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Chapter 2- Life isn’t a Fairytale

As a kid I never really thought too much about the future like many children. At the age of nine I seemed to have the perfect little family in Phoenix Arizona, I was an only child but I never had a problem with that because I was really close with my parents and we did a lot together like traveling around the world. My parents worked hard and were very successful in the workforce so we could afford to live a privileged life. I had been to many parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia as well as many places in North America all before I was nine. Change wasn’t something a really thought about for my family, I mean I always heard stories about other parents separating, moving away or money problems but I never thought anything could happen to my family because like everyone else says about their own family “It will never happen to us.”

I was wrong, horribly wrong because with in half an hour my life was flipped upside down and has never turned right side up. I remember that I was at my karate lesson on a warm Tuesday evening and after the class I got a ride home with my friend Sofia’s mom and that wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Yet on that particular day my life would never be the same because when we turned onto my crescent I could see black smoke filling the bright blue sky. My house was on fire, the home I had grown up in and had been in earlier that day was on fire.

Much of what happen after arriving home is a blur to me, I remember crying and faceless people that I don’t remember were trying to shield me from the scene but it was useless because if I remembered anything from that day it was my childhood home up in smoke. I lost both my parents that day, leaving me alone in this big world. I had to pack up the little belongings I had including a family portrait that survived the fire because somehow it was in the backyard instead of in my room on the second floor. Thinking back I remember that when my father gave me the portrait he told me it had all the answers because I could always count on family and when I would look at this picture I would know they were never to far from me. That was about six months before the fire. I had to leave the hot desert of Phoenix and move in with my Aunt, uncle and cousin Jane in the cold city of Chicago my dad was never close with his brother but after my parents death they were my only living relatives whether I liked it or not. My mother read me the story called Cinderella as a child and to be honest my way of life makes Cinderella’s look like a picnic.


When the bell rang to end class Sara quickly packed up her stuff and made her way the door like all the other students. She was caught of guard when one of the bigger kids whose name she knew was John Abruzzi shoved her out of way so he could get out of the class and caused Sara to loose her balanced and fall right into the classroom garbage can with a loud thud.

“Oh my god” Sara her Jane laugh as her and her wannabes left the class room

She didn’t even try to get up while kids were still pushing to get passed so sat there uncomfortably in the garbage can waiting for everyone to leave the classroom. “One of these days you’ll be able to walk out of these classrooms without any obstacles” she heard a familiar voice say and as she looked up she saw Lance her one and only friend or at least the closest thing to had to be more accurate.

Putting his hand out he grabbed hold of Sara’s and helped pull her out of the trashcan and brush off all the garbage. Padding her jeans she felt something wet, looking down at herself she saw just what she needed, a coke stain. “Great just great” Sara mumbled pulling down her big brown sweater to try and hide the stain as much as possible.

“You know I hear stains are in style,” Lance explained trying to brighten the mood.

Sara just gave him a look of annoyance while fixing her glasses and pushing her hair away from her face before turning around to get her bag and leaving the classroom with Lance following behind her. The halls were very crowded with students and they would push right passed Sara without a care in the world. One kid ran right in front of her and when he heard his friend call out to him he quickly turned and his backpack that felt like it was full of bricks hit Sara and she started to tumble over but luckily Lance was their to catch her.

“Whoa I think one fall is enough for today,” Lance whispered in her ear as he helped her walk around the guy. They made their way to Sara’s locker but when she was standing about ten feet away from it she came to a halt and stared at the group standing around her locker. “What is it?” Lance asked.

“You know what I really don’t need anything from my locker” Sara tried to say as she spun around on her heels. They were a group of kids Sara referred to as “the schools hopeless kids” because they were seen as trouble makers and juvenile delinquents that the school had come to realize they weren’t worth the schools time trying to help because they didn’t care and their only goal in life is to see which one of them can get thrown into prison the most and the longest. She was sure they all had their names carved into their future cells especially the one who was rumored to have spent last year, his junior year in jail for some kind of fight in a bar he had snuck into with a fake ID.

“Come on Sara” Lance said encouraging and pushing her towards her locker and the gang that was standing around it “Don’t let them scare you, listen I have to go I’ll see you at lunch.” Taking a deep breath she took the few steps over towards the group. They were talking pretty loudly but she ignore them and their pointless conversations and tried to sneak passed them. It would have been a success but the Puerto-Rican one started to laugh historically at something one of the other kids said and backed right into her.

“Oh I didn’t see you there” he chuckled.

