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Story Notes:
This story boarders the edge of sanity and does in no way mean to offend.
Lincoln sat in the garden feeling impossible bloated. He had been impregnated by Alex’s sperm over eight months ago. He’d lost his dick and balls. Well, partly, because they’d grown inwards to create whatever it was the doctor said; unnatural fucking sperm eggs and a sperm womb. Alex had responded happily and moved in with Lincoln right away. He hadn’t asked permission; just like he hadn’t asked permission to knock Lincoln up, but because he’d sold his house Lincoln had no other choice but to take him in.

Alex had bought a shiny new, black moped with the money from his house and it now stood proudly in Lincoln’s garage. He even had a matching helmet and painted the name ‘Alex III’ on the thing because he’d already named his cock ‘Alex II’. He didn’t have much money beside that, the buyers of the house probably got a good deal. Aside from the fact that apparently there were some skeletons to clean up in the yard.

None of that mattered now though, because Lincoln had been drinking his daily glass of yoghurt but when he’d put it down, he’d overbalanced and had fallen out of his chair and onto the grass. He now lay on the ground like a beached whale, unable to get up. He flailed a little with his arms, but to no avail. He couldn’t roll on his side, although he tried, because he kept rolling back. He lay there for half an hour, highly annoyed when Alex finally showed up.

“Oh God Lincoln, what do you do to me!” He’d exclaimed. “Ready and waiting and…ooh yoghurt for lube! Such imagination.”

“What?” Lincoln spluttered, but Alex worked with high efficiency and dipped his dick in the yoghurt glass. Naturally, he rolled Lincoln on his side, but as before, Lincoln rolled back only this time he fell back and impaled himself on Alex’s cock. Alex pushed back and now Lincoln stayed on his side because Alex kept him from rolling back. Lincoln sighed; tapping on the grass with his fingers as Alex grunted and panted, chanting his own name the whole time. He came, hard as always, groping for tits Lincoln didn’t have.

He’d tried to make Lincoln get implants, already made an appointment for him with a plastic surgeon in a dark alley in China Town, and Lincoln had replied by poisoning his coffee. Alex had been sick for an entire week. It was the only time Lincoln’s ass had had any rest since that fateful day that Alex had bought the fucking Chinese stuff.

“Ungh,” Alex said and he pulled out, a wave of sperm following him. Lincoln hated that and he always had to clean his underwear after Alex had his way with him. He didn’t know where Alex got his gallons of semen. His balls weren’t that big. Alex got up, did up his pants and dusted himself off, stretching happily. “That was great, Lincoln, as always.” He smiled and, to Lincoln’s irritation, he started to walk away.

“Get back here you idiot!” Lincoln shouted and Alex turned around.

“Again? I don’t know if I can so soon…” Alex apologized looking at his groin.

“Help me up and clean my ass, it feels like a bathtub down there,” he groused and Alex nodded indulgently.

“You’ve become such a moody little Lincoln since I’ve knocked you up. You should be grateful you have somebody to take care of you like I do, love,” Alex crooned, kissing Lincoln on the cheek and attempting to lift him as if they were crossing the threshold for whatever reason. Lincoln crossed his arms as Alex had his arms under Lincoln’s knees and back, grunting while Lincoln still lay on the grass. “Damn you’re fucking heavy.”

“Yes well I’ve got four of your kids up my ass now don’t I?!” Lincoln fumed and Alex let go, looking sheepish, rubbing Lincoln’s large belly.

“Yeah, God I’m so good aren’t I?” Alex sighed and Lincoln wanted to deck him when a sharp pain went through his nether region. Alex didn’t notice because he was looking at the ground beneath Lincoln’s ass. “Linc, was I rough? I thought you’d be used to my extremely well endowed manhood by now, but your ass is bleeding.”

They looked at each other and exclaimed at the same, “shit, it’s… they’re coming.” Alex started to pull on Lincoln and Lincoln yelped in pain.

“Don’t pull my hair, my hands!” Lincoln felt like his stomach was contracting every which way and then it plummeted straight to his groin. He was close to choking Alex all over again for doing this to him and Alex started to show some signs of panic. His face was red and his breathing came in shorts gasps as he helped Lincoln up, by the arms this time. His hand landed on Lincoln’s belly softly rubbing as he pressed his face in Lincoln’s neck.

“What now?” he asked sounding confused and afraid.

“Get them out of me,” Lincoln said through gritted teeth.

“A hospital then, right? Yes, of course.” Alex put his hand around Lincoln sizable waist and they started to walk as fast as Lincoln’s body would let them. “You’ll have to hold on though. I sold the car yesterday for new parts for my moped.”

Lincoln’s “Wha-” was drowned out by his moan of pain when another jab of pain hit his entire nether region. They entered the garage and sure enough, the moped stood on the spot where Lincoln’s four-wheel-drive big red truck had once stood. He wanted to shoot Alex now, but he didn’t have a gun. “I loved my car, you fucking… ooh.”

“It will be okay, I’m going to be a Daddy!” Alex squealed. “Wait here.” He ran away to the corner of the garage while Lincoln tried to pant as best as he could and Alex got a rag. He put it on the back seat of the two-wheeler and walked back to Lincoln, hoisting him up.

