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Chapter 8- Not a Victim

(Sara's pov)
People talk about hearing a little voice in the back of their head when we experience different things especially when it involves something that doesn’t feel right. It’s our conscious we hear that telling us to stay way or that something isn’t right about the situation. Something happens or people who don’t usually associate with curtain people out of the blue want to talk. You can hear that voice telling you tell run and not to listen to a word they say because this isn’t a norm. We feel conflicted not sure if we should listen to our conscious or to believe what isn’t norm is possible.

We flee, listening to our conscious telling us to stay away because the outcome is less painful then the alternative. Fear of the truth makes us obey our conscious because other agendas may be involved and we could get hurt.


Following another uneventful day at school Sara packed up all her books and belongings into her bag and headed for the entrance of the school. Ignoring all the students and voices around her she pulled her blue sweater tighter around herself as she made her way to the front door and outside. She watched as many of the students left in their cars with their friends as she strolled over to the tree just to the left of the school and took a seat. Taking out her copy of the “Godfather” she sat down and settled against the tree comfortably. There were a number of students hanging around the same area but neither them nor Sara paid attention to the other. While she sat there minding her own business and reading her book she felt a strange feeling wash over like she was being watched or something.

Looking up she at the people around her she tried to see if anyone was watching her but no one seem to stand out. Going back to her reading Sara fixed her glasses and got resettled against the tree. As she continued her reading she suddenly felt more shaded then she did a couple minutes ago and being watched for sure this time. With a little hesitation she slowly looked up and the person standing there. Her heart was pounding in fear and she also felt annoyed while she looked at him. His over confident smirk, messy greasy long messy hair, tattoo arms standing over her.

“Hey” he said in a somewhat nice tone that actually caught her off guard because the last time she had a run in with the jerk Michael Scofield he was horrible to her and Lance.

She glared at him for a few seconds and then as if to pretend he didn’t exist Sara resumed reading her book. She hoped he would get the message that she didn’t want to get in to it again. He didn’t seem to get the message as he remained in his spot staring down at her.

“Sara right?” he said with the smirk still on his face. She said nothing to acknowledge that she heard him speak as she kept her head down. “Um you speak English right?”

With a groan Sara slammed her book shut. “Go away” she snapped as she got to her feet. “Oh good you do! Now listen I was thinking that maybe…” but before he could finish Sara has collected her bag and walked off. “Leave me here so humiliated” he finished in complete shock that she had walked away from him like he was nothing.

Keeping her fast pace Sara left the school property and headed home where she could get away from the world and people like Michael Scofield who take great pleasure in making others miserable. She could hear footsteps tapping against the sidewalk as they got closer and she could tell they were running. She felt her heart start to pound. She was on a deserted street one she only took because is a short cut home. Holding on to her bag that was full of books she tightly griped the straps ready to swing the bag if the person made any move towards her. The footsteps were getting louder and louder and when she felt the person’s hand on her shoulder she whipped her bag around and hit the guy in the stomach.

Watching him fall with a groan she caught sight of his face, Michael Scofield. “What the hell was that for?” he yelled at her.

“Why are you following me?” Sara growled ignoring his last question.

Getting to his feet and brushing of the dirt he said, “Because you walked away from me when I tried to talk to you back at the school.”

“Look what ever your up to I don’t want any part of it you son of a bitch!” Sara yelled before turning on her heels and walking away

“Wow you have quite the mouth on you” Michael said as he put his hand on her shoulder to stop her.

“Don’t touch me!” Sara yelled and slapped his hand away from her.

Putting his hands up to give her a little space he watched as she took a few steps away from his but kept glaring at him like he was the enemy. “Okay calm down, I just want to talk.”

“Talk” Sara scoffed. “Since when does Michael Scofield just want to talk, your main goal in life is to see how many people you can bully around and how you’ll get high to celebrate it! I will not be your victim.” she snapped at him.

“Oh so you think you have me all figured out huh?” Michael yelled back at her. “You know nothing about me!”

“And what you think you know me and that I enjoy the way you treat me and others like we’re objects for your sick enjoyment! You’re a jerk Michael now leave me alone!” she yelled at him. Michael was in too much shock to respond as Sara let out a huff and then turned on her feet and left heading home and away from Michael.


The next day at school Michael had tried countless of time to approach Sara as well as make sure his friends didn’t see him. He had yet to tell them about the deal he had made with Lincoln and until he did he didn’t want any rumors about why he was talking with the loner Sara Tancredi.

He had waited for her on the sidewalk in the same place they talk the day before knowing it was the way she walked to school but she just pretended he wasn’t there and kept walking. He followed her to the library during lunch knowing no one he hung out with would be caught dead in the library. When he tried to sit at the same table with her she would quickly gather up he stuff and go somewhere else.

By the end of the day he was still where he started and he was getting really frustrated with her. After school Michael stood against the wall of the school smoking a cigarette waiting for Lincoln to explain his progress or lack of it was more like it.

When Lincoln caught sight of Michael he split from the other soccer players and wondered over to him hoping he had good news. “So…”

“The kid won’t give in” Michael spat out as he brushed his messy hair out of his eyes.

“What so you have nothing?” Linc said panicking that things were not going to be taken care of.

“Listen I need something to go by something about her that I can use to catch her interest because as of now she isn’t giving me a second glance so get me something” Michael told him.

“Like what?”

“I don’t know, have Jane give you some ideas about what she likes and that I can use as a stepping stone because as of right now Jane is going to have an unwanted party guest at her party” Michael told him as he took another puff of the cigarette.