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Chapter 26- Prom

Pretty much every girl thinks about her prom during her high school days. From what to wear, how they should do their hair to who will be her prince charming for the night. It can be quite a stressful time for a young girl; I know I was nervous. You want to find that beautiful dress that will take his breath away when he sees you.

Every girl wants that perfect night and to slow dance in the arms of this great guy. To have him whisper in your ear how beautiful you are, during this romantic setting. If only our dreams were so easy to come true.


“Come on Sara, the waiting is killing me! Let me see you in that gorgeous dress,” Veronica said as she stood outside of her bedroom while Sara changed. The two had been preparing for the big night all day.

With Veronica all done her finals she was more then thrilled to help Sara get ready for prom. It became a girl’s day, starting with manicures and pedicures, following with hair and makeup. At first Sara wasn’t too sure about going with Veronica but when Veronica starts begging Sara couldn’t say no. At some times Sara was sure Veronica was more excited about Sara’s prom night then she was herself.

After what seemed like an eternity the bedroom door opened and revealed a nervous but gorgeous Sara. “Oh my gosh!” Veronica squealed and was able to get a smile out of Sara.

Slowly twirling to give Veronica a better look she showed off her dress. The navy blue strapless dress was a Taffeta mermaid gown with a heart shaped neckline with a slight train. The bust line was embellished with a crystal beadwork that ran down along the right side to about the hip. The top part of the gown gathers across the bodice and lace up along the center back. Her hair was tied back in a curly pin up bun, which showed off her white gold and blue stone dangling earrings. She wore a similar necklace to bring the whole look together.

Veronica squealed again and Sara couldn’t help but show off a big smile. If you had asked her two months ago if she would be going to prom she would of immediately said no and wouldn’t care but as she prepares for tonight Sara couldn’t be more happy that she had decided to go and to go with someone who like her for her.

Down stairs Michael sat on the couch staring at a burning candle on the coffee table. Things were getting more complicated the longer he went along with the plan and the more guilty he became. Numerous times he thought about backing out and coming clean but he needed the money to make the drug dealers back off or who knows what they may do or who they would come after. The other reason was Sara; he was so deep in this now that there was no way for him to come out of it without hurting her.

With a sigh Michael leaned forward already wearing his tux and buried his face in his hands. Trying to put his worries out of his head he ran his palm over his shaved head and let out a deep breathe. Finally after what seemed like forever he could hear movement on the stairs and got up from his seat. Fixing his tux he stood up straight and waited for his date to appear.

Veronica came running down the stairs with a huge grin as she began snapping pictures of Sara as she came down the stairs. Michael couldn’t help but smile seeing how close her and Sara had become and all those hours they had spent looking for the perfect dress. Finally he caught his first glimpse of silver open toe heels and the navy blue dress. He allowed his eyes to start on her feet and slowly work their way up as Sara came into view for the first time.

Looking at her, he felt his body begin to shiver and his heart began beating a million times faster. She was so beautiful; no words could do her justice. His jaw dropped and he tried to put together sentence but nothing came out.

“So what do you think?” Veronica asked already knowing Michael’s answer by his face expression.

His mouth moved but with no full words forming and a gleeful Veronica snapped his picture. “Just what I thought!”

As Sara reached the bottom step Michael moved towards her and held out his hand. “Sara… you… you look so beautiful” he finally said and he could see the sparkle in her eyes. She looked so happy at this moment and he wanted to make sure that tonight all her dreams came true.

“Alright I think we need to get some pictures” came the voice of Veronica’s mother as Veronica’s parents entered to front hall with smiles. They too were very happy, things with Michael had been difficult after his mother passing away but for the first time in a long time the Michael they remembered was back. Sara had helped bring back the smart and great kid who they lost when he fell in line with the wrong group of friends.

Standing by the stairs Michael wrapped and arms around Sara and they both smiled as the cameras started flashing. For the most part Michael kept his eyes on Sara not being able to take his eyes off her. She was gorgeous and the big smile she had was one he had never seen before. It was a smile he hoped he could always see from her.


As the two arrived at the prom they walked in and looked at all the black and silver decorations. Leading them in Michael kept a hand on Sara’s back as they made their way through the crowd.

“Damn!” Derek said from across the room as he saw Sara and Michael enter. “That girl is smoken, are you sure that was the geeky nobody kid?”

Linc looked over to the two and nodded. “Something that fine was hidden for too long, Jane babe your cousin is soo fine!”