“Wha-” Lincoln tried again and Alex squeezed Lincoln’s extremely sensitive ass.

“You’ll get the seat dirty with my sperm and whatever else is leaking from your ass.”

Lincoln tried to hit him, but missed, sluggish as he was.

“Now, now, love, it will only get worse, try to relax until the doctor pulls them out.” The nervousness appeared on Alex’s face again. He was probably thinking along the line of what Lincoln was thinking; if the doc pulled too hard his asshole would become massive… while Lincoln was afraid of becoming incontinent, Alex was probably bothered by the prospect of an ass too loose to fuck. “We should get going.” Alex stated in a slightly sad tone.

“Yes please,” Lincoln said in a voice he didn’t recognize. Fuck! This shit *hurt*!

Alex deposited him on the backseat of the moped, put a pot helmet on his head and took the front himself.

“Hold on tight,” Alex ordered and the moped started to splutter and wheeze. Alex turned the gas and they were off. Lincoln held on for dear life as he panted and kept his eyes closed against the spikes of pain shooting up his ass into his stomach and back again. Alex shouted randomly, “I’m going to be a Daddy,” as they zoomed through the city, barely avoiding cars, trucks and ninety year old grannies with canes. When they finally arrived at the hospital, Lincoln was shaking for more reasons than one. He also couldn’t really get off the moped anymore even when Alex tugged his arm and whined, “come on.”

A nurse hurried towards them. “Oh my! You’re the knocked up Dads!” She brought a wheelchair and Alex crossed his arms looking quite hurt.

“He’s the knocked up one, I’m the virile one,” he corrected her proudly. The nurse ignored him and helped Lincoln into the wheelchair, all the while feeling him up from belly to groin.

“Oh you feel sturdy,” and “wow, your penis really has retracted,” were words she used while doing it. Lincoln got more grumpy within seconds and when they finally wheeled into the hospital he truly felt fucked and a freak show. He didn’t know which one was worse outside the bedroom.

She wheeled him into a room with glass windows for walls a few guys in white coats were already lining up. “What the fuck?’ he panted.

“Now, now,” the nurse petted his shoulder, “I’m sure your top has already done that.”

“You’re damn right,” Alex added proudly. The nurse made to leave when Alex grabbed her. “How long before I can knock him up again?”

Lincoln spluttered, but couldn’t manage much more when another contraction hit him full force.

“Oh, it should be about a week or two, although I am not sure if we’ll need stitches to sew up his anus again. If so, it might be longer before you can stick anything in there.”

Alex looked crestfallen but Lincoln didn’t really give a damn. “When are you going to get them out of me!” he all but shouted.

Alex crouched in front of him, caressing the large bulge that had once been Lincoln’s belly with one hand and the other large bulge in Alex’s trousers with the other. “When they’re out, I’ll get in again. You’re the hottest guy on the planet, Linc,” he leaned in closer to kiss Lincoln, but Lincoln bit his lip and Alex backed off with a yelp. The doctor saved them both by showing up as the crowd outside had multiplied.

“Ah, Mr. Mahone.” He grabbed Lincoln’s hand and shook it. “Or would you prefer I called you Mrs?”

“I am Burrows; MISTER Burrows, you stupid fuck!” Lincoln thundered and the doctor backed off too.

“I see, I see.” He frantically looked around, probably for means of sedation. “Mr. Mahone,” this time to Alex, “I think your partner is a little irritated.”

Alex nodded. “Yeah, he gets like this sometimes when I fuck him too long. How far up his ass are they now, doc?”

The doctor shrugged. “Hard to say without getting in there and I’m afraid to try.” He turned to Lincoln and talked as if he was calming a raving child. “Could you please take of your shirt for me? I won’t hurt you; I just want to make it better.”

Lincoln growled and then two more white coats got him from the side and jabbed a needle in his jugular. He oomphed and then sagged, unable to make his body respond to anything. He felt relaxed, although his brain screamed.

The doctor smiled with satisfaction.

“Damn, got more of that stuff, Doc?” Alex asked and Lincoln vowed to keep his house needle clean.

Several hands were on him and began to remove the clothes from his body, leaving him totally naked. He wondered if it was necessary. Were pregnant women always naked when they gave birth? He really had no privacy left and Lincoln could see the men behind the glass taking notes and leaning in to take closer looks. He tried out a snarl, but his lips just hung there like Sly Stallone’s.

They hoisted him on the bed and put his legs in two devices that kept his legs as far apart as possible, raising his ass while hanging him at an impossible angle and exposing him totally. Alex groaned and was probably calculating how he could build one of those in Lincoln’s house. The white coats at the glass fought for a spot with the greatest angle of Lincoln’s ass. One of them wiggled his fingers and blew a kiss to Lincoln, which naturally resulted in Alex pulling out his gun and shooting him, shattering the glass that held the other doctor’s back. They streamed in, hardly giving Lincoln’s doctor any room.

“People!” The man shouted and the crowd took two steps back.

