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Chapter 18 First Date

First dates can be nerve racking for many and I was no different. The idea of getting all dressed up and trying to impress someone and see if you have chemistry is a terrifying thing. Not only was I dealing with it being my first date but also it was with someone who always intimidated me. Michael Scofield was the bad boy of Fox River High, someone many tried to avoid in the halls.

So much pressure is put on first dates because it is during that first date many people say a connection can grow. The evening begins with both being cautious as to what they say or do. Its all about impressing them, pleasing them, learning their likes and dislikes. It’s a stressful time and you don’t want to push too much incase you scare them and move to fast. Yet by the end of the date if all had gone well during, both parties begin to feel comfortable around each other and then you can see the fireworks.


The car ride to the park was a quiet one, both unsure who should speak first and both unsure as to what to say. Sitting in the passenger seat Sara had her hands together and stared out the window while she bit her bottom lip. She hadn’t looked at Michael since he had opened the door for her. Beginning to feel self-conscious as the silence continued she started to fidget with her clothing and running her slender fingertips along her blue skinny jeans.

Beside her Michael was driving and his mind was racing. When Sara had slowly descending from the stairs and revealing her unbelievable makeover. Michael was in aw and shocked that this was the same girl he had walked by in the school halls countless times. His grip tightened on the steering wheel as he continued down the road. He had glanced over at the undeniably beautiful girl sitting next to him.

“So I’ve heard there are some great books this year” Michael said breaking the silence after clearing his throat.

The sudden sound of Michael’s voice came as a shock to Sara but when she turned and looked at Michael she gave him a smile and nodded her head. “Um last year I think I bought about five books and finished reading them within a month” she said softly with a smile.

“Anything in particular you are looking for?” Michael asked her.

“I’m hoping they’ll have some James Joyce, I’ve heard about his work but have never been able to find one so hopefully someone is selling it here.”

As Michael pulled the car up to the curb by the book fair he nodded and smiled. “James Joyce, I’ll keep an eye out for him” Michael responded.

Sara turned and looked at Michel with a smile, “Thanks, um anything you’re looking for?” Sara asked as they both hopped out of the car.

“Something by William Faulkner” Michael told her as the two awkwardly walked beside each other towards the book fair. Once in a while Michael would sneak a glance of Sara as they walked and couldn’t help but be fascinated by her beautiful features. What drew him in the most were her chocolate brown eyes that were defined by her makeup. Usually she wore glasses that over shadowed her eyes and let her hair fall in front of her face. Not today, no he could clearly see her eyes and the little sparkle as they walked.

As they got to the tables of book Sara was quick to get lost in all the different books and in no time had an arm full of them. They both would find a book that one of them had read and go into a quick description about it. “Hey have you read The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand?” Sara asked.

“No I have yet to make it through it” Michael told her as he picked up a book of his own.

“Yeah it took me a second time to get through but she is an amazing writer” Sara told him.

“Rand is too much of a political nut,” Michael said with a chuckle.

Sara laughed and looked over at Michael holding up the book, “True but whom else do you know can write a forty page monolog like her?”

Michael had to give her that and he smiled as he watched Sara holding the book out for him. “Okay, I’ll give another try” he told her and allowed Sara to put The Fountainhead on his pile of books. “Hey but since I have to endure reading Ayn Rand you have to read… For Whom the Bell Tolls,” Michael told her as he found the book amongst the many to choose from.

Sara bit her lip and then took the book from Michael so she could read the back. At first glance it really wasn’t her cup of tea but with a sigh gave in. “Alright, I’ll read it if you read the fountainhead.”

Michael gave a nod and said, “Deal.”

They wondered down the tables of book picking up a few as they went and to Sara’s delight she found one by James Joyce. Michael had to admit that he was having fun with Sara even though he considered canceling a few times. Suddenly he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket so while juggling his book he reached for his phone. As Sara continued to look, Michael stayed back a little when he saw the call was from Linc who must be checking up on him. Looking up at Sara for a moment he explained that he needed to take the call and told her to go on looking. She gave him a nervous nod but continued to browse through the book wondering if this was Michael’s escape plan of a fake emergency.

He made sure Sara was out of earshot before answering it. Turning his back to her, Michael stepped away from the table of books and flipped open his phone. “What is it? I don’t have time to talk” Michael said firmly as he talked softly to Linc.