“Yea” Sara mumbled as she pushed passed them only to come face to face with some punk leaning confidently against her locker. He was dressed all in all black dark with long messy dark almost black hair that was partly covering his piercing blue eyes. He wasn’t really paying attention to Sara; instead he was flirting to the gothic chick hanging off his arm.

“Do you mind?” Sara snapped not feeling very patient at the moment.

He turned to face Sara for the first time and eyes her closely as if he just noticed her there for the first time and had a devilish smirk on his face. “Mind what?”

“That’s my locker you're leaning on,” she explained.

“What this one?” he asked as he turned to look at the locker his body was covering.

Rolling her eyes she let out a sigh, “No the other one genius” she said sarcastically.

“Oh it’s got a sense of humor Michael” Sara heard the gothic girl say to the guy who was blocking her locker, the tone made Sara uncomfortable as the others started to laugh so quickly she stepped up to her locker and started to unlock it.

“It?” the Puerto-Rican one repeated.

“Oh come on look at the outfit and that scary hair, that is a sad excuse for a girl,” she teased as if Sara wasn’t standing right there. “I mean where did you get those ugly old clothes? The homeless guy down the street who was even too cool wear them?” she laughed.

“Now, now Gretchen” Michael said to the gothic chick while Sara try to ignore them and continue to get what she needed from her locker. “Maybe she like the homeless look” he joked.

Sara couldn’t believe the way they were talking about her while she was standing right there. Pulling out one of her textbooks from the top shelf a separate piece of paper fell out and onto the floor. Quickly Sara turned to pick it up but was too slow as the spanish kid snatched it first. “What do we have here?” he scoffed.

“Hey what you find Sucre” Michael asked.

“Give it!” Sara growled trying to grab the piece of paper.

Sucre held it over his head so Sara couldn’t reach it and as he glanced up at it to see it was some kind of poem. “Well looks like our homeless kid has a dark side,” he laughed reading the poem Sara had written that was filled with dark cold words of sadness and anger. “Hey Mike this poem could be about you” Sucre laughed holding it out to show him.

“Don’t flatter yourself,” Sara snarled.

“She’s a feisty one isn’t she” Michael laughed as he grabbed the poem from Sucre.

“Give it!” Sara yelled at Michael.

“Wow for such a small person you have a lot of anger in you” Michael laughed after reading the poem.

“No I just don’t want to waste my time with people whose main priority is to figure out where they’re going to get high next” she spat at him in a venomous tone as she grabbed her poem from Michael then slamming her locker closed she took off down the hall ignoring the nasty comments they call out to her as she heads down the hall.

Her next class was pretty uneventful and since today was one of the very few sunny days at this time of year Sara decided to sit outside in the school’s courtyard and enjoying the piece and quiet to work on the latest story she was writing during lunch. She found a quiet place underneath a big oak tree that was nicely shaded, finding a comfortable spot sitting against the tree trunk got her materials out of her bag. So focused on her writing she wasn’t aware when Lance strolled over with his lunch bag to sit under the tree with her. “Hey Tancredi whatcha up to?”

“Just some writing” Sara told him without looking up from her work.

“And what’s this one about?” he asked taking a bite of his sandwich.

“Parents of a three year old girl divorce and the father is a cop disappears with their daughter, leaving the mother heart broken an trying to convince the police who are her ex husbands loyal co-workers to help her.”

“Wow sounds deep and interesting but dark, have you ever thought about writing something happy, like a fairytale?”

Sara let out a little chuckle and shook her head but never looked up at Lance while she continued to write. “Fairytales don’t exist, life never has a happily ever after.”

“Well hello Miss. Doom and Gloom” Lance joked.

“Shut up!” Sara chuckled looking up at Lance for the first time. Putting her pen down she ran her fingers over the paper feeling the indent of her work under her finger tips on the smooth paper. She always wrote something based on her mood but she had to admit that many of her pieces were dark and full of misery and sadness. Looking up from the page she rested her head against the tree trunk. Pushing her glasses up on the bridge on her nose and letting out a sad sigh she looked over at a number of student including Jane and her boyfriend of the moment who she thinks named James Whistler, they were hanging out on the bleacher laughing and joking with each other. It had been too long since Sara laughed and smiled like that. For her, life seems to always feel like she is drowning and can’t quite reach the surface, she can see it and how happy others are but can’t reach it herself. Fairytales don’t exist and no matter how much she desperately wants her knight in shiny armor to pull her out of the water it’s not going to happen. Life isn’t a fairytale.
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