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Story Notes:
Beta by Foxriverinmate
“Pregnant?! PREGNANT?!” Lincoln kept on repeating the word as if it would somehow make it less true. “Yes, Mr. Burrows. I can’t really understand it myself. Somehow, a massive amount of, erm, sperm created a makeshift womb inside your body.”

The doctor was visibly struggling with the situation, as Alex was himself. “A womb alone doesn’t make a person pregnant,” he heard himself say, once again unable to believe the ridiculousness of the whole idea.

“Yes, Mr. Mahone, you are quite right.” After he’d answered Alex, the doctor focused on Lincoln again, who had turned white as a sheet now that reality, however twisted, started to sink in. He had stopped speaking all together.

“Mr. Burrows, have you experienced tightening in your testicles? The feeling of your outer, erm, sexual organs becoming smaller? Preliminary reports show they have retreated partly into your body.”

A sharp nod, but Lincoln didn’t answer.

The doctor continued, “I see; well, for reasons I cannot explain, your body used whatever resources it possessed so it would able to conceive. That means your sperm slowly transformed into eggs, your testicles substituting as an ovary.”

Lincoln hugged himself and for the first time since Alex had started fucking him, he had the urge to touch him without it being sexual. He wondered if it was because of the situation; natural male instincts to protect the pregnant mate. Which was shocking in itself, viewing Lincoln as his mate instead of a fuck buddy.

“I can’t be pregnant,” Lincoln whispered broken and lost. This time Alex didn’t fight it and touched Lincoln’s leg, massaging his knee. He didn’t pull away, which was a good sign.

“You can’t be, Mr. Burrows. You, however, are. We cannot ignore facts. I’ve checked the results myself, four times.”

Alex kept his eyes glued on Lincoln as the Chinese sex drug came to mind. The shopkeeper had told him to read the fine print on the bottle. He never had and he had used an excessive amount of the stuff again and again. Maybe somehow? If Lincoln found out this could be his fault he would be as dead as a doornail.

“Will this condition be permanent, doctor? Will he be able to have more children?” he asked, wondering if he should start to use protection or get Lincoln on the Pill.

“I am not sure, Mr. Mahone. I’ve never been in a situation like this before.” The doctor sounded as lost as Lincoln looked.

“How far along is he?” Somehow, he was afraid for the answer. “I am not 100% certain,” the doctor hesitated, “but if I compare it to what I know about a woman’s cycle and common logic, he should be ready to deliver in about four months.”

“Four months?!” Lincoln shot out.

“Well, now we know why you’ve been feeling tired all the time.” Alex tried to reassure him.

Lincoln looked at him, furious. “I thought you were just wearing me out, but no, my ass wasn’t enough. You had to fuck me up too!”

Alex shot a glance at the doctor who had started to turn quite red.

“Linc,” Alex began, but was stopped as Lincoln stood and started pacing.

“Can I assume that you’re, erm, the father, Mr. Mahone?”

Alex nodded, his eyes glued on Lincoln. He got up and walked up to him, wishing he could bend him over the doctor’s desk.

“May I ask why you decided to turn to a doctor this late? Mr. Burrows, you must have felt more than being just tired? Nausea? Hunger? Mood swings perhaps?”

Alex had a feeling the doctor didn’t really wanted to ask, but had to as it was part of his duty as a physician.

Now it was Lincoln’s turn to blush. Alex loved it when he did that. He answered for him. “We have a very *active* sex life, doctor.”

The doctor raised his eyebrow. “That would account for the massive amount of semen needed to create the womb.

Alex started to feel a bit embarrassed himself now, but on the other hand, if he could knock a man up and still provide that much cum, he was one hell of a virile man. Who cared about Chinese fine print. He’d still done it!

It made him smile rather smugly. No way was Lincoln getting away from him now. Mounting an Alpha man like that and then playing his body like a woman in heat? Alex hardened at the thought. Thank God they’d come in a car. He really didn’t want to wait till they got home.

“Mr. Mahone?”

