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Story Notes:
This takes place in the 'Touch' universe and won't make much sense if you haven't read the novel 'Touch'.
Alex stroked Adam’s forehead softly as the small boy’s thumb tried to find his mouth. He grinned, and although nobody had ever outright said it, it was quite obvious who had fathered the twins. They were energetic, green eyed and boisterous, quite a handful; just like their biological old man. Adam sighed a little when the thumb had found its goal, falling deeper into slumber than he already had. Alex wished for the time to come when the children could sleep in their own beds. For now, they still shared one room together, but Lincoln was already turning the room next to theirs into a princess’s dream. Alex could imagine sitting on one of their beds, all three children huddled together, eyes big and staring at Lincoln as he told them the story of the Bob the Scottish banana. He’d laughed his head off when Lincoln first did it and since then the saga had grown, peppered with journeys and lessons learned.

Alex kissed Casey’s forehead and tucked him in. God, he was so in love with Lincoln it hurt, even after all these years, and now he had agreed to father another child. He was both afraid and insanely happy that Lincoln wanted that and that he had been so adamant about it being Alex’s.

Hope mumbled something and pulled Mr. Billy Dilly closer to her chest. The skunk had been a gift from LJ and she adored it. It could cause chaos when it was lost so Alex made sure he kept an eye on it at all times. Two sleepy eyes opened. “I thought you were asleep, honey,” Alex whispered, careful not to wake the boys. She shook her head a little.

“Daddy, does God clean heaven?” She asked with her thumb still in her mouth.

It startled Alex. He was used to difficult questions, but he was tired and… where did the God thing come from? They didn’t exactly spout religion to the children.

“Why are you asking about God, sweetheart?” He stalled. Hope was clearly close to sleep, but refused to close her eyes until she had an answer.

“Daddy Lincoln told us about Cam.. Cameron today and that he was in Heaven and then Bob’s Mommy told him to clean his room and Heaven is wonderful isn’t, Daddy, so God cleans Cameron’s room for him so he can play?”

Her eyes were big blues and so damned sincere that Alex choked. He’d never get over that loss. Why had Lincoln told them about Cameron? He let out a small sigh; it might have been the pictures or… it didn’t change the situation now though.

“I’m sorry Hope, I don’t know, but I do know that… Heaven is indeed wonderful and I am sure God will make sure that Cameron is happy.” He struggled to keep too many emotions at bay, but thank God his usually perceptive daughter closed her eyes, apparently satisfied.

“Okay,” she mumbled and promptly fell asleep.

He quickly dabbed the corner of his eye, stroked her hair, placed a kiss on it and walked to the door. The small light was lit, the baby phone was switched on and all the three fruits of his and Lincoln’s love were asleep. Three, instead of four. He blinked and softly closed the door.

He couldn’t find Lincoln in the kitchen, so he walked to the living room. Lincoln had said goodnight to the children first and then it had been Alex’s turn. They switched this around so the children would be a bit more flexible and less demanding whenever Alex or Lincoln weren’t around to say goodnight and tuck them in like Alex had just done.

He opened the living room door and stared right at Lincoln’s naked back. A cheerful fire crackled in the hearth and soft music played, but he couldn’t make out what it was. Supple muscles rippled in front of him as Lincoln worked to light the last unlit candle in the room. There was food on the table, too much, but then, this was Lincoln; he’d eat right until he slept. Alex approached him, hugged him from behind and kissed his neck. “Have I told you yet that I love you?”

Lincoln turned around, a big smile on his face. “Even after I made you go to Disneyland with me and the kids?”

Alex chuckled. “It was Universal that killed me. You were running off to all of those rides, leaving me with the little ones. Five little ones, Linc, with your nephew and grandson present.”

Lincoln pressed his lips against Alex’s, softly massaging them without deepening the kiss. “That was months ago and you’re still traumatized? Why are you complaining when you got all this attention from all those women who wanted to help the lonely man with his five kids?” His mouth moved against Alex’s as he spoke, unconcerned. The friction was strangely erotic.

“I don’t care about women,” Alex said with a mock growl. “And I was more tired after than before the holiday,” Alex whispered and smiled against Lincoln mouth before he wiggled his tongue between Lincoln’s lips and feasted on the taste he could never get enough of. They stood swaying in the candle light. The smell of the small fire mixed with the aroma of hearty delights and Lincoln. Alex hugged him closer and broke the kiss. He rested his face in the crook of Lincoln’s neck.

“What’s wrong?” Lincoln asked picking up that something was off.

Alex closed his eyes. He didn’t want to drag it up again and yet honesty was something Lincoln valued most. He sighed.

“Hope asked about Cameron in Heaven. How does she know, Linc?” He asked, careful to keep any hint of accusation out the tone of his voice.

Lincoln pulled back and studied Alex’s face before he led him to the couch and sat down with him. “We were cleaning the fireplace and they saw all the picture frames. We looked at them one by one and they didn’t recognize the picture of Cam. I had to tell them. We would have had to anyway, eventually.” Lincoln’s voice was deep and full of love. Alex leaned back and swung his legs on the couch, reclining and putting his head on Lincoln’s lap. Lincoln’s hand fell on Alex’s hair in an instant, tenderly stroking it. “I didn’t want to upset you, but I should have said something.”

Alex smiled softly, “I understand why you didn’t when I came home, bitching about Kellerman.” Lincoln’s eyes twinkled merrily. Lincoln had that great capacity to find joy in the smallest of things, stay upbeat even when something serious was said and it was exactly what Alex needed to get through life. He was addicted to Lincoln Burrows in all his glory.

“What?” Lincoln asked.

“You,” Alex said without hesitation. “You’re the love of my life.”

Lincoln snorted, but Alex could see he was extremely pleased; it shone through in his eyes. “You’re getting mushier with the years,” he groused falsely. Alex smiled wider and so did Lincoln. They didn’t really need words anymore, but even so, listening to Lincoln was just as much of a treat as watching him or making love to him.

Lincoln leaned forward and plucked something off the table. A bowl of… what? He put it on the armrest and Alex wondered if it would fall off before the night was over. He couldn’t be bothered right now though. Lincoln put food in his mouth and then picked up another portion and held it to Alex’s lips. Alex opened his mouth without hesitation, trusting Lincoln implicitly. It was a taste explosion in his mouth and he instantly let out a sigh that sounded more than a moan.

“Roast beef pocket with avocado and Cumberland,” Lincoln rumbled, “just how you like it.”

Alex closed his eyes and focused on the taste. Slowly the frustrations of the day, his shock at Hope’s question and his tiredness seeped out of his bones. “What else do you have in store?” he asked hoarsely when Lincoln’s slightly greasy fingers found Alex’s chest underneath his shirt. It was getting hot with the fire burning, even with the AC on.

“Plenty of loving through food, music and me,” Alex’s shirt fell open and he opened his eyes to Lincoln’s face, “to start with,” he added and then he kissed Alex again.