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Chapter 24 And the Games Begin

It’s pretty much every girls dream to be noticed by the cute guy at school. It sends off butterflies in your stomach every time he smiles at you. You had dreams about this moment, you’ve seen romantic movies where the average girl is able to get the attention of the cool or bad boy in school. A romance that begins and turns into the greatest love story of the decade. A story with him taking you to your high school prom and dancing with you late into the night. Teenage girls dream about their prom throughout their high school years. What they’ll wear, how their hair will look to who will be their date. It’s a great night that help prepare for the end of your high school years and who knows you could even be one of those luck girls nominated for prom queen. It could be a dream come true but hey, I never once picture myself wearing that crown.


For the next couple days Sara kept her distance from Michael at school and Lance was more then happy to tell Michael to beat it every time her came near her. Now she sat at home reading a book by the pool enjoying the silence. While sitting in the sun tanning in her bathing suit and enjoying Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead Sara heard the gate open.

Turning her head to see who was just walking in she caught sight of Michael standing by the fence with his hands in his pocket.

She glared at him for a moment and without saying a word she turned back in her seat. “What do you want?” she mumbled while looking down at her book.

With a sigh Michael slowly started to walk towards Sara and once he was in front of her and about five feet away he stopped and looked down at her. Not once did Sara look up from her book, instead she ignored him as if he hadn’t moved at all. “So um…” Michael started to say. “You’re ah reading The Fountainhead?”

Sara rolled her eyes as she turned the page with her thumb. “What do you want Michael? I doubt you came here to have some small talk about my book!”

“Your right I didn’t” he answered her as he took a seat at the end of her lounge chair. “I… I came over here to apologize. I shouldn’t have snapped at you like I did, trust isn’t an easy thing for you and I over reacted.”

Sara looked up at Michael from her book and bit her lip. It was true trust wasn’t an easy thing, for years she had been forced to count on no one but herself and she could never trust Jane and her family to do anything for her and they treated her poorly. So for a long time it had been her and her alone. Now all of a sudden Michael was here and wanting to be apart of her life and if she was honest, it terrified her completely.

“Look I don’t want to push you into anything Sara. I just thought that maybe it would be nice to go to prom together.”

Sara smiled and nodded her head, “I’m sorry I reacted like I did, I’m just not use to there not being a string attach when I do something. I should know that you would never do that to me” Sara said sincerely and this made Michael’s stomach drop because of course there was a string attached.

Clearing his throat Michael changed the subject and focused on the book Sara now had closed beside her again. “Still don’t see how you can read this and not need to get up and walk around.”

Sara could only laugh as she remembered the conversation they had had at the book fair, “I thought you were going to give it another try?” Sara teased as she waved the book in front of him.

Michael laughed as well and shook his head, “Not until you read For Whom the Bell Tolls.”

Two teenagers hung out most of the afternoon, talking about books and lounging around in the hot sun. Soon they both became pretty hot and decided to go for a swim in the cool refreshing water.

Removing his t-shirt and remaining in only his board shorts Michael took a running jump into the water and made a big splash that even got Sara wet from her spot at the edge of the pool.

When Michael resurfaced from under the water he was smiling and started to swim towards Sara. “Come in the water is great!” he told her as he reached his hands out to her.

Sara smiled and placed her hands on Michael’s shoulders and allowed his to pull her into the water slowly. At the first feel of the cool water on her body Sara let out a high-pitched squeal which made Michael chuckle. “Come on it’s not that bad” he assured her as he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and bringing her closer to him.

To his delight Sara didn’t push away, instead she held him tighter herself and giggled as Michael walked them around the pool. Their eyes connected and smiles played on both their faces. No words were spoken for a few moments, only their eyes seemed to be communicating.

“Yes!” Sara said suddenly and this made Michael raise his eyebrow. “Prom, I would love to go to prom with you!” she finished clearing up the confusion.

Michael smiled and hugged Sara tighter and spun them around. Sara laughed as she saw how excited her answered made Michael and then started to question why she had been afraid of this in the first place.

“You have no idea how happy I am that you want to!” Michael told her.

“It makes me happy too!” Sara told him and before she knew what was happening Michael was leaning closer to her and their lips touched for the first time. Surprisingly Sara didn’t feel herself pulling away; no instead she was felt herself adding to the tender kiss. Her arms wrapped tighter around him and Michael had stop walking and they stood the middle of the pool, holding each other as they deepened the kiss.

Over in the house Jane was watching from the large glass window and glared at her cousin in the pool with Fox River High’s hot bad boy. This was completely a foreign feeling to Jane, usually she got all the guys she wanted but now for some strange reason Michael Scofield was more interested in sucking on her stupid cousin’s face.

Moving over to the kitchen table Jane flipped through the mail on the table and froze when she saw a few big envelopes with Sara’s name on them. Picking them up she looked out at the two in the pool once more before picking up the big white envelopes and saw that they were in fact Sara’s collage acceptance letters. Flipping through them she had one from Yale, NYU, Loyola and Princeton. Jane gave an evil grin and then headed for the garage with the letters. If Sara was going to take a guy that she as interested then Jane wasn’t going to allow her to have the happiness of going to collage.

Without even a second thought Jane hid the acceptance letter behind the garbage and with a happy hum Jane skipped out of the garage because now Sara would never know she got in and she would remain a nobody.


The next day at school Sara strolled in the front doors and couldn’t help but noticed the students were eyeing her closely. Not very comfortable with their stares she kept her head down and let her straight auburn hair cover her face. Some of the kids were smiling at her and others said hi for the first time ever. She found it so odd, usually people just ignored her but ever since she had gotten the makeover and was friends with Michael they were paying attention to her.

Quickly making her way over to her locker, she saw Lance standing there eyeing her as well. He smiled as she got closer but she just gave him a confused look. “What? I already have to deal with everyone else in this school staring at me please don’t you start!”

Lance raised his brow and leaned against the lockers beside Sara as she placed book in her top shelf. “So when were you going to tell me you were in the running?” he asked. “I’m your best friend this is something you should run by me!”

“Running for what?” she asked his with a confused look on her face.

Looking at her and her confusion Lance realized she didn’t know. “About prom queen!” Turing to the group of students walking by he grabbed a prom queen poster off one of the kids and held it in front of her. “You’ve been nominated for Prom Queen!”

Sara’s eyes went wide as she grabbed the poster out of his hand to read it. She couldn’t believe it out of the five girls chosen she was one of them. Someone had put her name in for possible prom queen.