Oh, the doctor had asked him a question. Alex found his hand had disappeared under Lincoln’s shirt, caressing his back. Lincoln’s breath had quickened, eyes closed. Oh yeah he was Alex’s in every way.

“I’m sorry, I missed that doctor.” He kept his hand where it was, making sure the doctor knew just how their relationship worked if the man hadn’t figured it out already.

“His lower belly is already protruding. Can I assume you thought he was gaining weight?”

Alex smirked as his fingers dipped in the small of Lincoln’s back. “Yes, yes we did. He’s been eating a lot to keep up his strength. Although he didn’t show until a few weeks ago.”

The doctor did his best to look at his files and not at them. “That means you haven’t been on a diet, Mr. Burrows?”

Alex was positive Lincoln wasn’t going to answer, so he spoke for him. “No, as I said, he needs all his strength. We… work out a lot.”

The poor doctor was a permanent shade of red now and Alex felt powerful. Two men in this room under his control. Granted, power in a different manner, but power due to his Alpha man, top dog status all the same.

“And have you, his lower section, erm…”

Alex barked out a laugh. “Not much. When I take him, he’s on his back or his knees. His belly doesn’t get too much weight pressed down on it.”

Lincoln didn’t appreciate that comment and hissed, “shut the fuck up, Alex!”

Alex turned Lincoln’s head and whispered into his ear, “In the car, your ass is mine. You’re going to make my cock feel so good.” He felt him shudder, hand grabbing Alex’s waist, sneaking around him.

“Well that is fine, yes. Erm, I will have my assistant draw up a diet I believe he should be on from now on. He will also need to take some extra vitamins and I will give you a prescription for erm, helpful hormones.”

Alex started to laugh out loud as he felt Lincoln tense up.

“You’re going to get me on chick hormones?!” Lincoln was positively angry now. Alex could see the doctor cringing behind his desk.

“I’m, I’m sorry Mr. Burrows, I do not want to offend, but your body. We need to take care of the child-”

It occurred to Alex that Lincoln hadn’t spoken of abortion once. It was too late of course, but before they’d known how many months he’d already been carrying, not even then. That was good. It meant part of him had accepted facts.

“I do not want to turn into some, some blubbering woman!” Lincoln went on, letting his hand slip away from Alex’s waist. Alex took a step to stand behind him, letting his arms slip around Lincoln, resting them on his belly. Their baby was inside there. He kissed Lincoln’s neck.

“Calm down Linc, he only means well. We’re going to have a kid; you need all the help you can get since you’re not built for it.” He grinned, but let go of that quickly when he saw the expression on the doctor’s face.

“What?” Lincoln asked sharply; evidently he was not amused.

“Well erm, you see Mr. Burrows, you have a lot of sperm and well, erm, when your body started to change it to eggs, erm.”

Alex blinked. The man couldn’t be serious.

Lincoln’s brain was probably too fried already to understand the implications. “What?” the doctor hid behind his desk even more, if that was even possible.

“Well, normally women have one egg which can be fertilized, but you, erm, you made erm, four.” The doctor swallowed.

Alex felt sweat gliding down his back and Lincoln was probably close to fainting. “What?!” he practically shouted.

“Pregnant, four… God no, Alex?” He sat down hard and looked up at Alex in question.

“We’re not going to call Michael, Linc.” Alex answered sternly.

Lincoln nodded dejectedly. “Yeah, you’re right. Not his area of expertise.” *not if you look at his track record with women or the entire concept of sex* Alex thought.

“I can’t do this, man.”

Alex started to massage Lincoln’s neck with his left hand. “Yes you can. You can handle me, you could handle that… thing that happened when we first…”

The doctor cut in, “yes, you’ve got quite a sturdy body, Mr. Burrows.”

Alex fixed the doc with a stare. The man shut up.

“You’re strong enough, Linc. I know from personal experience you can take a lot.”

Lincoln snorted, probably thinking about that marathon of fucking that left him nearly dead from exhaustion and with a sore ass. “Nobody can know, you hear me?”

