckled. Alex held up his finger. “Don’t even try to say it.” He looked stern, extremely hot in Lincoln’s opinion. Lincoln shrugged and walked further into the cabin. It helped that the wind wasn’t cutting into him and he had to admit he missed the ability to feel certain body parts.

There was some sort of a kitchen in the back and a few sacks in one of the cupboards. He bent forward to read them, cursing the lack of his glasses. He opened the bags because he couldn’t read the labels anyway; they were all in some fucking weird language, Norwegian probably. “Beans, garlic, mushrooms, dried... what the hell is this? Fish?” It tasted very salty so he surmised it was. He also detected some flour and butter and decided he could whip up some food with all of this later on.

He noticed something flickering behind him and turned. Alex was crouched in front of the fireplace and had gotten a small fire going. There were furs on the floor, some local animal probably, and Lincoln had a hard time taking it seriously. The ambience really was too much, but then… he continued to watch Alex who had shed his jacket and poked the fire to keep it up. Lincoln grinned, his annoyance and anger forgotten. They had remarried and still loved each other after all those years. If it took a log cabin in the middle of fucking Norway to celebrate, he wasn’t too fussed about it.

He approached Alex and wanted to shed his own jacket. His fingers still didn’t work and he tore his eyes away from Alex to work on the buttons.
“Here, let me help.” Alex was all business, but Lincoln was far beyond that. He smiled and let Alex do his job. “What?” Alex asked as he worked on the last two buttons of Lincoln’s jacket in that no-nonsense tone of voice of his, laced with concern.

“We’re in a log cabin and snowed in. We’ve got enough food to survive for a while, a fireplace, furs, each other, Martha Stewart…” He put his hands on Alex’s hips, ready to get down and dirty, but apparently Alex wasn’t in the mood. That was a first.

“We have no bed or clean underwear and you are still much too cold.” He sounded miffed and a little worried; Lincoln loved it.

Lincoln closed in and wiggled his fingers under the waistband of Alex’s trousers; he actually succeeded. “Bed is probably in one of those big closets, very rural and we don’t need underwear if we stay in bed. I’ll wash ours and dry them in front of the fire if that makes you happy.” He spoke as seductively as he could and nipped at Alex’s throat, kissing him fleetingly, because he knew how sensitive Alex was.

“No shower,” Alex offered; voice a little lower.

“We’ll cook snow on the stove and pour it in that metal tub,” Lincoln tugged Alex’s shirt out of his pants.

“We don’t have electricity either,” Alex said halfheartedly, resolve quickly leaving him.

“Neither did my great grandparents, but they managed,” Lincoln countered and latched onto Alex’s neck. He felt hands deftly opening his shirt, his pants and he knew he was going to get what he wanted. Five minutes later they were naked and writhing against each other on the fur rugs, the fire warming them as much as they warmed each other.

Lincoln rolled them over and bore down on Alex whose cheeks still had the rosy color from the cold; both their dicks were hard, leaking and rubbing pre-cum on each other. “This is fate,” Lincoln breathed as he pushed his dick against Alex’s.

“Oh it most definitely is, Mrs. Mahone,” Alex teased with a naughty smile and then turned them over again, trapping Lincoln beneath him. He was inside of Lincoln a second later and Lincoln grimaced at the stab of pain.

“Fuck, Alex,” Lincoln groaned and Alex took his mouth as he rocked them with minimal friction. The pain ebbed away and because Alex didn’t move much, the lack of lube wasn’t a big problem for the moment. “I’ll show you later how much of a man I am,” he gasped as Alex touched his nipples and kissed his neck.

“Can’t wait, as long as you’ve brought lube,” Alex challenged and caressed him outside and in. Lincoln was aware of every part of his body and decided that it was true; sex was extremely effective when you were cold.

“I’ll use the butter,” Lincoln rasped and Alex shook with laughter as he buried his face in the crook of Lincoln’s neck. They lay connected, fucking minimally and they basked in each other and the fire.

“Warming up?” Alex whispered against Lincoln’s skin.

“Yeah; you?”

“Where is that butter you saw?” Alex raised himself up on his arms and Lincoln smirked.

“I take it this is for your own use? You’re a dirty, old man,” Lincoln teased not minding the idea in the least.

“Of course it is.” Alex bent over and pushed his tongue into Lincoln’s mouth to show just what he was planning to do and Lincoln pointed at the cupboards after their kiss ended. Alex pulled out, which hurt, and rushed to the kitchen to rummage around for the makeshift lube. Lincoln enjoyed the sight he made; stark naked, cock jutting and body still as lean and fit as he was twenty-five years ago. Nice ass too, all for Lincoln to fuck in a bit, although Lincoln still couldn’t decide if he loved Alex’s mouth more.

