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Chapter 6- Brothers Broken Bond

(Sara’s pov)

When you’re a small child there is no other person in the world that one looks up then their siblings. As a baby your watch how your older sibling interacts with others and see how they act. By the age of one your goal is to be like them and as you take your first steps all you want to do is follow them. As a person grows so does the bond between them and it’s a unique bond like no other .The bond is precious and one that needs to be nurtured just like any other relationship or the outcome is a horrible picture. As you grow you can learn to look out for each other and help the other because when it comes to family matters they know exactly what you’re going through because they are experiencing that same thing. A parents separation is a troubling time and in some cases the kids are forgotten within the fight and leaving them to lean on each other for support.

When your parent break the promise of always being there for you when they walk out the door the last thing you need is for you sister or brother to do the same thing. When the people you trust most in the world turn their back on you it can be unbearable and you feel as if that special on bond as been shattered like a piece of glass when it hits a hard rock. You feel alone in the world and can’t get yourself to trust again because the pain of watching that one person leaving was too hard. The bond is broken and it feels like you’ll never be able to pick up the pieces and try and build it again.


Sitting on the wall of the front steps in the far left corner Michael leaned against the schools red brick wall and reached into his leather jacket to pull out a cigarette and lighter. Holding the cigarette between his lips he raised his hand to help block the wind as he lit the end with his lighter. When he took that fist puff he pushed his long mess hair away form his face and felt his insides relax, as it had been more then two hours since his last smoke and his last period test didn’t help much to take away the craving.

As he sat their with his one leg hanging down the side he heard Sucre exiting the school chatting up some girls in spanish and Michael had a pretty good idea they had no idea what he was saying to them but that didn’t stop them from giggling annoyingly at his every word. Spotting Michael sitting on the wall Sucre said goodbye to the girls and as they walked away he couldn’t help stare at their asses and imagine what he could do to them and couldn’t stop himself from smiling.

“There ain’t no way you’ll get up in that Sucre!” Michael laughed.

“Oh yeah, just you watch” Sucre yelled back feeling pretty confidant.

With her books held closes to her chest Sara and Lance pushed open the front doors of the school and stepped out in to the warm spring breeze as they talked about their American history class. Neither her nor Sucre were paying much attention but as he was making his way over to Michael he bumped right into her and she lost hold of her books and went tumbling into the wall Michael just happen to be sitting on herself and bumped her head.

“HEY WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING!” Sucre yelled at her.

Wincing in pain Sara brought her hand up to touch the back her head and felt something wet. Pulling her hand away she realized she was bleeding. This was just what she needed. Fixing her hair to cover the spot that was bleeding she slowly got to her feet and fixed her glasses.

“I thought glasses were suppose to help you see?” Sucre taunted and both him and Michael started to laugh.

Lance had reached down to help by picking up Sara’s books and heard Sucre to go on teasing her. “Hey shut up you ran into her!” he yelled.

“Oh yeah and who are you?” Sucre growled as he shoved Lance against the wall. “I wasn’t fucking talking to you!”

“Who are you the boyfriend because dude I thought you played for the other team and well as far as we know even though it’s hard to tell she’s a girl” Michael laughed pointing at Sara as he blew smoke into her face causing her to start coughing when she inhaled the smoke.

“Shut up!” Lance yelled at Michael. “And you get your fucking druggie hand off me!” Lance yelled as he shoved Sucre back and made him loose his balance and tripped down a few of the front steps.

“Hey you fucking ass whole!” Michael yelled, dropping his cigarette bud on the ground he jumped off the wall and lunged at Lance. Sucre quickly got to his feet as well and joined in the fight and throwing punched at Lance. By this time there was a crowd of people circling the fight and chanting while Sara yelled and pleaded for them to stop.

Suddenly Sara felt herself being pushed out of the way as four of the school security came over and pulled the guys off each other. The one security guard yelled telling them they all had detention and if he caught any of them fighting against he would have them suspended and ordered the rest of the students to leave the school premises immediately.

“Are you okay?” Sara asked in a worried tone as she checked his busies and black eye.

“I’m fine” Lance said before leaving Sara to follow the security back into the school along with Michael and Sucre for their detention.

