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Chapter 22 Saving Grace

Everyone needs a hero, a mentor, and some one to look up to in life. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the damsel in distress is rescued by the strong hero; like in fairytales, but it is someone we can turn to or trust. When we are little we want the super hero or prince charming to come to our rescue.

No matter what the problem is, no matter how much pain we are in someone can help. At a time when everything seems dark and cold we can find a light, a saving grace if you will, to help us find a redeeming quality that we need or second chance. We all deserve happiness in our lives, it just takes a while for some of us to find it or accept the help from a friend or stranger.


The warm sun shone down on the roof of the house as Sara and Michael sat comfortably on the roof in front of Sara’s window and looking out into the backyard. Michael sat with his legs stretched out on the roof and reading another one of Sara’s novels.

He found himself immediately sucked into the story and unable to put it down. It was called “Saving Grace” about a young eighteen-year-old girl born into a privileged and very public family who lives a troubled life behind the scene. The young girl, Grace has a father who is Governor of New York and lost her mother to cancer a year earlier.

Grace has a strained relationship with her father as he spends all his time working in politics. Over the course of the story you see Grace struggle through life with drugs and harming herself by cutting or letting others physically abuse her. Her father was so self absorbed that he never paid much attention to his daughter including the fact that she was hiding a horrible secret out of shame and disgust. One night before one of her father’s big dinner benefits, Grace was raped in an alleyway on her way home. Since that night and keeping that secret hidden, she has been on a downward spiral ever since then.

She became addicted to cocaine and heroin trying to stop herself from seeing the horrible images from her attack and allowed her boyfriend who was also her drug dealer abuse her and make her feel like damage goods that no one else would ever find attractive.

Michael found himself unable to put it down as Sara’s writing had him addicted to every word. It was in so much detail that he felt like he knew the characters and understood the pain Grace was in.

As Grace continued to struggle with the pain her boyfriend and also her bodyguard who were the only two to know Grace’s secret and used her vulnerability for sex saying they would keep the secret of her being raped so it doesn’t get out to the public.

As she attends some party with her boyfriend and a number other druggies, she meets a guy named Kevin who arrives looking for is druggie brother. As they party get out of hand they are all arrested and Kevin finds himself drawn to Grace and doesn’t like how her boyfriend beats her.

Kevin befriends Grace and tries to show her she is special and not worthless and damaged like she has been told. He not only saves her from those who a abuse her but also saves her from the pain she causes her self and even risks his life for her to prove that he loves her and wants no harm to come to her.

The story was beautiful and one with so much passion. Grace was the girl who grew up with everything and fell into the dark path of drugs, while Kevin was the kid who grew up with hardly anything and lived in a part of town where seeing drugs and illegal dealing as an everyday a currents. Two opposites finding each other in a time where Grace sees no point to life anymore.

“Sara… this is incredible” Michael finally said breaking the silence between the two of them for the first time in hours. His sudden voice made Sara jump is surprise as she had forgotten for a second he was there. They had sat together in silence so comfortably while he read and she wrote.

“Oh… thank you” Sara said with a slight smile as she blushed over the complement. She sat beside Michael with her knees kept close to her chest and her pen and paper held on her thighs.

“I mean it Sara, this piece is amazing! You should really consider getting some of your work published” he told her full of confidence that she had the skills to be a great writer.

“I ah…” Sara mumbled as she shrugged her shoulders. “Getting a story published costs money and I don’t really have any money. Plus any of the money I do save up is going towards school and getting out of this house.”

“Have you applied for some scholarships?” he asked her.

“A few, but still no word, college acceptance letters should be coming out soon so we’ll see if I get in first,” Sara pointed out.

“Sara, I know for curtain that you’ll get in. Your one of the smartest kids in our school and your always volunteering to help others” Michael told her not doubting Sara’s abilities for a moment.

A slight smile came across Sara’s face, but Michael could tell she was holding back and trying not to get her hopes up. For years people had been drilling in her head how she didn’t deserve good things. “Money is another obstacle, my parents never had an updated written will so everything went to my mother’s sister (Jane’s mother) since I wasn’t old enough.”

“But your their daughter” Michael pointed out.

“Yeah well the will was created years before I was born and clearly stated that Jane’s mother was the primary decision maker when it came to finances, property and stuff.”

“Shouldn’t the money they get go towards you?” Michael asked confused about how Sara wasn’t getting anything.

“Well they seem to think that allowing me to live with them till I turn eighteen is enough payment” Sara explained sadly.

Michael gave a look of disgust, how could Sara’s only living relatives treat her so poorly when she was nothing but sweet. “You deserve so much better” Michael told her truthfully and saw Sara turn and look at him not completely believing him. He truly hated how Jane and her parents always made Sara feel like an intruder to her own family. “Well its true what they say… you can’t choose your family. Cause if you could, mine would be with Vee and her family.”

“What about your brother?” Sara asked remembering Veronica mentioning Michael had a brother.

“Yeah, we don’t get a long really… I mean we took sides in our parents divorce although Linc just took Aldo’s side because him and mom were always fighting and it was a way to hurt her.” Michael said and Sara caught that he refused to call Aldo his dad.

“Divorce can be hard on a family,” Sara said looking over at a sad troubled Michael.

“Actually the divorce was a relief, Aldo was a drunk and took his anger out on our mom. I hate him for what he did to her, and I want nothing to do with a man like that! The only thing that worries me is that Linc is still around him and without having mom to take his anger out on, Linc is there.”

“You think he is hurting Linc?”

“The one thing Aldo and Linc have in common is the temper… A few times I thought Aldo was beating him and I confronted him at mom’s funeral because I saw some bruises on his arm but being the tough guy Linc denied it and we ended up fighting in the middle on the funeral.”

“I’m sorry” Sara said sincerely and reached out his hand. Michael took her hand without hesitation and started to play with her fingers and allowed a slight smile to spread across his face as he looked over at her.

“No matter what he’s still my brother and sooner or later his temper could land him into trouble...”

Unknown to both Michael and Sara as they sat on the roof of the house, Jane was inside Sara’s room starring at them through the window or at least Sara. For one thing she had a jealously stare as she watched Sara sitting with Fox Rivers hot bad boy who had become quite the talk of the school since cutting his hair.

A couple times Jane had tried to talk up Michael but he didn’t pay any attention to her, which was something she wasn’t use to. The other reason was that rumors had been going around that Lincoln Burrows wanted Sara to get nominated for Prom Queen and that title was hers. She was going to be the prom queen and she wasn’t about to let anyone and especially her stupid cousin win her crown.