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Story Notes:
This takes place during 'A Touch of Love, A Touch of Tears'. The summary makes more sense if you've read that story.
Lincoln lay down on the bed, smiling lecherously. It was during moments like this that it was so apparent that he loved sex more than Alex did. Alex was more into the intimacy that they shared, although he did love sex too, but Lincoln was a bohemian when it came to carnal pleasures. Alex reveled in how responsive Lincoln was. He shed his last piece of clothing and walked up to the bed. "God Linc, what do you do to me."

Lincoln looked at Alex’s crotch. "Getting your dick up for one," he said quite cocky.

Alex laughed. "That’s not what I mean and you know it," he answered with a hoarse voice and crawled on top of Lincoln. He took his time and kissed him slowly, sucking on his lips. He let his hands wander over Lincoln’s body; his Pecs and corded thighs. "I wouldn’t know what to do without you," he whispered in between kisses, feeling strangely emotional.

Lincoln drew his hands up Alex’s flanks and over his back. The caress was loving, not at all like Lincoln’s usual passionate outbursts and Alex welcomed the change of pace.

"I’m glad you’re home," Lincoln muttered and Alex looked into his eyes and smiled. He could only image how much Lincoln had suffered while Alex was missing in Azerbaijan.

"Me too." He held Lincoln’s gaze a bit longer before he went down. He had become an expert at this. His ability to suck cock was fine-tuned to Lincoln's needs and he really got off on it too. Lincoln’s cock begged for attention; big, broad and meaty it was engorged and red. Alex took it in his hand and winked at Lincoln who moaned the moment Alex touched him there. He let his finger trail the throbbing vein, down across the familiar heavy sack and then he cupped the entire package in his hand. This was his, his lover. He settled between Lincoln’s legs; gliding his hand to Lincoln’s hip while the other still held his cock.

Alex licked at a few drops of pre-come, God he loved the taste, and took the head of Lincoln’s cock between his lips. He sucked softly and let his tongue swirl. "Fuck," Lincoln moaned and his hands landed on Alex’s head. Lincoln never pushed, but let his fingers tangle in Alex’s hair, pushing and urging in an entirely different manner.

Alex reached for the lube, his mouth still on Lincoln, and squeezed out a generous amount. He let his finger wander to Lincoln’s entrance and pushed in. Only then did he start to suck in earnest, taking Lincoln’s nine inch dick all the way to the back of his throat. At the same time, he used his finger to intensify the sensations Lincoln was feeling. They both moaned when Alex hit Lincoln’s prostate.

Alex slurped from bottom to tip and let go. He searched out Lincoln’s eyes and found they were still right on him. Alex held the gaze, smirked and let his tongue slip into the slit of the weeping head. He pressed a second finger into Lincoln’s ass.

Lincoln’s chest was heaving, his legs trembling and Alex used his other hand to work on Lincoln’s sack. He swallowed once more all around Lincoln’s dick and grew harder at the sounds that Lincoln made.

"Alex… uh… fuck." Lincoln started babbling and cursing, a sure sign he was going to come. Alex pulled back and pressed down on the base of Lincoln’s hard dick.

"Sshh, not yet," he whispered. He nearly came himself seeing Lincoln like this. "Turn around; I want to take you slow and deep."

Lincoln closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He visibly tried to control himself, a soft keen escaped his mouth when he exhaled. Lincoln turned as Alex sat back to give him some room to get on all fours and pulled a pillow under his chest. It wasn’t a position they used much, because Lincoln wasn’t the most natural submissive man in the world and liked to keep eye contact when he bottomed, but when they did… Alex parted Lincoln’s cheeks. His aim was red and slicked up from Alex’s earlier administrations and he fought the urge to dive right in. He quickly picked up the lube and spread it on his cock.

"Fuck Alex, get to it will you!" Lincoln groused impatiently and Alex smiled, he could remember a time when Lincoln wasn’t that eager to get cock up his ass.

Alex positioned himself and slowly slid in. He loved to watch his dick disappear into Lincoln’s pliant body. He forced himself to take his time even though he wanted to start fucking him hard and dirty. When he was completely sheathed, he blanketed Lincoln’s back and hugged him against his chest. He softly kissed Lincoln’s neck. "This is perfect," he whispered into Lincoln’s ear. It wasn’t only the sex; with Lincoln it was everything he had ever hoped for. It was perfect, it was…

He took a moment to enjoy the feeling of Lincoln’s warm body around his cock, against his chest. He’d come so close to never having this again. Lincoln grabbed one of Alex’s hands and dragged it down to his groin, letting him feel how hard he was, how his cock was leaking. It was a not so subtle reminder of what Lincoln wanted from him now. "Alex, come on," Lincoln rumbled, his body vibrated around Alex’s dick.

Alex squeezed Lincoln’s cock and his lover shuddered.

"I will, right here." Alex said and he pulled back a little to shove back in. He let go of Lincoln’s cock and raised himself to start fucking. His eyes went down to his own hard, glistening cock again, fucking Lincoln’s ass. His slow strokes turned from leisurely to hard and Lincoln moaned again as Alex hit him in just the right spot. Alex loved this. There was nothing like fucking Lincoln, having that broad back underneath him, being inside this powerful, big man. His fingers dug deep into Lincoln’s hips and he pulled him towards him a bit more, angling to go for maximum depth. Lincoln’s breath hitched simultaneously with his.

"Harder, your dick..." Lincoln ground out, out of breath. Alex complied, pulled out almost to the tip and slammed back in. That was his undoing, he couldn’t wait any longer. The rhythm of in and out became frantic, fevered. He wanted to draw it out, but felt his balls tighten.

"Linc, oh God Lincoln..." He mumbled as his right hand went down to work on Lincoln’s hard-on. It took only a few tugs and Lincoln went over the edge, spraying the sheets. Alex couldn’t hold back anymore when his cock was squeezed so thoroughly and came deeply inside his lover.

He fell down on Lincoln’s back, exhausted, but still found the strength to turn them to their sides. He didn’t slip out; he didn’t want to, he just wanted to stay connected a little bit longer. He could see them in the small closet mirror, heaving and sweat soaked. Lincoln’s eyes found Alex’s again, right in the glass.

"Don’t ever do that to me again, Alex." Lincoln said with a quivering voice, still out of breath.

Alex kissed Lincoln’s shoulder and caressed his chest, his nipples. "I won’t," he answered softly. They continued to caress and kiss for awhile and Alex finally slipped out of Lincoln even though he didn’t really want to.

Alex could finally fall asleep as he was meant to; with his head on Lincoln’s chest and in Lincoln’s arms. All was well; he was with Lincoln, safe.