Alex was on him in no time, having spread the butter on his dick as he walked and he put three fingers inside of Lincoln right away. He had an urgency Lincoln couldn’t really explain, but he chalked it up to the emotions of the marriage, the aurora and then getting lost. Alex got like that; emotional whenever something went extremely right or extremely wrong. In the meantime, Lincoln didn’t question it but just enjoyed Alex’s sizable erection taking him with large and fast strokes while Lincoln put all his willpower into effect to not come himself. When Alex spurted his seed inside of Lincoln, he fell down on Lincoln’s chest and Lincoln held him until he was sure Alex was okay. Lincoln turned Alex around, grabbed the butter and shoved his own fingers up Alex’s ass.

“Want to see who’s the missus here, Mahone?” He leered and Alex burst out laughing. They kissed again and then Lincoln pushed his dick in, winding Alex by the act alone. Well, Alex was a senior citizen and Lincoln sometimes forgot that.

“Better hope the owners of this cabin don’t walk in right now,” Alex moaned as Lincoln fucked him hard, drops of Lincoln’s sweat falling down onto Alex’s chest and Lincoln reveled in the feeling of completion and possession.

“I don’t care,” he said and picked up his pace to come inside of his husband, his best friend, his lover….


Three days later, nobody had come, except Alex and Lincoln, but that was more of a pun Alex didn’t appreciate Lincoln making. Lincoln had cooked beans, fish and some bread every morning and afternoon and even though it wasn’t perfect, the surroundings were. It was a fairytale according to Alex, especially when they looked outside, but to Lincoln it was more like a dream; a good dream.

It didn’t matter that the snow was getting higher than a fucking billboard, because Lincoln was fine where he was and he was quite sure Michael would start mounting a rescue as soon as he realized Alex and Lincoln hadn’t arrived at the airport. He grinned and walked back to the bed. It was indeed tucked away in a closet, just like he had seen on those pictures at the museum Alex had insisted they visited. Lincoln remembered because he had thought it to be incredibly weird that people would even think of sleeping like that. After three nights though he had to confirm that it was cozy and pretty warm. Those old-timers had some good ideas.

“Another round of beans,” he forced out, pretending to be happy with it even though he was slowly craving his own brand of breakfast. From the look on Alex’s face he did too. “Come on, Alex,”
Lincoln climbed into the bed, balancing the large bowl with two spoons in his left hand, “it’s not that bad.”

“I never liked beans, Linc, and I am starting to hate salted fish,” Alex griped, not even touching the second spoon.

Lincoln dug in, sat up in bed and even though he was stark naked, the fire and the built-in bed was all he needed to stay warm. Well, that and Alex. “Don’t have anything else to eat and you can’t live on my spunk alone.”

“Christ, Lincoln,” Alex moaned, a small smile tugging on his lips.

Lincoln rolled down the sheets and exposed his half-hard dick. “What will it be?”

“Give me the damn spoon.” Alex took the spoon from Lincoln’s hand, but Lincoln couldn’t help but notice Alex glanced at his cock.

“How long do you think it will take?” Lincoln asked and Alex raised his left eyebrow. “Before they come and get us out of here?”

“Afraid they’ll catch us in the nude?” Alex ate slowly, too slowly, and Lincoln was going to shove half the beans down his throat if he didn’t on his own. Alex didn’t know that yet of course, but after all these years he still hadn’t learned to eat right. Lincoln was convinced he’d wither away without Lincoln to take care of him and feed him.

“Hey man, I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. They want to look, they can look.” He was proud, damn proud of his goods and his pecs and even though Alex said he had developed a bit of a beer belly over ten years ago, Lincoln didn’t see it. Alex was full of shit sometimes. Lincoln’s body was as perfect as it was when he was thirty, except the hair, grey really wasn’t his color, but Alex kept nagging at him to stop coloring his hair and embrace his age. He wasn’t convinced yet.

“Over my dead body,” Alex growled and leaned over to kiss him. “Feels like a honeymoon all over again.”

Lincoln kissed him back, caressing his shoulders with one hand. “Not as we planned though, our plans usually don’t pan out anyway.”

They continued to eat in silence and as Lincoln expected, Alex didn’t eat all his beans. When Lincoln told him about his intentions, he did however, and Lincoln watched him during the entire session. Satisfied Alex had eaten enough, he went to get them coffee, which he had found in another cupboard. That’s when the curse came.

“Alex?” He got no response. “Alex?!” He let the coffee be and rushed back to the bed only to find Alex on his side, cramped up and clawing at the sheets. It was his back, damn it. Lincoln should have known. Lincoln carefully helped Alex to lie in a better position and cursed at the beads of sweat on Alex’s brow. He hated to see Alex in pain or even unhappy. “Just relax and let go, cramping up won’t help. Easy, now.” He spoke softly and surely until he saw some of the pain ebb away.

