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Chapter 7- The Art of a Deal

(Sara's pov)

No one is ever completely satisfied in life; there is always something that could make it better. Our goals in life are to have it all and be happy and we will sometimes go to great mean to make it happen. When others have something we want, need or that could help us we will try to persuade them give it to us. This is the art of a deal made between two or more people, both having something the other desires. We usually don’t care about the others motives as long as we get what we want, what we need. We make deals with people everyday some smaller then others that we don’t really think about it. Yet some deals made between people do, in fact it can involve other people that we just see as pawns in getting what we want. They’re feelings are not taken into consideration in the agreement as long as we are happy. You don’t think to much of the consequences that go along with the deal and neither do you take into consideration how one simple agreement can change everything, your look on life, your mind, heart, the way you see that individual who was once just your pawn in a deal.


After his first attempt to convince Michael to go along with his plan failed Linc knew he had to make this more of a business deal and keep personal problems out of it. Standing on the in front lawn of the school leaning against a tree he waited for Michael’s car to pull up into the parking lot. Glancing at his watch he saw it was about 7:45am and class would be starting in fifteen minutes. When he heard the sound of loud pumping music Linc looked over to see Jane in her red sporty convertible pulling into the parking lot laughing with Trishanne, Nika and Caroline. When they spotted Linc the girls waved and called out to him. They hopped out of the car together and started to make their way over to him.

“So any luck?” Trishanne asked.

“Not quite but I’m still working on it” he told them as he looked down and dug his foot into the dry dirk. “We had a bit of a family reunion and didn’t quite get to the deal yet.”

Jane looked a bit worried as Linc’s attempt to get his brother to help distract Sara wasn’t going to be an easy task. Biting her lip she tried to think of other ways to keep Sara away and glanced over as the school bus that pulled up to the front of the school and Sara stepping out of it. She was wearing big overalls and her hair tied back in a ponytail. The glasses she wore were too big for her face and it was all you could really see of her. As she walked everyone around her just pushed by her like she wasn’t even there but Sara didn’t seem to bothered as she kept walking and reading her book. “Well hopefully you can convince your brother because I’m not letting that anywhere near my party.”

“Relax I’ll take care of it” Linc told her with a smile. Jane felt herself blush as she and the girl waved bye and headed inside the school. After watching them leave Linc turned and watched as Sara took a seat on the other side of the lawn under another tree to read her book and not paying any attention to those around her much like that didn’t pay attention to her. Hearing the sound of a loud engine approaching the school he turned his head to the left and caught sight of Michael getting out of his car followed by Sucre and the hot goth chick known as Gretchen.

Taking a deep breath Linc clapped his hands together once for encouragement that this was it and then strolled over to Michael and the others as they headed up to the school. “Michael!” he heard himself call out as got closer to the gang. He notice Michael stop and he seemed shocked that Linc was even talking to him especially with so many people to witness it. “Listen we got off to a bad start last night” Linc started to say.

“Really, I thought it was pretty good for our family” Michael grunted. Beside him Gretchen laughed and clung to Michael’s tattooed arm trying so desperately to get Michael to notice her.

“Can we talk and this time leave out our screwed up family problems?” Linc asked. He watched as Michael thought about it and once he got a nod from his brother he watched as he pulled Gretchen off his arm and left her standing there with Sucre looking very annoyed. Turning to follow Michael back over to the tree he was standing under not more then ten seconds ago Linc watched as Michael pulled out another cigarette.

Flipping his hair out of his eyes he looked at his older brother waiting for him to continue with what ever he wanted to talk about as Michael lit his cigarette. “So what is it?”

“Are you interested in making some extra cash?”

Michael pulled the cigarette away from his lips to let out a puff of smoke as he stared at his brother, “How, you don’t have any money?”

Linc nodded his head and stepped in front of Michael to stop him from walking off before they could come to an agreement. “I know but I know people who do.”


“Jane” Linc answered.

“That freaky spoiled bitch? What the hell do you want Linc I’m not doing some rich bitches chores” Michael grunted.

“Look Michael I have a way that you can make some extra cash for what ever you spend your money on if you do something for us. It will be the easiest $75 you have ever made.”

“I’m not selling you drugs,” Michael told him.

“This isn’t about drugs, I need you to keep a curtain individual occupied next Friday night” Linc told him.


“Sara Tancredi” Linc answered.

“I don’t know any Sara Tancredi” Michael told him, as he shook is head.

“Okay” Linc said as he looked around for Sara who was no longer under the tree. Quickly glancing around the school ground he tried to spot her which wasn’t easy but when he finally did he found he at the top of the school front steps talking to the gay guy but couldn’t remember his name to if his life depended on it. “Her” he said as she pointed up at Sara.

Michael turned around to see who Lincoln was looking at and then started to laugh, “You’re fucking joking right? I’m not spending my Friday night with that freak!”

“Seventy bucks an hour” Linc offered looking as desperate as hell.

“Why do you need someone to keep her busy?” Michael asked.

“Jane’s having a party and well she doesn’t want HER around” Linc told him.

“Why would she be around Jane’s anyway?”

“Sara’s her cousin” Linc said a little unsure if he had just given away too much information. The last thing Jane wanted was everyone knowing and now that Michael knew he could tell the whole school if he wanted to.

“No fucking way” Michael said in disbelief as he took another glance at the loner who he now knew as Sara Tancredi.

“Please Michael, we have even agreed to give you half up front” Linc begged.

“So let me get this straight you want me to take her out to a movie or something just to keep her away from Jane’s party? How long are we talking?”

“Um six, seven hours probably”

“Okay so if I take her for dinner that’s about fifty bucks alone then the movie which costs about ten bucks but we also need popcorn and shit so that’s about fifty bucks so that rounds up to about lets say hundred and twenty bucks alone”

“That doesn’t equal a hundred and twenty,” Linc argued as he did the math.

“Well it does if you want this done so a hundred and twenty for the date and then seventy-five bucks an hour,” Michael offered.

“NO WAY!” Linc said firmly using hand signal to show he didn’t agree with the terms.

“Fine I hope Jane had likes that the nights gossip will be about her unknown cousin?” Michael said and he watched as Linc frantically tried to think of away to make this work. With a nod Michael took one last puff of his cigarette and then tossed it on the ground and started to walk away.

“Okay! Alright!” Linc called out and Michael had a smirk on his face and he turned back around to face Linc. “Fine, a hundred and twenty for the date and seventy-five dollars an hour but only if you can convince Sara to go out with you by the end of the week, deal?” Linc said as he stuck out his hand to shake on it

“Deal” Michael mumbled and then turned and left Linc holding his hand out as he headed inside the school.

Chapter End Notes:
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