The doc turned his eyes to Lincoln and smiled; “now I am sure you’re used to it, but I’ll be gentle anyway.” He held up his fist and the nurse put a large rubber around it, then it went into a crevice only Alex had gone before and Lincoln’s eyes bulged. It seemed that Alex’s didn’t like it much either, territorial as he was, and he started to choke the doc who still had his fist up Lincoln’s ass.

“Alex,” Lincoln whined, “let him go.”

“I’m just trying to feel how far up your children are.” The doctor croaked.

Alex let go and nodded.

“As long as that’s it, he only has sex with me.” The proud stance resurfaced as Alex took in the awe and handshaking from the white coats; Alex Mahone the man who could impregnate men.

Lincoln snorted and then saw the doctor bent forward, getting in deeper, Lincoln gulped and then just as fast, the doc leaned backwards.

“Shit!” Lincoln shouted and the doctor’s hand slipped out. He started to feel fear again; those kids were bound to be bigger than a fist.

“I’ve loosened you up a little Mr. Burrows, but now you have to push, hard. Don’t stop unless I tell you.”

Lincoln nodded, or at least he imagined he could and his eyes shifted to the audience again; they were all hard. That or they’d all stuffed socks in their pants. He felt like a pinup girl in a large group of horny boy scouts. “Push!” the doctor said.

Lincoln did, as if he sat on a toilet and it hurt! Somebody grabbed his head and turned it to the other side; Alex.

“That’s it, honey, bring our kids out.” Alex’s hand lay on Lincoln’s naked belly, caressing, staking claim in front of all the doctors. “It’s my cock that did this to you, my sperm, and I’ll ride you again soon enough. We’ll have an entire baseball team together.” He kissed Lincoln just as Lincoln wanted to scream out a curse filled with pain and bit Alex’s tongue by accident. Alex fell back, holding his mouth, which probably meant a good rim job was out of the question now.

“Push!” the doctor said again and Lincoln reached for Alex’s gun, but missed. Then he felt as if all the people present had pushed their fists up his ass, there was a wailing sound...

“There he is! Number one, a healthy boy!” The doctor proudly spoke as if he had done the work.

“Alexander Jnr.!” Alex shouted with glee and Alpha pride. The crowd around Lincoln cheered.

Lincoln’s heart almost constricted, but that mellow feeling was cut short when another wave of pain reminded him of the fact that he had to do this again and again and again… “Here we go,” the doctor encouraged Lincoln.

“Stop being so fucking cheerful, you have no idea how this feels!” Lincoln groused in between puffs and moans.

“Linc! You’re scaring our son!” Alex chastisized him and Lincoln knew that Alex had found a new way to keep him face down, silent and docile.

The second one popped out and the crowd let out a bigger cheer. Some of the men left hastily, their hands already in the front of their trousers. The scene repeated twice more after that and when the fourth wail penetrated Lincoln’s exhausted brain he noticed that only the doctor, nurse and Alex were left. He tried to breath and Alex appeared in his line of sight, “Well done, Linc, we’re proud fathers. Me a little bit more than you of course, since you’re more like a mother, but...”

Lincoln attempted to growl but only a squeak came out. Then he noticed that Alex was holding two bundles and the nurse next to him had two others.

“It’s okay to cry, Mr. Burrows, most new mothers do.” She said in a screeching voice that could wake the dead or could belong to a character from a Stephan King novel.

“Meet your sons; Alexander Jnr, Alexei and Alexis and our daughter Alexa.” Alex introduced them to Lincoln and Lincoln wanted to touch them but found he was still under the influence of whatever the doctor had given him. Alex glowed.

“We have to give you a few hormones now, Mr. Burrows, to induce milk flow,” the nurse said, walking away to put the babies in a crib.

Lincoln spluttered and Alex walked away as well. “I’ll be right back, Linc.” The nurse directed him into the direction of the *come room* where apparently a new educational, medical film was being shown.

The doctor came at him again with a large needle, stuck it into him and said something Lincoln didn’t catch. He fell asleep.


A week later Lincoln was close to being released from the hospital. The doctor had sewn his ass up, and made it extra tight per Alex’s wishes. Lincoln had been breastfeeding the children every day in front of the same public that had watched the birthing itself. Most were unable to stay and watch until Lincoln got to the final baby. It hurt his nipples, he didn’t even have real breasts, but apparently there was no other choice, or at least, that’s what Alex told him.

Lincoln sat in a wheelchair, a nurse pushed it, four other nurses carried his children and Alex walked beside them; chest puffed out and a cigar in his mouth. Alex was congratulated on a job well done the entire route to the cab and many doctors said something like “great time in the come room” and “thanks for the DVDs”. Lincoln thought he’d caught “will see you again in nine months”, but he probably misheard it.

At home, Lincoln went to bed and fed the children in between with Alex watching with a broad smile. He wanted a nanny, but Alex forbade it. Lincoln hired one anyway, but made sure she was very ugly and old, out of fear that Alex would kill anyone else who might seem like competition. A week later, the stitches in Lincoln’s anus were removed. The day after that Alex returned from the Chinese store.

Lincoln was pregnant again the next evening.