“God, Linc!” Alex exclaimed in a shaky voice.

“We probably should stop having sex on the floor and in a closet.” Lincoln attempted to joke even though he was serious. Alex had always claimed to have a bad back and Lincoln had known from the start that it was a scam. Five years ago however, he showed signs of a having a real problem and worst of all, Lincoln hadn’t brought any strong painkillers and he was sure Alex hadn’t either. He was positive that blood pressure pills wouldn’t help. Alex had tears in his eyes. “Just lie still like this and maybe it will pass.”

“It’s the damn beans...” Alex exhaled with a shudder.

“I don’t think beans give you muscle spasms, lover.” Lincoln tried to answer seriously because he knew Alex was. “I’ll make a new cup of coffee. I’ve got some aspirin; pop two with water.” Maybe it would help a little and he would force them down Alex’s throat if he was stubborn. Alex, however, wasn’t and he took the pills docilely. Alex fell asleep shortly after and Lincoln got dressed, unsure what to do.

It was their second honeymoon, they were stranded and now Alex lay in bed with a bad back and a hateful eye aimed at their bean supply. He walked back to Alex after he’d cleaned the cabin somewhat and gently shook his shoulder. “Alex?” Alex woke slowly, smiling a sappy smile at him before it broke into a pain filled grimace. “I’m going out back to that shed. Haven’t checked it out yet and maybe they have some food stored there.”

“Be careful,” Alex rasped and Lincoln shook his head as he walked away. Like anything could happen in a shed…

He opened the door and the harsh wind assaulted him. He pulled his coat tighter and braced himself for the cold snow. Wading through the thick, wet pile of shit brought the chill right back into his bones, but he arrived at the shed before he started to shiver. He all but stumbled into the tiny, wooden structure only to find that there was nothing much there, except for some old hay and an assortment of knives and even a spear on the wall. He frowned at the presence of steel, but shrugged it off.

He was about to return to the cabin empty handed when he heard a strange sound. It sounded strangled, afraid and he unconsciously grabbed the spear off the wall. Old instincts and paranoia kicked in and Lincoln welcomed it. He looked through the window and saw nothing. He glanced at the door of the cabin to find it shut. Good, nobody was going to mess with his man. He sneaked over to the other window and peered into the forest covered by snow. There, something moved. He strained his eyes, damned his poor eyesight and gripped the spear a little tighter. Then he saw it; it was an animal, a moose of some sort. He looked back at the wall, as if he could see Alex through it. He couldn’t, of course.

He looked at the thing again; it was trapped obviously, unable to traverse the snow any longer. It was likely that it was exhausted from the snow and maybe even starved. Lincoln swallowed and thought of Alex. Alex who had wanted to marry again and whose dreams of a Norwegian holiday were less than he had expected. Now they were eating beans as honeymoon dinner, lunch and breakfast and Alex was lying on their bed with a bad back and a sour mood. Most of that was Lincoln’s fault.

Lincoln stared at the animal. Could he do it? He felt the proverbial clock tick even if there was none. Now was the time to decide. Alex needed a good surprise, a pick-me-up, and nature provided, didn’t it? Lincoln forced his inner caveman out and left the cabin as quietly as he could. With a final deep breath that hurt his lungs he charged the moose. It stiffened when it saw him and then started to struggle in panic as Lincoln neared. His heart beat wildly, but he didn’t think. He kept the spear in his hands and due to the fact that the animal was unable to run away he was able to pierce its neck with a hard, well-aimed shove. It reared its head, let go of a panicked ‘moo’ and then it slowly stilled, its eyes still on Lincoln, glazing over, dead. Lincoln trembled with adrenaline. He looked down at his hand; it was red and blue, fingers clutched around the wooden shaft of the spear.

He puffed, cold air turning his breath into tiny fog and he tried to get his heart back under control. “All right,” he said to himself and pulled the spear out of the animal’s neck. He had killed it, now what? He looked back at the cabin and then the shed. Maybe he could carve bits off the moose and take it inside. He could cook up a great meal for Alex and the snow could keep the rest of it cold enough for tomorrow and the day after.

Happy with his plan, Lincoln put the spear back and took out a large carving knife. He went to work on the lower back and the animal’s behind, cutting off more than enough for two days. The snow around him turned red and he felt horrible. He didn’t like to kill and if it hadn’t been for Alex he would have stopped what he was doing right now.

“Sorry cow, but I’ve got this guy in there and I want to cheer him up. Can’t do it with sex right now, so food is the second best thing you know. He’s great though, so you died for a good cause,” he told the carcass, relieved that he didn’t have to get into its belly yet to drag all the organs out. “Fuck man, I feel like Jack the fucking Ripper,” he mumbled and rose to his feet. He was damned cold too. He had close to two kilos of meat that he could use as steak and a large part of the animal’s shank. Now he needed something to put it in.