“Linc, they will see-”

Lincoln interrupted him. “See? Like hell, they’ll think I’ve gotten fat. Nobody will think I got pregnant because MEN DON’T GET PREGNANT!”

Alex wasn’t sure if it was hormones or just a symptom of ‘stressed out man’, but Lincoln had a wild look in his eye. He remembered Pam had gotten a look like that when she carried Cameron. Usually after something he’d said. He probably should remember what had set her off most of the time, but he didn’t. Easier to turn the yapping off.

“Linc, don’t worry, I won’t tell a soul and I’ll take good care of you. I know my responsibilities.” The wild look changed into a piercing one. Alex knew he was treading on thin ice, but he had no idea why.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Lincoln asked. Alex sat on his haunches in front of him.

“Well, I got you knocked up and the… children need a father. So, I’ll marry you.” Alex was on the floor before he realized what had happened, nursing a very painful jaw. “You hit me!” he said astounded.

Lincoln was already near the door. “I should have done so five months ago, you damn…. We’re NOT going to get married just because you think it’s your duty. Fuck you, man.” He was out the door.

Alex looked at the doctor who probably wished another doctor had gotten them as patients when the door opened again. Lincoln peeked through. “I’ll be in the fucking car and I’m driving. You’ve got another thing coming if you think you can treat me like some woman just because you’re fucking me.”

Alex got up as Lincoln once more disappeared through the door. He winked at the doctor and said, “Foreplay; send us the diet will you? We’ll be back in a month and thanks.” He shook the unresponsive man’s hand and hurried after Lincoln’s luscious ass and pregnant body.


He found him leaning against the car; arms across his chest, a foreboding look in his eyes.

“A bit of a scene back there, Linc.” He said as he came close.

Lincoln nearly snarled. “Fuck off, Alex. I’ve got every right to want to do more than flatten you.”

Alex felt the tender spot on his face; Lincoln packed one hell of a punch. It was a miracle he hadn’t put him down with that hit. “I understand that you’re upset, but we’ve got to look at this-”

Lincoln didn’t wait and came closer to Alex to grab a fist full of shirt. “God damn it, Alex. I’m a man, don’t you get it? I hit on women, have a drink with them and then fuck them senseless. I don’t call them back the next day! I’m never on the receiving end. You’ve changed me from a stud to a fucking brood mare!”

Alex hadn’t seen this side of Lincoln since the Scylla debacle. When Sucre’s gun had accidently gone off and killed Self the second they had handed him the hard drive. That sucked. They had been damn lucky Kellerman had showed up to take the thing off their hands. Alex was sure Lincoln would have killed Sucre if he hadn’t.

“You’re still a stud, Linc. I’m sorry that I’ve been so possessive, but-” he tried, but Lincoln wouldn’t hear of it.

“You can’t get your job back with the Feds so you need to lord over me while you’re without some criminals to hunt?” Lincoln breezed like a horse all right, nothing mare-like about him now.

Alex was getting pissed off himself. Or was he afraid? Certainly not of Lincoln, but for some reason visions of a leaving Pam popped into his mind. “No, of course not! I love to fuck you because of all kinds of reasons and you said you loved my cock too! Don’t blame this all on me!”

Lincoln let go of Alex’s shirt, but didn’t get out of his face. “You got me into the sack for one fuck, man. One! You’re the one who started using that weird Chinese shit.”

Okay, yes, that was true. But only because Alex wanted to have him as long as he could. If Lincoln could fuck himself he would understand the addiction.

“I didn’t force you to bend over again after that! You begged for it yourself.” Alex ground out, gritting his teeth to block out his irrational fear of a leaving Lincoln.

“After I’d had your cock up my ass for three hours straight! I wasn’t thinking clearly.” Lincoln continued, uncaring who heard them. Alex could see a couple passing them quickly.

“You wanted it and still want it, Linc, and it kills you that a macho, Alpha man like you is a natural bottom.” Alex pushed himself up against Lincoln. Trying to get chest to chest, but feeling their four children prohibiting a full frontal closeness.

