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Felicia Lang
They’d both been working late. She’d been throwing him flirtatious glances all night and to be honest he was getting kind of sick of paperwork and hadn’t gotten laid in god only knew how long. She came into his office, handing over another completed report and he stood up as she laid it on his desk, leaning forwards and catching her lips in a kiss. It was awkward at first until her surprise faded and she returned it. The sex wasn’t bad but apparently not good enough because the next day they were cold, professional, and never mentioned it again.

Gretchen Morgan
He’d spent the two amusing weeks watching as Whistler did anything and everything to refuse Gretchen’s unwanted advances. Gretchen didn’t seem to get the message; or rather she seemed to be steadfastly ignoring it. Alex half expected her to simply crawl into the man’s bed one night and take what she wanted whether Whistler wanted to give it or not. Instead, to his surprise and horror, she turned her attention to Alex. She came to his hotel room one night, put a gun to his throat and kissed him hungrily.
“Fuck me. Now.”
He thought it best not to argue.

Lincoln Burrows
Alex kept hiding away to do research; although it didn’t stop him from working efficiently, it was certainly problematic. Whenever they found anything important someone would have to hunt him down and drag him back to the table. After Lincoln was forced to find him for the fifth time in one day, he grabbed Alex by his shirt, pinned him to the wall and forcefully kissed him. Alex was so shocked he could only stutter and gape when Lincoln backed off and poked him in the chest. “Stop hiding, or next time I’ll do it in front of everyone else.”

Fernando Sucre
They are playing lookout, watching the fourth cardholder. They’ve barely spoken two words since they started; Alex isn’t sure why Michael decided to pair them up when Bellick would probably have been a better choice for Sucre.
“Shit. He’s coming this way.”
There’s no time to move and this man is Company so of course he’ll recognise them. Alex thinks quick, pins Sucre to the wall and presses their lips together, praying the cardholder doesn’t notice Sucre’s surprised face. The man passes, scowling with disgust, and Alex pulls back. Sucre wipes his mouth and says, “Don’t ever do that again.”

Sofia Lugo
The Company was destroyed, Scylla was nothing more than a Greek myth, and everyone and their loved ones were collected in a very large hotel room celebrating. Drinks had been flowing freely all night and Sofia appeared to have had one too many. She was working her way round the room kissing everyone – man and woman alike – much to Lincoln’s obvious jealously. Alex was last of the group; he returned the kiss enthusiastically, earning a laugh and a swat to the arm from Pam. He just grinned and gave the blushing Sofia a slight shove in the direction of Lincoln.