He resisted the urge to wipe his forehead because he knew it would leave a bloody stripe and stared morosely at his blood-red hands. Alex would have a fit, but Lincoln really didn’t want to clean his already numb hands in the snow. Maybe Alex had fallen asleep again, that would be a stroke of luck. He stumbled back to the cabin through the mass of snow and almost fell in because of the sheer need to be in the warmth again.

He stood against the door, eyes closed to catch his breath, when he felt movement in front of him. “Linc? Oh my God what happened?!”

Lincoln’s eyes flew open and he stood face to face with his lover, dressed in a granny quilt with black socks on his feet. He hiccupped with a laugh and post-Moose murder stress. “I’m fine, it’s not mine.”

Apparently it didn’t help because Alex came over at once, albeit bent at an awkward angle because his back probably still hurt, and started to paw at Lincoln’s body.

“I killed a moose, Alex.”

Alex stilled and stared at him. “What?”

“It was stuck in the snow and you hate those beans so much and there was a spear in the shed...” he said helplessly, feeling like he had done something wrong.

“You killed a moose with a spear?” Alex asked, eyebrows raised.

“Yeah.” Lincoln ducked his head and wiped a hand through his hair, remembering too late that there was moose blood on it.

Alex started shaking and then he all out laughed. “What the hell did you do that for? I was worried sick when you stayed out so long!”

Lincoln shrugged. “I wanted to do something nice for you. I can make good steaks from it. You’ll have good stuff tonight, tomorrow…”

Alex closed in and hugged him. “I have you and that’s all I need. I’m just a pain in the ass, which I love to be by the way.” He let up and pulled back. “Not to say I’ll say no to moose steak.”

Lincoln chuckled now as well, grabbed a large pan and went back to get the meat. He spent the rest of the day washing himself in heated snow water and roasting the meat in the fire with Alex watching him from the bed with a permanent smile on his face. Lincoln put all the pillows and blankets on the fur carpet and moved Alex to it so they could lie there together, drinking some sort of wine he’d found and eating the freshly cooked steaks. It tasted and felt like Heaven.


When the fire was slowly dying down and Lincoln had to get up from his warm embrace to throw some wood on the fire Alex hummed appreciatively, “you’ve got the nicest ass I’ve ever seen, even if it’s a bit old.”

Lincoln snorted, threw a few blocks of wood on the fire and poked it. “And here I was thinking you had a bad back.”

“You made it better, you and your moose,” Alex said somewhat reverently and Lincoln couldn’t help but feel that sappy grin assail his features. He turned around, aware of the body he was flaunting and saw Alex lying back on his mountain of pillows, holding the blankets open in invitation.

“You owe me an extremely good blow job first, Gee-man,” Lincoln grumbled merrily.

“Would I do anything...” Alex started, but was interrupted by a howl. Lincoln looked up, confused and then the howl was answered in the distance. “Am I hearing wolves?”

“I thought Norwegians kept killing them?” Lincoln murmured, somewhat in shock. He had read it and become angered at the country’s government, that’s why he remembered it so vividly. He *liked* animals and he wasn't afraid to admit it, damn it!

“Did you put that moose in the shed?” Alex suddenly answered and it dawned on Lincoln what he was implying; wolves needed food too and Lincoln had left them a banquette.

“I guess we have enough moose for tomorrow. It’s beans again after that.” Lincoln sort of apologized. Alex threw a small pillow at him and Lincoln felt a little stupid.

“Come here, you crazy idiot,” Alex ordered and Lincoln went. They made passionate and slow love with the howling of a small pack of wolves in the background, in front of a warm, crackling fire. They were together and after so many years, still very much in love. How many people could say that? Lincoln certainly never had thought to have it and like hell he’d thought he would get it with another man. Lincoln was happy and for the first time in years he realized just how fortunate he was.


They were saved three days later by a national squad of forest guards; predictably sent for them by Michael. They found them naked, with Lincoln on the receiving end of that exceptional blowjob. Lincoln didn’t care. It wasn’t as if people hadn’t walked in on them before, especially after he’d had his kids walk in on them in the throes of passionate, good sex… That had been a lot worse than mooning some guard. He shrugged it off, calmed Alex and they dressed. They left ten hundred dollar bills in the kitchen for whoever owned the cabin and left.

Alex took the moose’s skin and antlers with him and had it turned into Christmas gifts; a rug for Michael and Sara and the antlers went to Hope, who Lincoln knew secretly hated it but hung it on her wall anyway. Yes, love was good in Norway, but it was just as great in Washington DC.