“I’m not gay.”

Alex drew his thoughts from Lincoln’s lower regions to his mouth. “… What?” he asked.

“A pregnant man is gayer than a man who’s giving up his ass for another guy.” Lincoln’s anger was gone. He looked afraid. Alex could relate, though probably for different reasons.

“Linc just... be glad it’s not Michael’s.” Alex was glad too, but he couldn’t really say that.

“… What has Michael got to do with this?”

Alex couldn’t believe Lincoln wasn’t aware of it. His brother had gone to jail to get him out. Suffered loads of wounds and hardship just for his brother. No sane man would do that for a family member, but people in love would.

Then again, if he’d known Lincoln back then, maybe he would have done it himself. Now that was a train of thought that was frightening. “I’ve seen him check out your ass. I’m not the only one seeing what a hot piece of man you are.”

“Michael isn’t gay! He’s my brother!” Lincoln obviously didn’t want to get it.

Alex tried another route. “Maybe he doesn’t want to accept it, Linc, but why do you think it didn’t work out with Sara? She ran off with Bellick, Linc. Bellick!”

The denial died out a bit in those clear green eyes. “They, he…” Linc spluttered.

Alex let his right hand cup Lincoln’s cheek as his thumb stroked his face. “…Is very gay.”

“Maybe just a little. Very is an overstatement,” Lincoln answered. Obviously talking about anything Michael related was worse than talking about Lincoln’s condition.

“Fine. Listen, I’m not trying to cut off your balls. Even if they’re partly inside of you now. You’re still a man, a very masculine man. That’s why you’re so hot. That’s why I come in my pants when I think of you impaled on my cock.” Alex closed his eyes for one second, willing the hard on he’d had since the doctor’s office to die down. It didn’t.

Lincoln’s gloomy face brightened a bit. “Really?”

Alex nodded enthusiastically, happy he was saying something right. “Oh yeah, sucking and fucking you is the best sex I’ve ever had and I only want more.”

Lincoln smiled and took Alex’s roaming thumb in his mouth. Ten seconds later, Alex came in his pants. “We’re going to use condoms from now on.” Lincoln added as he rubbed his own crotch.

Alex blanched; he didn’t like those rubbers, maybe Lincoln could…“You wouldn’t-” he started.

“I’m not taking the pill.” Lincoln interrupted.

“Damn it,” Alex muttered under his breath. “Okay, yeah, I’ll buy some.”

“Let’s go home,” Lincoln mumbled. “You can rub my feet.”

They let go and nearly bumped into each other as they both tried to get into the driver’s seat.

“Rub your feet?” Alex asked as he rubbed his forehead.

“Yeah, that’s what you do with pregnant women.”

Ah, so that’s what he’d done wrong with Pam! Alex made a silent promise to himself that he would rub Lincoln everyday for the next four months.


‘If used excessively and if both parties have a particular strong connection, the man’s fantasies can come true. Depending on the fantasy, these can last a few minutes or even a few years. Be careful what you wish for.’ It said on the bottle of the Chinese drug.
Alex frowned. The man’s fantasies? They must mean the top’s. He puffed out his chest at the thought of being the top. Still, he had been so sure the drug was the reason Lincoln was pregnant.

“What the hell did I fantasize about?” he wondered aloud. He replayed the first time he topped Lincoln. Saw himself taking the maximum double dose, feeling his cock extend, barbed, prohibiting him from leaving Lincoln’s body and being able to shoot masses of sperm up his ass until the mattress was soaked from virile cum dribbling out of Lincoln’s ass.

He remembered moving all over the bed to stay a bit dry until he could finally pull out. He’d reveled in the power, the feeling and had thought… shit, now he remembered. He’d fantasized about being able to knock Lincoln up. Whoever would have thought? He needed to buy that Chinese storeowner a pie and a cigar.

He smiled, knowing he was going to use the ‘Bad Tar’ again tonight. He was going to fantasize some more.