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Story Notes:
I have run out of ideas for two of my stories, not The Young and Beautiful Lives but the other two so I thought I'd post another idea.
Author's Chapter Notes:
I hope you want me to continue after this
The sun came through the blinds into the bedroom and the beach side breeze blew in gently to wake Michael. He slowly opened his eyes and then felt a body move beside him, he looked and saw the pretty young girl from last night. Her hair was flowing over the pillow in blonde shimmering ripples. The barely there sheet that covered her laying over her slim curves. She was still sleeping. Michael had not really wanted her to stay after they finished but he let her out of kindness. He rubbed his eyes and then sat up going to the kitchen to get some juice. He sighed, last night was just like all of the others. He fucked the girl, she loved it but he was bored, he didn’t come. He never came. He was widely known as Casanova around this area, good in bed, the girls would tell their girlfriends. Of course he was good in bed, he was Casanova of the Beaches but he never got anything out of it. He was a legend sure, he was a proper party guy and the girls just flocked around him. He looked at his schedule for today and realised it was Nika’s birthday and he had arranged a party for her on the beach as usual. He had jet skis and banana boats, Para gliders and speed boat trips up to the nearest island where the party continued into the night. Life was good on this Hawaiian island, he and his brother owned a scuba and surf shop and Michael was the events organiser for the surfers and party people who had seemed to flock to this area.

He heard the girl from last night stir in his bedroom. Then he heard her bare feet patting on his floorboards. He closed his eyes, he really hated this part when he had to be rude. She came and wrapped her arms around his bare waist and kissed him on the neck.
“Good morning” she whispered.
“I gotta get to work Lacy”
“Its Lucy” she stepped back offended.
“Whatever, get dressed, get out, thanks for last night.”
“Well when they said you were great in bed they forgot to mention you had no manners!” she spat and pulled on her clothes
“Not always, sweetheart, only when they think they’re my girlfriend because we fucked the night before!” He replied and she stropped out of his home, slamming his door. Immediately Michael’s phone rang. He answered.

“Charming as always Michael,” Lincoln said on the other end. His brother lived next door to him and had obviously seen the girl leave. “I take it you didn’t blow your load.”
“No, man, is there something wrong with me?” Michael asked and leaned over his work top, running a hand over his face, fed up with this problem.
“Maybe it’s a case of too much sex and your dick just can’t take it. It refuses to give you the finish you‘re looking for.”
“I should have expected that from you.” Michael smiled.
“Get your ass to work, I need you to open up.”
“You want the details? Ah, V, easy”
“You called me when V’s blowing you? Dude!” Michael yelled and then with a laugh, Lincoln hung up. He shook his head. It was early for V but that usually meant they’d been up all night.

Michael walked to his shower room, turned it on and stepped right under, letting the lukewarm water cascade over him in cleansing torrents. He leaned his hands on the blue tiles and went over last night. What could he try next time to get himself off? He wondered, he hits their spot every time but he just knows he’s not going to come. They scream and whimper under his touch and every thrust but he’s just waiting for it to be over so he can ask them to leave or go to sleep. He hit the shower button and the water stopped. He stared at a droplet dripping down his tiles, like it had an errand to run, he smiled and then shook his head and continued with his routine. He dried off and then rubbed moisturiser into his face and lotion over his body. He liked to take care of himself, he then proceeded to make himself his healthy morning shake. It didn’t taste nice but it was good for his skin and helped him stay focussed throughout the morning. He drank it down, washed up the glass and then brushed his teeth. He pulled on his beach shorts and flip flops, sprayed on some deodorant and aftershave and then he stepped out into the blazing sun of this beautiful island. He placed his shades on his face and then walked towards their beach side scuba and surf shop.

“Hey, Michael, great night last night, dude.” he looked around and saw his good friend Jarrett, he was all ready for his morning surf with the new board he bought from them. He was quite popular with the girls, they liked his hair, dark brown, long to his shoulders, his eyes were huge and blue, his skin was olive and his smile was what they called ‘sweet’ but Michael just thought his smile was sort of boyish. Jarrett was no Casanova though. He was attractive, Michael knew that, but he could be a little shy sometimes. Jarrett set himself down on the beach, he always watched the waves for a moment before he set out on them. “How’d it go with that girl last night?” Jarrett asked.
“The usual.”

“Really bro? Man, that sucks, I’m sorry.”
“No, man, its cool, how are you and Nika doing?”
“You saw us last night?”
“Hell yeah, I saw you working your charm, don’t even think about taking my place as Hawaii’s resident ladies man!” Michael teased.
“Hey, that titles all yours. I like Nika, she’s sweet. I guess you’ve already been there, though, right?” he asked and Michael looked down, of course he had. He looked out to the sea and saw that Sucre and some others were already out there hitting it. It was best to start early in the day.
“See you later, bro.” Michael said and unlocked his shop. He stepped in and went out the back to where his and Linc’s boards were. He really felt like tearing up the waves but he had to work. His and Linc’s boards were mid-price range, he was happy with his though, he had it customised. His board was yellow and on it was a purple heart but it was broken. He didn’t know why he asked that to go on there, he could have thought of so many better designs but he was due a new board soon anyway. This one was tired.

“Bro!” he heard outside and it was Lincoln coming in, followed by Jarrett. “You gotta check out this chick heading this way, she’s all suited up in O’Neil shit, her boards gotta be over a fucking grand and the whole of it probably adds over a couple grand!” he said.
“And she’s hot?” Michael asked.
“Hell yeah and she’s gotta be good at surfing if she throws out that amount of money for it!” Jarrett said.
“Maybe she’s just rich, if we had that sort of money, we’d fucking buy all the best shit!” Michael said and then silence filled the shop as the girl came in. she was looking at the boards they had on sale and Lincoln quickly went behind the counter. Jarrett leaned against it and they all watched the beautiful redhead browsing through the shop.
“She aint from around here, she wont know who you are or what you’re like. You’re gonna tap that, right, bro?” Lincoln asked.
“What do you think?” Michael replied with a cheeky grin.

“I don’t know, man, she looks kinda snobby.” Jarrett said.
“Yeah, Mike, she’s probably a prude.” Linc added. The beautiful girl looked in their direction as she heard whispering going on. She ignored them and continued around the shop. “This shits way below the prices she usually spends, what the hells she doing?” Linc asked as she picked up some board wax and headed for the counter. Jarrett moved away.
“I’m hitting the waves, I’ll see you guys later.” he said and hurried out. Michael leaned towards the counter, bringing his most charming smile to his face.
“Anything else?” he asked.

“No thanks, just that.” she replied.
“You don’t want my number? I’m hurt, lady.”
“First of all it isn’t ‘lady’ its Sara-” he went to open his mouth to introduce himself but she silenced him with a holding up of her hand. “second of all, I know exactly who you are, Michael Scofield and I know your reputation so don’t try your charms on me, it wont work.”
“What are you a dyke?” he asked and she snatched up her purchase and slammed the cash on the counter before leaving. Michael smiled. He liked that.

“Wow, she’s a bossy one. I think she digs you.” Lincoln said but Michael ignored him and watched her through their open doors, waxing up her board on the beach. Her hair glinting in its auburn wonder in the rising sun, her skin shiny from the heat. She scooped up her long locks and pulled them into a hair tie. She lifted up her board and ran towards the ocean. Michael left his position at the counter and walked outside. He watched as she launched into the waves and paddled out, waiting for a good one. He was smiling watching as she hitched herself up and rode her board so gracefully and confidently over them.
Chapter End Notes:
PLease let me know if you want me to continue this or any concrit would be helpful thanks