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Story Notes:
The characters arenīt mine.
Author's Chapter Notes:
I would have loved to see some Michael and son scenes in Prison Break, but the writers didnt give that to us. :(
Donīt kiss and tell

„Dad“, twelve year old Michael Scofield Junior walked over to the garage where his father was waiting for him. Michael looked up at his son.

“What is it like to kiss a girl”, he asked. Father and son climbed into the car. Michael Jr. wore new jeans and a matching shirt. His hair was short but a little curly. He had a wrapped package in his right hand.

“Is it because of the birthday party?” The kid fastened his seat belt and leaned back. “Yeah.”

Michael started the engine. “No one expects you to kiss a girl there. It is just a party, Mikey. Maybe youīll be asked to dance. You know how to dance, right?”

The car left the garage. Michael Jr. inhaled deeply. “Mom showed me. But I heard things about teenager parties.” Michael looked at his son. “Itīs nothing to worry about, Mike. How old is that girl turning?”

“13 and her name is Jessica.” Michael Jr. looked out of the window now. “If she asks me to play īSeven seconds in heavenī Iīll do.” Michael thought about the game and as he remembers it he smiled. Two kids are locked up in a closet and have seven seconds to talk or more likely to kiss without being watched by others. When had his son become a teenager? Wasnīt it just yesterday when he drove him to his first day in kindergarten? He looked at Michael Jr. who still looked out of the window. Was he embarrassed?

“Kissing a girl is great when you really like that girl”, Michael explained.

“I like her”, Michael Jr. confessed and looked at his father. He wasnīt really embarrassed.

They were almost at the girlīs house. Michael didn’t know what to say next and just waited for his son to talk.

“Will you tell mom about it?”

“Want me to”, Michael replied.

“I donīt know”, he said, “probably not.” When his sister Katherine was born, 5-year-old Michael Jr. learned about the birds and bees. A speech given by his father since his mother hadnīt felt that comfortable. Michael Jr. was her baby for so long and he still was to her.

“Weīre there”, Michael said and parked the car at the front of the house. Michael Jr. got out of the car and closed the door behind him.

“Have fun. Iīm gonna pick you up at 10.”

Michael Jr. waved his hand and nodded. When he entered the girlīs house, Michael drove home.


Michael waited outside when his son emerged from the house. He could see that he looked happy. When he entered the car, Michael couldnīt wait to ask one of the most burning questions. He hadnīt stopped thinking about his sonīs first kiss. When Sara had asked what he was thinking about he had just said: “Nothing important”. But it was important to him. His son was becoming a man and tonight would be the first step. A kiss could be just a kiss or the beginning of a relationship. Not too serious of course. He was a 12-year-old kid after all. But Michael Scofield Senior would be damned if he wasnīt proud as hell.

His son sat next to him on the passenger’s seat and wait to be driven home.

“How was it buddy? Did you kiss her”, he asked nonchalantly.

Michael Jr. instantly blushed. There were still other kids waiting for their parents and the boy was sure that some of the kids had heard his fatherīs last question.

“Dad”, he said, “can we drive home, please?”

“Sure, son”, his father replied and started the engine. They drove a few minutes in silence when Michael turned to his son to repeat his question. Before he could even get the first words out, Michael Jr. said smiling: “I wonīt kiss and tell.”
Chapter End Notes:
Thanks for reading.