Jane, who was Linc’s date, began to roll her eyes. “Shut up!” when neither Linc nor Derek pulled their eyes away from her stupid cousin she gave a grunt and stomped her feet over to Gretchen.

“I can’t take it anymore! I want to ruin her now!” Jane complained.

After reapplying her red lipstick Gretchen looked over at Sara and Michael with jealousy and nodded. “Trust me, she won’t have that smile for long. They are going to announce prom King and Queen soon and when they do, when you win you crush our little Cinderella. Tell the whole prom what a bastard Michael really is.”


As the DJ started to play some tunes Michael and Sara made their way to the dance floor and had some fun. Twirling her around and pulling her in close they two of them couldn’t stop laughing.

Bringing her in close he brought his lips to her ear, “You are so beautiful.”

Hearing those words Sara felt herself blushing and when Michael smiled back at her she knew her face was just getting redder and redder. “Thank you,” she told him “For convincing me to do this. I’m having a lot of fun.”

“So am I” Michael told her and then leaned in to kiss her cheek.

Suddenly the music stopped and everyone turned to look at the stage. Betty the school secretary got up and made her way to the microphone and looked down happily at all the students. “Alright it’s the time you have all been waiting for. Time to announce Prom King and Prom Queen! Would the nominees please come forward?”

Taking a deep breath Sara left the comfort of Michael’s arms and headed up the steps of the stage to join the others. As she made he way to the line up Jane gave her cousin the evilest look.

“Voted by you the students, our Prom King of class 2011 is…. Nick Savrinn!” the gym roared with applause as Nick stepped forward and was crowned king. “Now Prom Queen, surprisingly won by a landslide is…. Sara Tancredi!!”

Immediately Jane stepped forward with a smile on her face thinking it was her but as Betty’s words sunk in she froze and her jaw dropped. “WHAT!!”

Not being able to hide her smile Sara stepped forwards and allowed Betty to place the crown on her head.

“This is wrong” Jane cried, as she looked a Trishanne standing next to her with a surprised look as well. “No, I don’t think so!”

As the gym cheered for Sara and Nick and clapped for them Jane pushed her way forward and grabbed the microphone. “I’m supposed to be Queen! She’s nothing but a bet made by Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield!”

Suddenly everyone in the gym went silent and Sara’s smile disappeared. In the crowed Gretchen smiled and Michael was shaking his head, “This can’t be happening.”

“Come on Sara do you really think that you would be up here if you weren’t!” she snapped as she looked over at her cousin. “It goes all the way back to spring break, when Linc offered Michael money to keep you away from the house. I mean isn’t that around the time Michael started showing any interest in you?”

Sara stood there doing her best to hold back tears as Jane’s words ripped her apart. They couldn’t be true she thought and then look down at Michael he couldn’t meet her eyes anymore.

“And when Michael did such a great job at keeping you away Linc and Michael decided to raise the bar and they made a bet you could be nominated for prom Queen. Isn’t that right Michael?” Jane called out and looked over at Michael.

Michael said nothing as everyone looked at him and if Sara had any doubts he had done this she knew now knew they were absolutely true.

“You see Sara, your still a nobody, you’re still that stupid invisible kid no one really sees.”

Having had enough Sara ran down the steps of the stage and the crown fell to the ground. Sara pushed her way through the crowd hearing the whispers and giggles as she went. She didn’t stop she wanted out of this nightmare, to go home and disappear.

Michael saw her leaving and quickly followed her out of the gym wanting to explain everything to her. “Sara! Sara please!” Michael called as she ran after her.

As she stepped out of the building she could finally breath but tears covered her face. She could hear Michael calling her name and when he was standing behind her and touched her shoulder she whipped around and slapped him right across the face.

She was angry and crying at the same time and it broke Michael’s heart. He wasn’t expecting the slap so when it hit it hurt like hell. He knew he deserved much worse but the look on her face killed him over and over again.

“You just wanted to spent time with me huh?” Sara yelled. “I didn’t want to come to this stupid thing and you promised me it would be fun. You lying BASTARD!!” she screamed as she slapped him again. “I hate you! I hate you, I hate you, I HATE YOU!” She yelled as she started hitting Michael in the stomach.

He did nothing to stop her; instead he just let her kept hitting him until he fell over. Once he was on the ground he looked up at her and saw the pain and devastation on her face. He did this to her, he hurt her in the worse possible way. He deserved everything she through at him and more and tears welled up in his eyes as he watched her run off away from everyone and away from him. She hated him.

Chapter End Notes:
hopefully I still have some readers, sorry it took sooo long I just need to find the time to sit down and write it down.