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Story Notes:
Beta by Foxriverinmate.
Author's Chapter Notes:
This is pure and utter crack.
“Damn you, Mahone! This was supposed to be a one-time deal!" Lincoln frantically wiggled around Alex, causing so much friction that Alex got even bigger. They had started out hard and fast, but after some time they had to lie down on their sides. Spooning, face towards the bedroom’s large mirror, was less tiring than going at it doggy-style for hours.

The view was intoxicating. Being inside Lincoln this long and being able to look at his entire flushed, masculine front as he was fucked was like a drug. Oh, Alex could appreciate esthetics like this. Very, very much.

"Well technically…" he ground out, sweat pouring off his brow as he kept from thrusting.

Lincoln was oblivious to his effort, although he probably chose to be since he could feel Alex’s problem rather intimately.

The emotions on his face were a strange mix. Alex could see anger in the darkened green pools, but a lot of disguised lust as well. Lincoln was proud, almost too proud to be taken like this. That made it even better for Alex though. He had a hard time, no pun intended, focusing on what Lincoln was saying.

"Don’t get cute with me; a one-time deal is a few minutes, not living the rest of my life with your cock up my ass!"

At the moment Alex didn’t see a problem with it, but he could try and appease his partner just a bit. "It won’t be the rest of your life, Linc. Maybe I can ease out-"

"No! Don’t you dare! We tried that an hour ago and it still hurts."

It had. Even Alex didn’t really want to try that again. Besides he wasn’t done doing what he had set out to do quite some time ago. Dancing around each other had led to this. If it was going to be a one-time deal, he was going to make it last.

Lincoln had finally agreed to bottom for him and Alex had used some *help* so he could prolong his pleasure. He probably shouldn’t have taken the double dose though. Or maybe he shouldn't even have bought the sex drug ‘Helen’s Tar’ from that old Chinese shop in the first place.

"Then what do you want me to do? Oil doesn’t help… maybe if you tried to relax and I could fuck you some more… you’d loosen up and I’d be able to pull out." It could work. After all the old man had said that the drug would give pleasure beyond physical limits. Alex just hadn’t realized it would mean his cock would grow fatter and larger than usual *and* barbs would extend on the side whenever he tried to pull out. He hoped the effect would be temporary.

Lincoln ranted some more, Alex groaned into his neck, thrusting sharply and shutting his partner up for a while. He guessed it was okay to go with this wave of ecstasy a bit longer. He almost wished Lincoln came with a uterus. Now that would be leaving his mark for good.

He had the strength to stop and stilled. Lincoln found his voice again. "It’s not my ass that’s too tight, but your dick that’s too, too… fuck, Mahone! This is one of your schemes isn’t it? To fuck me into the mattress as long as you can."

Alex couldn’t deny that, but he wasn’t about to say that out loud. "You weren’t complaining earlier." God, did he remember that version of Lincoln, moaning and begging like he was starving for it.

"That was before you couldn’t pull out."

True, that had been sobering. Alex had been tender, yet still hard from coming. Lincoln was sore from the pummeling and satisfied. The drug had come to full effect then, hence their new position.

Maybe Alex should stop fighting it and take Lincoln with him. He tried the lover’s approach. "We could enjoy it as long as we can. Might be worth the try?" He started to stroke Lincoln’s side tenderly, wishing again he could leave parts of himself in there for a long, long time. He softly bit Lincoln's shoulder.

No answer was forthcoming. "Linc?"

Finally Lincoln said in a soft timbre, "I guess it isn’t too bad." Now that was promising.

"I can make you scream out loud with pleasure." Alex knew he could. No short-term lover ever went out of his bedroom without a sore throat from moaning and screaming every dirty little wish and plea they knew. Long-term lovers started screaming for other reasons, none of them usually related to anything taking place in the bedroom. He hoped Lincoln would change that tradition.

Lincoln, however, didn’t believe him yet. "Ha! Full of yourself? No, wait, scratch that; don’t make that pun."

