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Chapter 23 True or False

Rumors spread like wildfires, and before you can even do anything about it everyone seems to think that the rumor is the truth. After that it’s very hard to change people minds especially if the truth is less exciting which is usually the case.

Telling stories about someone could seem harmless between two people but its when the rumor travel from there to people who think that its true. It is a horrible feeling to hear rumors about yourself and I know exactly what that’s like but then again I’m sure at some point in everyone’s life they experience being the victim of a rumor.

You can’t stop it; it’s like a disease and in some cases can ruin your reputation. Make you out to be someone your not, and it can be really difficult to convince people otherwise especially if the rumor is been around for quite some time.


Standing at the counter at the ice cream shop, the cashier accepted the money from Michael and then handed him and Sara their black licorice ice cream cones. With a smile Sara thanked Michael as the two left the shop and headed into the park to enjoy a nice day in the sun. Summer was only a few months away and so was the end of school.

With their black licorice ice cream in one and Michael discreetly reach out to grab Sara’s free hand and was they walked down the path and over to a near by willow tree. “You know, you are nothing like I thought you were?” Sara spoke up as they two took their seats.

“What do you mean?”

“Well…” nervously Sara rubbed her hand over her jeans and fidgeted in her seat. “There are a lot of rumors going around at school and stuff.”

“Ah I see…” Michael said with a chuckle knowing exactly what she was talking about. “You want to know if their true?”

“Forget it it’s none of my business” Sara insisted and shook her head and wishing she hadn’t brought it up.

“It’s alright, you can ask me?” Michael told her as he reached out and held her hand.

Sara bit her lip for a moment and would every so often look up at Michael before taking a deep breath and wanting to get her questions off her chest. “Alright um were you really responsible for blowing up the science lab earlier this year?”

Michael laughed and lay back on the grass as he remembered having to pair up in science class for an experiment and how this one kid Tweener who was in the group beside him was really getting on his nervous and acting like a spoiled idiot so Michael had doubled up the kid’s doses and watched as the kid freak out as everything in his test tube exploded. “Yeah that was true,” he said with a chuckle.

Sara shook her head as she remembered being forced to evacuate the school that afternoon but luckily no one was hurt.

“Alright my turn, I think it’s only fair…” Michael said. “Is it true you get stuck having to help Jane with all her homework and you got so tired of her copying you stuff that you had her hand in a report that was suppose to be for history into her English class? I remember her freaking out at you in the hallway.”

“Well it’s kind of true…” Sara said with a laugh.

“Oh my god!” Michael laughed very amused.

“The truth is she would steal my papers and handed them in as her own, So when I caught on to what she was doing I um wrote out this fake report about aliens and robots and allowed her to find it thinking it was a report about Macbeth.”

At this point Michael was laughing so hard. Sara smiled and assured him the worst was yet to come. “Well turns out we had to present our findings to the class that day about Macbeth and so Jane eagerly put her hand up to present and well… I think you know what happen.”

“Oh your so evil” Michael insisted.

“I felt horrible but at the same time she deserved it” Sara said and Michael totally agreed.

“Okay true or false you slept with the math teacher to get an A in her class?”

“False! I’m actually pretty good at math” Michael told her, “True or false your aunt and uncle only give you Jane's old clothes that they can’t sell?”

“True except lately much to Jane’s dismay she as gain some weight and I’m a size smaller then her” Sara explained.

“Oh she must hate you!” Michael laughed.

“Shaking her head Sara laughed as well, “You have no idea! Alright this is the big one.”

“Uh oh!” Michael said with a chuckle.

“Last year you missed a good six months of school pretty much, did you really get into a fight at a bar and then sent to jail?” Sara asked a little scared to hear his answer.

“False! Last year I spent a lot of time taking care of my mom and then I needed some space after she died. Vee picked up all my homework from my teachers and that way I wasn’t falling behind. I’m not sure who came up with the whole jail thing but come on how was I going to sneak into a bar? I don’t look old enough to get into let alone get in a fight.”

