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Chapter 28- Light at the End of the Dark Tunnel

Dr. Joyce Brothers once said, “Love comes when Manipulation stops; when you think about the other person then his or her reactions to you. When you dare to reveal yourself fully. When you dare to be vulnerable”

I’ve found myself thinking about this quote over the years. We hold control when we manipulate people and for many having that control makes them feel comfortable. Love doesn’t like to play by the same rules and in many cases sneaks up for a surprise hit.

When love becomes part of the equation all the rules change and because to the new mix so do our priorities. We begin to care more for the other then having the control. Love likes to play by it’s own rules and when its evolves, so do you.


Hanging up the phone with a sigh Veronica made her way into the living room where Michael was sitting on the couch flipping through the channels on the television. Taking a seat across from Michael she just stared at him with a disapproving glare. Michael turned his head to look a Veronica and knew what this was about. “I take it you talked to Sara?”

“Yeah, after weeks of ignoring my calls she finally talked to me and told me what happened” Veronica said with an upset tone. Michael then looked away guilty and ashamed of himself. Sara hadn’t talked to him at all over the last couple weeks and he’s done nothing but think about her.

“I mean Michael, What the hell were you thinking?” Veronica snapped. “My god I practically pushed this girl to you because I thought you actually cared about her. Yet now I learn if was all for money.”

“It wasn’t… I didn’t do it for the money” Michael called back quickly. “I mean at first I was in it for the party cash but that all changed quite quickly. I wanted to get out I did… but I couldn’t.”

What the Hell does that mean?” Veronica snapped as she got off the sofa and started to pace the floor.

Michael watched her and more guilt washed over his face as he leaned forward and put his head down. “I’ve got James’ drug dealers riding my ass for the money he owes them. I didn’t know any other way to get the money without anyone getting seriously hurt.”

“Other then Sara?” Veronica pointed out.

“NO… I… if I didn’t do this who knows what they would of done if they ever saw her with me. Look I never… I’ve wanted out for a long time but then god knows what they would of done. I just wanted this to be over with without anyone getting hurt. But then that bitch Jane went and blurted it all out to everyone at prom. God the look on Sara’s face when she realized what I had done…”

Veronica watched the kid who was like a little brother to her as he sat there with tears in his eyes and pain of what had happened all over his face. She could tell that he was definitely upset of over what had happen and that he did indeed care for Sara a lot. “You’re in love with her aren’t you?”

Michael looked up at Veronica and wasn’t able to put together a sentence and the look on his face told Veronica everything she need to know. Silently Michael just nodded his head and the buried his face in his hands.

Veronica slowly started to walk over to comfort him but before she could reach his side there was a knock on the door. With an apologizing look Veronica left the room to answer the door. As she swung open the door she was very surprised to see who was on the other side and was not too please to see him either. “What are you doing here Lincoln?” she said as she looked at a troubling Lincoln standing in front of her.

“Is Mike here? I’m here to help him.”


Sara sat in her room crunching numbers and trying to see how much college was going to cost her and how much more she would need. When the final number was revealed if she decided to go to Princeton her heart sank. There was no way she would be able to come up with all that money and attend the school she had always dreamed of going to. Out of frustration she slammed the calculator down and laid her head down on the desk. There was no way her aunt and uncle would pay for her to go to Princeton especially since their precious little Jane wasn’t even smart enough to go to clown school.

More tears fell as everything that had happened to her over the last couple weeks came back to her. The heart break she had felt when she learn Michael never cared for her and the humiliation she was put through out of the selfishness of her cousin.

As she lifted her head she looked across the room at the picture of her and her parents and felt he anger growing even more. Her mom and dad said they would always be there to protect and comfort her, but they weren’t. They were supposed to be there for her and keep her safe but instead she is stuck living in hell. As her anger boiled even more she grabbed a book off her desk and threw it right at the picture frame. “You said you would be here for me! All you left me was a stupid picture from the past I can never have again! How does that help me? ” Sara screamed at them as the book smashed the picture and knocked it off the wall and it fell to the floor in a crash.

After the realization of what she had just down sank in she wiped her tears away and ran over to pick up the large picture frame. The glass was broken and there was no way to fix it. Kicking herself for what she had done she pulled the picture out of the frame she assure it didn’t get ruin. As she pulled it out something fell out from behind it. Looking down at the floor she saw a folded up paper on the ground. Reaching down to pick it up she unfolded the mystery document and made her way to her desk to take a seat. She was completely shocked to discover what it was. It was her parent’s Will that was revised two years before their death that stated upon their death Sara owned everything and not her aunt and uncle


Standing in the deserted park in the dark, Michael was awaiting for James’ drug dealer, Lechero to arrive. Taking a deep breath Michael kicked the dirt on the grown, as he hoped that soon this would be all over and that they couldn’t come after him again.

He could see movement in the distance and waited as the dark figure came closer. His heart rate got faster and faster. As the man got closer Michael recognized him as the drug dealer Lechero whom had threaten him before. Trying to remain calm he waited for him to get closer to him.

“You got my money?” Lechero grunted.

“You’ll leave me alone after this right? Are business is done?” Michael asked.

“Yeah whatever man I have other clients to see so pay up NOW!” Lechero yelled.

Just then police lights and sirens went off all around them catching the Lechero off guard. He spun around as cops came closer and arrested him. He yelled and screamed at Michael for screwing him over but Michael just backed away wanting to get out of there as fast as possible. Waiting for him on the other side of one of the cop cars was Veronica and Lincoln. Once he was safely away Veronica leaped forward and wrapped her arms around Michael happy that he was safe.

When Linc had came over earlier he wanted to help Michael make things right with Sara seeing how much Michael seemed to care for her. Over the years the two may not of gotten along but he was still his little brother and in the end he wanted him to be happy. After Michael explained the whole story Veronica made a call to her friend Samantha Brinker who was a cop and told her about Lechero who was actually a drug dealer the cops had been trying to arrest for months now.

The cops came over to thank the three for giving them lead and then Veronica suggested that the get head home. Michael was definitely ready to get out of there and followed behind Veronica and Linc as they headed to his car.

“So what about Sara?” Linc asked.

Thinking about what he could do since he still had the money from Linc an idea popped into his head that he thought would make Sara at least smile. “I have an idea.” He assured them and both Veronica and Linc smiled.

Chapter End Notes:
One more Chapter to go! Hope you like it and have enjoyed this story.