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Chapter 25 Falling and Falling Fast

Love usually happens when you least expect it. The guy who holds open the door for you in the coffee shop, the girl walking her dog passed your house. In many cases we never see love coming, when we fall in love it can hit hard, it could hurt and the odds of recovery from it isn’t easy.

Love is a feeling that can grow over time and falling in love is a quick set of emotions that can lead a person on the path to love. This strong desire for love is something we as human beings need and finding love, is something many try to find.

When we are falling in love it can be a little confusing if the feeling is new to you. You don’t have to do anything to fall in love it just seems the happen making many people nervous and has them thinking a lot more about the other person.


“WHAAAAT!!” Jane screamed as she stared at a poster to get people to vote for Sara for prom queen. She let out a grunt as she ripped the poster off the wall and threw it to the ground. Trishanne and Nika followed behind their friend as Jane angrily stormed down the hall ripping off every other poster she saw of Sara plastered on the lockers. “No, no, no! That is my crown!”

“You are so right! Who does Sara think she is wanting your crown?” Trishanne said with a scoff.

“Yeah well just wait until I break the news of why she was nominated,” Jane said as she threw yet another poster on the ground and stomped on it. With a pout Jane looked around the hall and saw Sara standing with her little gay friend as random people approached her to say congratulations and good luck. “I’m gonna break the news to her right now!” Jane said as she started to storm towards her.

She had her mind made up to tell Sara but suddenly a hand came up and cut her off. “You really want to do that now?” Gretchen said blocking Jane’s way to Sara.

“Um yes, now get away from me you dirty druggie!” Jane snapped as she pushed Gretchen away from her like she had a disease or something.

“Hey I’m just saying princess model, that there are other options to deal with the situation to increase her embarrassment” Gretchen said with an evil grin.

The idea of embracing Sara really got Jane’s attention and she looked at Gretchen with curiosity. “What do you have in mind?” Jane asked her.

Turning around Gretchen saw Michael approaching Sara and giving her a hug. If all went well then Sara would be embraced and Michael would look like a bastard and in the process destroying their relationship forever. “Follow me,” Gretchen told her and then the two unlikely pair headed away from the crowd.


“Hey” Michael whispered in Sara’s ear as he approached her from behind.

Sara jumped a little surprised at first but when she realized who it was she smiled. As she turned around to say hello properly, Lance, who was standing in front of Sara just rolled his eyes and looked away from the two. He still didn’t like Michael and was sure the kid was going to hurt Sara somehow.

“I’ll wait for you at the stairs” Lance stated to Sara while he glared at Michael.

“Okay, I’ll be right there!” Sara told her best friend and then turned back to face Michael.

Michael looked up at Lance as he left and then smiled back at Sara as he reached down to clasp their hands together. “So your friend still doesn’t like me very much!” Michael said with a chuckle.

Sara bit her bottom lip as her and Michael’s hand swung back and forth, “Yeah he’s just really protective” Sara told Michael. “He’s afraid your using me but don’t worry in time he will come around” Sara insisted.

Her last statement really stuck with him as he remembered how he was in deed using Sara. Lance had every right not to trust him and Michael knew that once Sara discovered what was really going on she would be devastated and wished she had nevered trusted him.

“Anyway I better go,” Michael said as he leaned in to kiss her. “I’ll see you later” Michael told her and then started to walk away. “Oh Sara!”

“Yeah,” she answered as she looked up at him.

“Congrats on being in the running for prom queen” he said sincerely and then took off down the hall feeling really guilty. Quickly wanting to get away he pushed past a number of students and stormed into the washroom to splash water on his face. Leaning over the sink he tried to calm down his heavy breathing and then looked up at his reflection in the mirror.

“You all tight?” came a voice and Michael quickly turned to see Sucre standing in the doorway with a concerned look on his face. Over the past few weeks Sucre hadn’t seen much of his best friend. In fact they hadn’t talked much since James’ funeral and Sucre was starting to worry about his friend. “I haven’t seen you in a while…”

Michael stared at his friend for a moment and then looked down at the tap as he washed his hands. “Sorry I’ve been…”

“Busy, yeah I’ve seen you hanging out with Sara a lot lately” Sucre interrupted as he stepped into the washroom and closer to Michael.

“I’m taking care of some things” Michael insisted as he turned off the tap.

“What exactly, I mean the party was weeks ago. You don’t have to hangout with her anymore” Sucre told him.

“Yes I do!” Michael insisted.


“I need the money to pay someone off,” Michael said angrily.

“Who exactly?”

“James owed money to his drug dealer and named me as his partner so now they want me to get the money” Michael said as he paced the floor. “They said they need the money now and Linc offered me another bet to earn the money but… but now…”

“Oh my god…” Sucre said as his eyes widened as he started to piece things together and why Michael was so upset. “You fell for her huh?”

Michael stopped in his tracks at Sucre’s statement and shook his head quickly but he wasn’t too convincing. He tried to swallow but his throat was dry as his mind was racing with everything he was dealing with. Looking up at Sucre and seeing his wide eyes Michael just shook his head again and said he had to get to class and left the washroom in a hurry.