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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: I own nothing, especially all that dialogue you recognize.
Author's Chapter Notes:
I'm not *entirely* sure where this one's going, but I DO promise a MiSa happy ending. I'll add a warning for character death if it comes up, but I'm not specifically planning on it at this point. As always, all concrit is warmly welcome. Enjoy!

In one life, a man sees a pretty woman at an NA meeting. He’s seen her before, of course, and he’s been looking for an opportunity to talk to her. Tonight, Brad Bellick is going to get his chance. He’s got a Red Lobster gift card in his pocket and something to talk about. Sara’s looking for a job where she can do some good, and he happens to know just the place. So he walks up to her and tells her about the opening at Fox River. She’s instantly lit up by the idea, but it isn’t enough to make her want to go out with him. And, go figure, she gets the job, so he has to see the woman who rejected him nearly every day at work. Eventually, he even loses his job over the whole thing when she gets all hot and bothered over a damn con and aids in his escape.

But in this life, Bellick chickens out at that NA meeting and doesn’t tell Sara about the job at Fox River, or even talk to her, at all…
Chapter End Notes:
Thanks for reading....the two paragraphs. So go hit next for the real first chapter!