Alex smiled and rotated his hips to emphasize, "You mean the one where you’re full of me?"

Lincoln’s breathing hitched. "Yes, that one."

Alex gave a sharp thrust, not pulling out too far since the damn barbs would extend. "Wouldn’t dream of it." He continued to fuck Linc the Sink, the man nobody thought would ever bottom, in elated bliss. *He* did this, he had been able to convince this tough Alpha male to take a cock up his ass and now he was in fact *moaning*. Sneaking his hand across Lincoln’s hip and between his legs, Alex made sure Lincoln didn’t come when he did for the third time and squeezed the base of Lincoln’s dick.

Lincoln groaned in protest and weakly encased Alex’s hand at the base of his leaking cock with his own. "How many times are you going to fuck me before we call Michael?"

Alex did a double take as he geared up for his fourth go. "Michael? I’m not really comfortable with the prospect of Michael trying to get me out of you." That was an understatement and he didn’t really want to talk about Lincoln’s brother.

"Well, he has gotten me out of tight spots before," Lincoln said.

Alex started to kiss Lincoln’s neck again, ending near his ear and whispering, making his man shudder. "Somehow I don’t think this counts as a tight spot on his list."

Lincoln tried to get Alex’s hand to move on his cock. He was close, but Alex wanted him to hold off. He didn’t want to go again and again, when Lincoln couldn’t get it up anymore. It wouldn’t do to go at it with someone who was unresponsive, tired and not a bit aroused. He should have bought a cock ring.

Lincoln panted, "Never mind, Mike and I, we’re close. He wouldn’t judge me, alright-"

Alex changed his angle and started to fuck the pliant body for the fourth time.

"Fuck! How many times do you need before you, *deflate*, Mahone?"

Using his hand as a vice around Lincoln’s organ, he couldn’t use that much strength, but thank God Lincoln worked with him and gave him something to push into.

"I have no idea, Linc. I’ve got plenty of juice to go for a few rounds." He knew he would last at least three more hours. Double dose should mean twice as long, right?

"Damn it, I won’t be able to walk for a week! That is, if you ever get out… how many of those pills did you take?" Lincoln did sound a bit frightened. Alex loved it; this man was his to dominate for tonight, in every way.

"I might have miscounted, should have used my glasses." Lincoln didn’t need to know Alex had taken the wrong dose on purpose.

"God, Al-"

Alex shut him up with that new angle, and finally the beginning of the litany he had been waiting for began. It was the beginning of the surrender Alex experienced with other lovers, but this was unlike any of his lovers before.

Lincoln was extremely creative in what he said and it got Alex even more excited. He let go of his resolve to keep Lincoln from coming and rolled them over to capture Lincoln between himself and the bed, truly drilling him now.

"You’re mine, Linc. We’re going to do this again and again. Even when this night is over you‘ll never want anything else but my dick inside of you." He pulled back, sitting up a bit, pulling Lincoln’s ass with him and bringing Lincoln partly to his knees, so he could achieve maximum depth and force. "Isn’t that right?"

He could see Lincoln’s hands ball into fists as the man underneath him grabbed the bed sheets, calling out Alex’s name, cursing, begging and praising him at the same time. Finally, total surrender came and it flooded together with Lincoln’s seed. "Fine, I’ll be your fucking bottom, Alex! God damn you, just don’t stop!"

Alex didn’t for four more hours before he could finally pull out, sated, broken and feeling more powerful than anything ever had before. Not even heading up a national team of FBI agents could come close to taking a strong man like Lincoln Burrows as he had just done.

That Chinese man had been right. ‘Helen’s Tar’ would help you get your heart’s and cock’s desire and turn any other man into a defenseless bottom. Who needed to read about side effects if those barbs got him *this*!

Lincoln slept on his stomach for the next week and hardly used any chairs. Alex smirked and swelled in many ways glorying in his dominance. He was, once again, Top Dog.