Michael could hear the sound of music and screaming teenagers in the background. There was no doubt in his mind that the party at Jane’s had started and was off to a very loud start. “Hey man yea just making sure you got it taken care of cause we don’t want anything to mess up this party” Linc said in a drunken tone.

“Yeah whatever look I got a go,” Michael snapped at him.

“Yeah alright just keep that girl away and you’ll get paid” Linc said as he seemed to be rejoining the party and what Michael could only assume was a group of girls from their high pitch squeals. Shaking his head he snapped his phone shut and turned back to join Sara.

As Sara added another book to her pile she looked up at Michael as he came back beside her. “Is everything okay?” she asked wondering whom he was talking to.

“Yeah, it was nothing” he told her as he smiled. “So um looks like you got a good pile of books,” he laughed.

Sara gave a small smile and looked down at her pile, “Yeah it should do me for all of spring break. What about you?”

Michael had about four books in his hands and showed them off to her, “Yeah I think I’m good too. Besides it may take be a little longer to go through The Fountainhead” he joked and followed Sara to the checkout. “Here let me,” Michael said as he pulled out his wallet.

“Oh Michael you don’t need to do that” Sara insisted.

“Don’t worry it’s fine, I want to” he told her with a smile.

She couldn’t believe this was the same Michael she had known for years; he was so generous and selfless. Biting her bottom lip she gave him a smile and allowed Michael to pay. “Thanks.”

Michael smiled as he looked at Sara standing beside him playing with the hem on her shirt. For the four years he had gone to high school with Sara he never even noticed her until now. He had had the same classes as her but never once saw her as someone he could have a lot in common with, and really enjoy spending time with her. After paying for their books Michael and Sara gathered up their purchases.

“Hey you want to get some ice cream? We have some time to kill before the movie,” Michael asked her as he eyed a little ice cream shop across the park. Sara agreed and the two headed over to the shop. “So you a big ice cream lover?” he asked her.

As they entered the shop and got into line Sara shrugged her shoulders slightly, “Well I’m not an ice cream fanatic really, only have it in the spring and summer.” She told him.

“Yeah same here, although my favorite flavor isn’t a common one, this is actually the only shop that has it” Michael said.

“Well somehow I bet mine is a lot more uncommon” Sara challenges as she looked through the glass of the cooler holding the many flavors. “Many people think it’s disgusting, but it was my mom’s favorite and ever since I got a taste of it, it has been my favorite. Black licorice.”

Michael’s eyes widened in shock and then started to chuckle, “Your kidding right? Black Licorice is the best ice cream ever!” Michael laughed as he found something else him and Sara had in common.

The two got their ice cream and then proceeded their stroll through the park talking about school and future plans. They talked about Sara’s dream to go to Princeton and become a writer. They discussed her work and the recent story Michael had read and believed she should get published. He could tell Sara was very unsure about the idea and he figured after living with Jane and her family and being told she wasn’t good enough at anything she was starting to believe it herself. He felt anger growing in the pit of his stomach for how Jane and her family could treat Sara after all she had been through at such a young age.

“I’m out of there is a few months anyway, once I turn eighteen and graduate I’m out of there. What I’ll do after I have no idea, school isn’t cheep and I’m only making so much for working at the book store.”

They moved on to talk about Michael and how after his mother died he gave up on school and let his grades slip. For a while he didn’t see the point of school but over the last several months Veronica’s parent had been working to get him back on track and he even gave Sara some credit to his improving grades.

“Seeing what you go through and the strength you have, it amazing. You have so much hope for the future even though life hasn’t been easy for you. You are a brilliant writer and after reading your work and seeing you trying to reach your goals has got me thinking about what it is that I want, you know.”

The two discussed Michael’s interest in engineering and possibly pursuing a career in it. Sara seemed really curious about the idea and it got Michael feeling good about himself as he talked about engineering and what he wanted to do.

Checking his watched Michael realized that they had better be heading to the theatre for the movie. Getting up from the spot they had taken a seat by a tree Michael put his hands out to help Sara up and then gathered up their books. As they made their way back to Michael’s car they turned their conversation back to books and unlike at the beginning of the date the two walked closely beside each other looking very comfortable.

They placed their books into the trunk of the car and then Michael moved around to open up Sara’s door. Sara gave him a smile in thanks and Michael felt himself becoming nervous all of a sudden. He had been on many dates but even though this wasn’t suppose to be an actually date he couldn’t help but feel that he wanted this to be perfect.

Chapter End Notes:
there is a shock in the next chapter so stay tune! thanks for reading!