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Chapter 5 The Plan

Sara's "pov"

A person’s importance popularity always seems to be decided on where you sit in on the pyramid. The higher you are the more exposed you are and the more people can judge you by how you act, how much money you have and for girls what you wear. There is a lot of pressure to be the best a pretty much everything that matters. Well so I’ve heard. In high school it seems that the only real priorities some of the kids have is who is having the Friday night party and who makes the guest list. All these parties all lead up to the one big one spring break party and who gets to host it is determined by their popularity. Since not every one really has the money or the permission to fly south each spring break one lucky guy or gal host the party of the year. I chance to forget about school and see who can get wasted; this is not something I look forward to every spring break but for Jane and her gang that’s all that spring break is about. Its times like this Jane defiantly doesn’t want me around incase people get suspicious of her and me. This year was no different but in so many ways her plan was like no other she has ever tried to pull.


Setting her tray of the cafeteria’s famous cucumber salad down on the table in the cafeteria Jane let out a troubled sigh as she collapsed into the uncomfortable blue cafeteria chair next to Nika, Trishanne and Caroline. “Okay so it’s settle the big party next is at my place and there is a lot that need to get done, most importantly my unwanted house guest.”

“Sara?” Trishanne question looking over at the sad excuse for a girl who wore clothes she was pretty sure were guy clothes.

“Shhh not so loud, I don’t need that depressing news getting out. It would ruin me,” Jane said taking a bit of her salad. “But seriously it need to be taken care of and soon!” Jane had gone through all of middle school almost all of high school without people suspecting anything and she wasn’t about to let her loner of cousin ruin the best party of the year and have everyone discover they are blood related relatives.

As the girls discussed further what was needed to make the party a success and one people wouldn’t forget they were unaware of Lincoln and a couple of the other guys made their way over to the table and huddled around the girls. “So I hear your having the spring break bash,” Linc said as he wrapped his arm around Jane while she felt herself start to blush. Jane had had a huge crush on Linc forever, she wasn’t sure what it was about him but what ever it was she couldn’t seem to get enough of him. He was year older then her but had failed to graduate with his class last year so was now part of Jane’s senior class. As the months went by and the closer they became Jane desperately waited for the perfect chance to make Lincoln hers.

Remembering what she was talking about and trying to remain focus she answered, “Yeah we just need to take care of a little problem” she nudged her head towards Sara as she was on the other side of the cafeteria looking so unfashionable as she fixed her crooked glasses while she took her seat across from the guy everyone was sure was gay Lance or what ever his name was.

“You mean ugly Betty?” Linc joked. Suddenly Nika busted out laughing as if it was the funniest thing she had ever heard. The other girls glanced over at her questionably because the comment Linc made wasn’t that funny. Nika sat back in her chair and started to blush terribly. She had this huge crush on Linc for god knew how long but it wasn’t ready to have all her girlfriends know about it especially Jane who seem to be just as in love with him.

Shaking her head and ignoring Nika, Jane leaned in closer to Lincoln to whisper so that not everyone in the cafeteria could hear her. “We need to somehow get her out of the house for the good part of the weekend. My parents are planning to go away for the weekend but Sara is a huge loner and it will take a bit of planning to get her out of the house.

“Can’t you just change the locks on the house?” Trishanne offered with a giggled.

“Well changing the locks won’t do much it she is still in the house” Jane pointed out.

“Why not just ask her to leave?” Derek insisted.

“Sara is selfish and won’t do anything out of the goodness of her heart because she doesn’t have a heart” Jane explained and due to all the frustration bowed her head and ran her fingers through her hair irritably.

“Oh it got it!” Linc said excitedly as he snapped his fingers. “We pay someone to take her out”

“Like a hooker?” Caroline asked a little confused as to what Linc was getting at.

“No, no, no” Linc said shaking his head realizing it came out wrong. “We find someone who wouldn’t be caught dead at one of our parties and could use the extra cash.”

The others including Jane sat there and thought about the idea. It did seem possible, there were always kids looking for ways to make some cash for booze and other stuff so it wouldn’t be to hard to find someone who could play the part of a guy interested in Sara just for a night. “Wow Linc I’m am so impress you are quite the genius,” Jane said in a flirtatious voice as her index finger twirled in her hair. “How ever did you not graduate last year?”

“The teachers suck” he said charmingly. Jane smiled and let her slender fingers fall gently on his arm and slowly trail up and down in a very seductive motion.

“So who do you suggest be ugly Betty’s date?”

“How about one of the schools hopeless kids” Linc suggested as he glanced over at the kids hanging around the back corner doing who knows what. They were all dressed in black clothes and gathered together passing abound stuff Linc was sure was probably illegal. Sitting on the back of the old bench at was stuffed in the corner was Michael in a black t-shirt that showed of his full tattoo arms and ripped jeans. It seemed he was busy talking to that spanish kid Sucre and totally unaware of Gretchen trying so hard to get him to pay attention to her in her very short black skanky outfit that Linc couldn’t help but find hot.

“How about Michael?”

“What your brother? Come on you can’t be serious didn’t he go to prison last year for a bar fight or something?” Derek asked.

“So I heard but he’s perfect, I mean he would defiantly need the money for stuff like bailing himself out of jail the next time, he would never be at one of our parties and I’m curtain he would be able to find a way to keep Sara away from your house for the party.”

“I don’t know” Jane said still feeling a bit iffy about the idea.

“Come one Jane, a guy like him is always is looking for some extra cash no what they have to do to get it.”

“So this is your plan?” Jane asked.

“Just leave it to me Jane, I’ll talk to Michael, explain our terms and you just be ready to throw the best spring break party ever.” Linc told her, as he got up from the table feeling confident with his plan.

“All right but he’s got a week to convince Sara to go out with him Friday night” Jane insisted.

“Leave it to me” Linc told her and just like that him and the other guys left the cafeteria hoping to put their plan into action. Jane and the girls stayed behind thinking over everything that was discussed about Sara and Jane wondered it they could really pull it off. Glancing over at Sara and her unfashionably look and then at the messy haired dirty kid in the corner she prayed that with the right amount of money they could convince Michael to go along. Her popularity status depended on it.

Chapter End Notes:
Let me know what you all think? Some Misa interaction will be coming again soon.