Sara laughed and looked down at Michael with a smile, “Yeah I kind have doubted that one but it was a rumor everyone seem to know.”

“Well it did stop people from giving me a hard time because they were afraid of me so I guess it kept everyone off my back.”

Sara gave a small smile as she got herself comfortable on the grass beside Michael and looking up at the sky and the puffy clouds. Michael wrapped one arm around her and both look at the other in the eyes as the smiled. Neither said anything during the moment, instead they just enjoyed the silence and the sun shining down on them.

They had been quiet for a few moments and as Michael closed his eyes and took in the scent of Sara and enjoyed having her close. Biting his lip Michael opened his eyes and looked back at her trying to think of how to best ask the question he needed to ask her.


Looking at him with curiosity Sara gave him a smile and waited for Michael to continue with his train of thought. “What?”

“Well you know prom is coming up… and … well I was wondering if you ah if you wanted to go… with me?” he asked her quietly.

Sara’s heart started to pound and suddenly sat up and backed away from Michael a little bit but enough for him to notice.

“What? What did I do?” Michael asked her as he watched her push him away.

“Why?” she asked him.

The question had caught him off guard and he sat up himself and faced her wondering what was going through her head at that moment. “What do you mean why?”

Shaking her head Sara replied, “Why, why would you want to take me? Why do you even want to go to prom?”

Michael couldn’t believe the reaction he was getting from Sara, he expected her to be happy about if not questioning his motives. “What do you mean why would I want to take you? Sara its prom doesn’t everyone wants to go to prom?”

“Prom is a stupid tradition that everyone get all worked up about” Sara told him.

“Yea think of how much it would piss your cousin off. ”

Sara shook her head not very fond of the idea, “I don’t think so.”

“Why not?” Michael asked her, not too happy that she had quickly turned him down. “Come on why not Sara? Its’ prom!”

“Why are you pushing this?” Sara asked him as she felt he was trying to get her to go like it was important or something. “What’s in it for you?”

“Excuse me?” Michael said angrily, he couldn’t believe her reaction. Here he was asking her to prom, most girls would be happy and yet here was Sara all upset that he had asked her.

“You heard me! What’s in it for you!” Sara repeated.

Michael shook his head and backed away from Sara in frustration. “Okay seriously what is wrong with you? Is it too hard to believe that I’d ask you to the prom?”

“Yes!” Sara told him as she got to her feet and paced. “Why me? Why are you even hanging out with me? Months ago you wouldn’t have given me the time of day and now all of a sudden you want to take me to prom! Me out of all the other girls.”

“Okay Sara you have some serious problems and need help because this is getting pathetic!” Michael yelled as he also got to his feet and stared at her. “Because there is nothing in it for me! I’m not looking for anything! God you know you can be crazy and paranoid sometimes!”

Sara stared at Michael for a moment as she fought back tears. Biting her bottom lip Sara shook her head and turned and walked away from him and only when he could no longer see her face did she let the tears fall. She could hear him calling out to her to come back but she kept on waking not looking back.

He call out after her for a couple minutes but when he got no response he figured maybe he should give her space and watched her walk away. Out of frustration Michael turned and kicked the tree, he didn’t mean to snap at her but maybe it was because she was right and he was afraid she might figure him out.

With a sigh he decided he would talk to her at another time so started to head home and get some rest. As he exited the park he noticed a black car sitting in the parking lot and as he got closer he saw two men step out of it. They weren’t just any two men, they were the same men who had approached him a couple weeks ago and wanted him to get their drug money.

Michael came to a stop as the men made their way over to him. “I’ll get your money but I need more time!” Michael insisted.

“I’ll give you more time but Scofield your time is running out!” the drug dealer warned as he grabbed Michael’s shirt collar.

“I’ll do it!” Michael insisted. With a nod the drug dealer released Michael and then backed away from him but kept his eyes on Michael with an intense stare. Michael didn’t move he just watched as the men got back in their car and drove off leaving him alone and thinking about his options. He needed the money and Linc’s deal was the only way he could get it even if it cost him Sara in the end.