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Summary: MiSa! 8D Michael and Lincoln own a scuba and surf shop on an island in Hawaii. Michael is resident party boy and Casanova but he does not enjoy sex as much as everyone thinks he does, until he meets the right girl.

Sara has just come out of a bad relationship and escapes to Hawaii to live out her passion - surfing. She rides the waves to sort out her mind and sort through the bad break up she had but gets pursued by the islands ladies man, Michael Scofield.

The beach attracts many unwanted types, and as Michael’s parties get more famous, he experiences the arrival of nasty bikers and people who just want to cause trouble and wind up the locals.

Will these people leave? Can Michael’s charms win over Sara? Will she see him for his reputation, or is there more to this party boy? Can Michael change his boyish ways? Will they fall for each other and if they do, is it the real thing?
Rated: NC-17
Categories: Alternate Universe Characters: Agent Alexander Mahone, Agent Paul Kellerman, C-Note, Debra Jean Belle, Fernando Sucre, Gretchen Morgan, Haywire, Hector Avila, Lincoln Burrows, Maricruz Delgado, Maytag, Michael Scofield, Nika Volek, Nurse Katie, Original Character(s), Roland Glenn, Sara Tancredi, Seth, Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell, Tweener, Veronica Donovan
Genres: Angst, Drama, Family, Fluff, Friendship, PWP/Smut, Romance, Tragedy
Pairing: Kellerman and Sara, Lincoln and Veronica, Michael and Gretchen, Michael and Sara
Warnings: Character Death, Drugs/Drug Use, Extreme Language, Graphic Violence, Kink, Original Characters, Racism, Rape, Sexual Situations, Work In Progress
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Completed: No
Word count: 4827 Read: 5332
Published: May 01, 2009 Updated: June 28, 2009
Story Notes:
I have run out of ideas for two of my stories, not The Young and Beautiful Lives but the other two so I thought I'd post another idea.

1. A New Day by Jade [ - ] (1655 words)
I hope you want me to continue after this

2. Lunch by Jade [ - ] (1722 words)

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