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Chapter 27- Shattered Hearts

I was never a girl use trusted very well as you can see. For the longest time after my parents died it was pretty much just me, living in a big house with people who didn’t really want me there. I thought it was better this way, there was no way anyone could hurt me if I refused to get close to anyone.

The pain of losing your parents at such a young age is like no other pain and it was like no pain I ever wanted to experience ever again. Since that day, I never let anyone get close to me or someone I get close too. That is until I allowed myself to get close to Michael.

After what happen at Prom I felt so betrayed and hurt, I found myself back tracking to the girl I was before we started. The closed off girl trusting nobody, counting on nobody but myself. My Heart was shattered into a million pieces.


Sitting on her desk the phone vibrated for what did like the fiftieth time and Sara just sat on her bed on the other side of tissues surround the room. Closing her eyes she looked away from the phone, refusing to answer it knowing full well whom it was.

“Sara, It’s me… Michael. Listen you have every right to hate me; I hate what I did you. Sara I know I don’t deserve this but please I want to explain some things to you, not that there is really an excuse. Please Sara…”


With her hair tied back Sara entered the school Monday morning for the first time after prom. She walked at a quick pace avoiding all the stares and whispers as she went.

“Hey prom Queen” she heard someone yell as she got to her locker, forcing herself to ignore them.

Biting her bottom lip, Sara hugged her books tight to her chest as she opened her locker. The whispers were still behind her but she forced herself not to let them get to her. Placing her books on the shelf she reminded herself that in just a couple of weeks she would be out of this stupid school.

As Michael entered the school he got a mixed reaction from people. Some came up to him and were patting him on the back, while others glared at him in disgust. He pushed past everyone as he made his way down the hall. He could see Sara at her locker and had every intention of going to talk to her. That was until Lance stepped in front and blocked his path.

“I don’t think so, turn around” Lance told him.

“Look I just want to talk to her” Michael pleaded.

“I think everyone here already knows what you want? Listen bad boy you so much as look at her at all and I will kick your ass.” Lance threatened.

Frustrated Michael looked up at Sara and saw her looking back at him. The pain in her face expression broke his heart into more pieces that it already was. Looking back at Lance and seeing the guy wasn’t going to let him pass, Michael nodded his head.

“You know she trusted you, she let her guard down around you because she thought she saw something good in you. Do you have any idea what your betrayal did to her? She was willing to give you a chance even when the rest of us saw it as a lost cause. You blew it man and are truly not worth it.” Lance added and Michael was beginning to believe him.

Nodding his head Michael walked away deciding she needed more time and he needed to take care of a few things to end this.

“Hey man” Michael heard a familiar voice say. Turning around he saw Linc running up behind him. “So I didn’t get a chance to see you after the prom. I um I owe you this” Linc said as he held out an envelop. “The money, just like we agreed.”

Michael stared at the envelope as his mind was racing. He didn’t want the money, he wanted nothing to do with the money but without it he would never get those drug dealer off his back.

“You alright?” Linc asked as he watched the hesitation in Michael.

Michael looked up at his brother with helpless eyes and then looked down the hall at Sara and Lance. God he just wanted to throw the money away but who knows what would happen if he didn’t pay off James’ debt. “I’m fine,” Michael said as he reached out and snatched the money from Linc.

“Are you sure cause you don’t look too happy with your prize” Linc said.

“Stop! Don’t call it that!” Michael snapped.

“Whoa man” Linc said when he saw Michael’s outburst. Michael stormed off down the hall and Linc followed him. “Michael what’s wrong?”

“Why do you care?” Michael snapped.

Linc grabbed Michael by the arm and forced him to stop and look at him. “Because you’re my brother and something is obviously bothering you.”

“Just leave me alone,” Michael told him.

“You care about her huh?” Linc said and without hearing Michael’s answer he got his answer by his face.


“SARA!!!! SARA!!!” the annoying sound of her cousin’s voice could be heard throughout the house. Sara had ignored her the last ten times she had called her name but it seemed little miss princess wasn’t going to give up. Slamming her book shut she made her way to her bedroom door and threw it open.


“Well it’s about time you answered!” Jane said. “You have to do the garbage.”

“And why can’t you?” Sara snapped.

“Because I just did my nails, they’re still drying” Jane said holding her hands out flat at the nail polish was still wet and Sara rolled her eyes at her unbelievably lazy cousin.

Gathering up the garbage she head to the garage to dump the bags. As she threw them in one by one a wrapped fell to the ground. Kneeling down Sara reached for the wrapper and noticed something behind the garbage pail. As she got a closer look she saw her name on the package.

Forgetting about the wrapper Sara moved the garbage pail out of the way and picked up the big white envelopes. As she got closer look at them she saw that not only were they for her but they were her college acceptance letters. She had been waiting for these for weeks and was getting worried when they hadn’t come in the mail.

Seeing that the seal had already been open it was obvious someone had already taken a look at them. Pulling out the letters from the envelopes she saw that she was accepted to Yale, NYU, Loyola and Princeton. As the anger grew in her eyes Sara headed into the house and saw Jane sitting at the kitchen table applying more nail polish.

Looking at her cousin with disgust Sara slapped the accepted letters on the table in front of her Jane and glared at her with fury. Jane looked down at the letters and once she realized what they were she froze.

“Do you want to explain to me how these got hidden behind the garbage?” Sara asked.

“mmh” was all Jane could say as she went back to painting her nails.

“Did you hide these?” Sara asked her more clearly.

“Why would I do that?” Jane laughed.

“Did you?”

“So what if I did, I mean It’s not like you can afford to go” Jane said as she blew on her wet nails.

“BECAUSE IT”S MY BUSINESS! GOD Jane you are so selfish!” Sara said with all her anger. “Do you have nothing better to do then to ruin my life?”

“Come on you don’t have a life to ruin” Jane laughed as she glared at Sara.

Sara’s anger grew more and more as she stared at the self-centered cousin of hers. “You are such a BITCH!” Sara screamed. Jane jumped by Sara sudden outburst, she had never screamed at her like that before. With another grunt Sara stepped up to Jane and grabbed her hands.

“Wait what are you doing?” Jane asked.

“This!” Sara said as she shoved Jane’s wet nails into her hair.

Jane let out a shriek as he nails became stuck in her hair. With one last glare Sara grabbed her acceptance letters and then ran upstairs all the while hearing Jane screaming at her.