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Story Notes:

There will be a lot of suffering in this story, it will be very dark, so do not read any further if this upsets you. I was inspired by many things for this and if you decide to read, enjoy.

Michael was in his cell thinking about why he was in this awful place. He had sacrificed everything for his innocent brother, but really, was it worth his life and sanity? He loved Lincoln very much, but this place was some sort of hell. He had heard all of the stories, the ghost stories and many more horrors, he even researched them but he did not believe in ghosts and demons. There was a story about two brother imprisoned together many years ago, they were loyal as brothers should be, but one day, they both cracked, and when the CO’s found them, it appeared they had killed each other in a fight that could not be explained, especially since the submissive brother seemed to have done the most damage to the dominant. The Rousseau brothers had apparently been sighted years after their deaths, hovering, unleashing their madness on other inmates, causing more unexplained havoc and death. Another story was of a death row inmate, he was executed on the chair, innocent claims were made right until he was strapped down to the chair and the switch was pulled. His innocence was proven moments too late and his angry ghost is said to still haunt the execution house. There are many other stories but Michael laughed at them, taking them for prison paranoia. The prison was old and had much history, some of the buildings dated back to the 1800‘s, but it was most important that he got his brother out of it. He did not care for the ghost stories, his cellmate, however was constantly praying for protection and waking in the night to a noise. Michael had a plan to break out, it was near impossible, the prison was on an island. Not only would they have to escape the prison walls but the island itself. He was going to get him and his brother onto one of the CO’s transport ships where they would set sail off the island in search of them, effectively taking them to the mainland. It was risky but it could work. All they had to do was get to the docks. If only it were that easy. One night when Michael was laying awake, he heard a scraping noise that sent a chill down his spine.

“What was that?” Sucre said and Michael heard him sit bolt upright. They heard it again and Michael got out of his bunk and went to the bars. He looked down to the bottom tier to see other inmate looking out after hearing the noise.

“Yo, Fish, was that you, making that noise?” C-Note asked but Michael ignored him. They heard the scraping again. “CO’s! There’s something in hear, you gotta let us out!”

“Nice try rughead,”
“Shut the fuck up hillbilly, didn’t you fucking hear that?”

“I was busy,” T-Bag replied with a dirty laugh, followed by another from his young cellmate. The other inmates heard something now and were all shouting at the CO’s to come in and do something.

“You gotta let us out!”

“We aint fooling around here!”
“For fuck sake! Argh!” Michael heard the sound of a blade slashing and then the gargling of blood.

“Oh shit! Something just got -” they heard another slashing sound and then a cry of pain.

“What is it, Papi, can you see anything?” Sucre asked terrified.

“No nothing, but something’s going on,”

“No shit!”

“Let us out! CO’s, let us out!” the buzzer sounded and the gate to the block opened and in walked a CO.

“If you don’t shut the fuck up, I’m gonna -” Michael saw something move so fast towards the CO, and then before it could register, the CO’s head was on the floor and his body was following.

“Oh my God,” Michael said, stepping backwards, he could barely stand, his legs were weak, he was unsure if he had even seen what he had. That thing was killing the men in this block, whatever it was. Sucre looked at him, he saw Michael’s eyes, wide, blue pools of despair and horror.

“What did you see, bro?” he asked, not wanting to look for himself.

“I.. don’t actually know…” he trailed off, he had to do something other than stare at the bars in fear, “Quick, over here,” he unscrew the toilet and pulled it away from the wall.

“What the hell?”
“I’ll explain later, we have to get out of here,”

“What about the other guys?”

“There isn’t much we can do for them”

“But you’re gonna get your brother, though, right? That’s fucked if you think I’m leaving my family out there!”

“Well stay and die with them!” Michael replied. The buzzer sounded and the cells opened. “It’ll be safer this way, trust me,” Michael told him. Sucre looked at him and then at the tier where he saw the other inmates running frantic to get out. He decided Michael’s way was best, so he followed him through the hole.

“I told you, I fucking told you, this shit is real, Papi, fucking real, ghosts and shit, they do exist, they do, Papi,” Sucre mumbled as they crawled through the walls.

“There’s gotta be another explanation. Ghosts, Sucre? No.” Michael laughed.

“You saw that, down there, man, your face said it all, you know it wasn’t something human”

“It happened so fast, I don’t know what I saw, Sucre”

“Something’s going on, Papi, something bad, I can feel it. Its evil, I can feel evil”

“Sucre, you so…” Suddenly Michael was gripping his head, he could hear laughter echoing through his mind, it was psychotic, and it was giving him a splitting headache.

“What is it?” Sucre asked him but Michael was busy fighting the laughter from his mind. He’s a stupid Christian, he’ll slow you down, you don’t need him, lose him! A voice mixed into the laughter, it was cruel, cold and soulless, it seemed to suck some goodness out of him. He cried out as the laughter got louder in his mind and then suddenly it stopped. He gasped and then looked around at Sucre.

“What just happened?”
“Did you hear that?” Michael asked him, his face pale.

“Hear what? The screaming?” Michael listened for the screaming, it disturbed him, and that voice, it had only been for him. He continued on, perhaps it was stupid to believe that there was a logical explanation. Perhaps this place was evil. The sounds of screaming men, gunshots from CO’s shotguns, the panic all faded as they neared the end of the walls. There was a door, they opened it and realised they only had the choice to re enter the cell block via a vent. Sucre looked at Michael.

“You told me to trust you,”
“And so you should” Michael replied and climbed through first. He saw they were outside the block and Michael saw the men were still caged inside. He walked into the control room, littered with CO bodies and he hit the button, freeing the men. He could not just leave them inside, they ran free through the other gate. He faced the door to Sucre who was staring at the bodies, mutilated, faces contorted in horror. He was rubbing the cross around his neck, his lips moving to a silent prayer. Michael went to the desk and opened a drawer, he found a handgun and took it out, with the bullets. What the hell was he doing? He asked himself. Sucre finished up his prayer and went to a CO body, picking up the shotgun beside it. He cocked it.

“Now I feel better, Papi,” he said and Michael forced a smile, feeling like a real criminal holding the handgun. He hoped that he would not need to use it. “Oh God!” Sucre gasped and Michael looked around at what he was seeing. “What the hell is that?” Michael looked at the security monitor and stepped closer disbelieving of what he saw.

Chapter End Notes:
Let me know how the first chapter went, if it sounds rubbish, be honest and tell me, it is a very out there idea, I just want to see how it goes.