In detention hall there were about ten kids in the room including Michael and Sucre who sat at the back of the class quietly talking to each other and tossing crumpled up pieces of paper at the back of Lance’s head who sat near the front and at the farthest desk possible from them. As another one hit his head Lance bit his lips and tried to prevent himself from turning around and yelling at the two jerks. He hoped that if he didn’t acknowledge them they would get board and stop but that didn’t seem to be the case. “Quit it!” he yelled as he turned and glared at the two.

“Alright that’s enough! I want complete silence for the next fifteen minutes!” the teacher who was supervising the detention hall yelled as he started to walk down the rows of desks.

Finally when the timer went off to end detention they all got up from their seat. Lance was the first one out of the class wanting to desperately miss running into Michael and Sucre while he left. Stepping into the hallway he saw Sara stand up from her spot on the floor against the lockers and make her way over to him. “You didn’t have to wait Sara” Lance told her although he was happy she did.

“I needed to see if you were okay,” Sara told him.

“Oh look his girlfriend waited for him, isn’t that sweet” Michael laughed as he punched Sucre in the arm playfully.

“Go away!” Sara growled at him.

“Oh well aren’t we feisty” Sucre laughed as him and Michael pushed past Sara and Lance and headed for the school exit.

“See yea tomorrow man” Sucre called out as he took off down the school steps.

After watching him leave Michel pushed his messy hair out of his eyes and reached into his pocket for another cigarette. Leaning against the wall he lit it and took his first puff. While he stood there he heard people leaving the school and then spotted Lincoln who was probably just finished soccer practice. The two made eye contact for a second before Michael looked away to take another puff.

Linc said bye to his friends and once they were gone he strolled over to his estranged brother. “You know smoking is bad for you” was all Linc could think to say.

“Gee that’s some great brotherly advice how about get lost and leave me alone!” Michael snapped back.

“Shut up Michael you’re not as tough as you think you are. The messy greasy hair, black clothing, tattooed body, the drugs and smoking doesn’t make you tough,” Linc said.

“Bite me” Michael snapped as he pushed his back off the wall and headed down the steps of the school. Flipping his messy hair out of his eyes he left the cigarette in between his lips and stuffed his hands into his leather jacket not daring to look back at his so called brother while walking down the steps.

Rolling his eye Linc knew that the favor he needed Michael to do wasn’t going to be as easy as he first thought. “Look Michael lets just forget for a moment who we are” Linc started to say as he ran to catch up to Michael.

“What the hell do you want Linc, we haven’t been in the same room since moms funeral last May and we haven’t talk for about four years so what could we possibly have to talk about?”

“God not this again” Linc moaned as he rolled his eyes. “Look you made your decision to stay with mom after the divorce” Linc told him chasing after Michael.

“Well I wasn’t going to live with that son of a bitch!” Michael snapped.

“What, you mean DAD come on Michael don’t be like that” Linc said.

“Aldo treated her like crap no matter what mom did, he was abusive Linc how could you stand by that piece of shit!”

Linc fell silence as he remembered how it used to be before the divorce, their father would come late without an explanation or totally drunk. Christina always made sure the children were out of the room when she your approach Aldo to find out where he was or talk about his drinking. Yet that didn’t stop them from going too far and they would sit on the stairs watching as their parents fought in the kitchen. Whenever Michael saw Aldo become physical and start to hit Christina, Michael always tried to go in and stop him but Linc would grab Michael by the shoulder and told him that this was between their parents.

“Look you may not have wanted to see it but mom always looked down at him,” Linc yelled.

“Yeah so because mom didn’t want Aldo drinking and coming home at late hours after he was off fucking some other bitch that makes mom the bad guy in this picture” Michael said sarcastically.

“If mom treated him like her husband dad wouldn’t had to go off and get drunk and shit.”

“Whatever” Michael growled and tried to push passed Linc.

Realizing that this reunion wasn’t going at smooth as he had hope Linc knew he had to work quickly and change the subject if he had any hope of getting Michel to agree to this deal. “Michael wait!” he yelled as he chased his brother to the street.

“Fuck off Linc” Michael called as he got into his old bet up gray car and drove off leaving Linc at the side of the road cursing and calling out to him.

Chapter End Notes:
So we learn a little about Michael and Linc's past. I know Michael is still a huge jerk but things with Sara will start to turn around soon. Thanks for reading and if you like it please leave comment and let me know. More is coming soon.