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Chapter 15- It’s All for the Money

(Sara’s POV)

Over the years everyone has been influenced to do something by others whether it was for a good reason or not. Peer pressure has impacted everyone at some point and we can’t help but try to please other’s. For the most part peer pressure usually involves doing something we are not comfortable doing normally.

It’s horrible to think that people can have this hold on us and make us feel awful and like we don’t fit in if we don’t follow the crowd. For the most part the situation isn’t at all fun for those involved, especially if you have no idea you were a involved in the situation to begin with. I know what that’s like and from where I was standing it seemed like it was too good to be true but at the same time it was a moment I actually liked because I felt more then just the invisible girl.

Peer Pressure can change everything, and make a person act differently to impress others. To make the decision less difficult we tend to push away our feelings and force ourselves to think away that is more expectable to our peers. No matter who could possible get hurt in the process.


Michael lay in bed Friday morning with Sara’s story in his hand, he had been up most the night reading it and trying to finish it, he had done not much else over the last couple days but read her story and to say he was amazed was an understatement. Her style of writing and the way she always kept him wanting more was incredible. He glanced over at his alarm clock to see the bright red digit numbers reminding him that he had to get up for school, but not until he finished the chapter he was on he told himself not wanting to put it down.

When he did finally drag himself out of bed he placed the stapled pages of Sara’s story on his bedside table and forced himself to get ready for school. He wasn’t sure how exactly he felt about walking into the school today. For one thing he knew Linc would be waiting at the front doors to see if Michael had Sara taken care of. A part of him didn’t feel right about what he was doing to Sara but he could also use the money.

Once dressed, he grabbed his backpack and headed out of his room and down the stairs. As he walked into the kitchen he found Veronica and her mother laughing about something as they made breakfast. When he entered the kitchen he could smell the bacon and eggs and he couldn’t help but smile. “Bacon and eggs made fresh, I’m guessing that all of Vee’s tests and assignments are done for spring break”

“You got that right!” Veronica said with a cheerful smile. With a skip in her step she made her way over to Michael and handed him a plate.

Michael couldn’t help but laugh at Veronica’s excitement and he could easily tell that she was stress free.

“Well I’m glad we can finally have the house back, your father, Michael and I have had to step over all your books and studies.” Veronica’s mother said as she walked over and put a hand best friend’s son who she had taken in after her death. “So Michael any big plans for your spring break?” she asked him.

“Nothing big, I have plans to night but not much else” he said and then with a smile Veronica’s mother left the room and left Michael and Veronica alone.

With her mother out of the room Veronica grabbed her breakfast plate and took a seat across form Michael with a curious smile on her face. “So plans to night huh?” Veronica said.

“Um yeah I have a date with Sara” Michael said softly.

“The girl who got you to finally cut that ungodly long messy hair and quit smoking? Please when can I meet this amazing girl able to tame you?” Veronica asked as she reached out and grasped hold of Michael’s hand.

“Well if you’re free you can meet her today after school” he told her him a smile. “I was wondering if you could maybe take her shopping for tonight. She doesn’t really have a very supportive family so I was hoping you could take her out and help her find an outfit for tonight.”

“Oh sure, I can pick her up after school and hand in my final essay” Veronica told him and then as both of them smiled the picked up their forks and ate the rest of their breakfast in comfortable silence.


Just like Michael had suspected Linc was standing just outside the school waiting for him. With his car parked Michael slowly walked up to the school with his hands stuffed in his pockets. When with Linc saw Michael approaching the school he gradually moved towards his brother.

“Hey man” Linc said once he stood in front of Michael, “So this thing with Sara…”

“It’s done” Michael answered quickly, “She won’t be a problem for Jane tonight”

“Alright that’s great” Linc said with a smile and patted Michael on the back.

“The money?”

Linc nodded and reached into his bag and pulled out a small white envelope. “You get half now and half after,” Linc instructed. “Just keep her out of the house” Linc added and then turned around and left Michael standing their holding the envelope filled with cash. Quickly he stuffed it into his bag and with a huff made his way into the school.

He past all the chattering kids as he made his way down the hallway, his mind was swarming with so much and felt a headache coming on. He was so busy with his own thoughts he wasn’t paying much attention but when he looked up and down the hall he saw Sara standing there by her locker with that Lance kid. He watched as she was putting textbooks into her locker and seemed to have a slight smile on her face.

His eyes stayed on her and not paying much attention to those around him, so were caught off guard when James Whistler and Fernando Sucre came up behind him and wrapped their arms around his shoulders. “Yo Mike did you not hear us calling you” James asked.

Michael was still only half paying attention to his friends as they talked but when they called out his name again he finally looked up at them, “What?”

“Are you paying any attention to us? I said do you want to come back to my place tonight and try out the new stuff I picked up? James asked.

Michael turned to look at his friend and shook his head, “James I told you already, and I don’t do drugs anymore. I promised my aunt I wasn’t going to do that shit anymore” Michael told him as he turned on his feet heading the opposite way of Sara.

“Yea and apparently you don’t smoke either? What the hell is going on with you?” Sucre asked his friend as they followed him.

“I guess I’m just over it” Michael said shrugging his shoulders

“Yea and have moved on to that freak redhead, I don’t even know her name” James said with a laugh.

“Shut up, her name is Sara and she isn’t important” Michael assured them.

“You have been spend a lot of time with her and your brother, who the last time you said you hated” Sucre said standing in front of Michael so he couldn’t walk away. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing” Michael said with a nervous laugh.

“You’re not, I mean you and her”

“Oh god no Sucre don’t even think that” Michael snapped and shook his head. “Listen my brother is paying me to take her out and keep her busy. She means nothing to me, all I want is the money,” Michael told him.

“Well that’s good because we all including Gretchen thought you were, you know” James said with a laugh.

“Don’t worry that will never happen, I take her out tonight and I make more then four hundred bucks and then we are going to party” Michael said with a mischievous smile.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about” James said excitedly and patted Michael on the back. “Saturday night we are going to get hammered!”

Michael laughed with his friends and then after clapping their hand together as the bell rang to let student know to go to class the three went their separate ways. Once Michael was away from his friend his fake smile fell from his face and he turned to see Sara heading to her class with Lance.