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Story Notes:

This is my attempt at a more mature story. I have a feeling it will be a long one. I hope anyone reading sticks with it

Author's Chapter Notes:
Hope you like the first chapter. Please review after so I know if I should continue
After the office closed a group of the office men were going out for dinner a bit of an up market lads night. Michael Scofield was joined with his co-workers Nick Savrin, Paul Kellerman, Alex Mahone and Daniel Hale. They sat around a table drinking whiskey and smoking cigars or cigarettes whatever they fancied. Michael was a little tired of this ad exec lifestyle. He needed something to pick himself up every now and then. They all did really and they all held their own dark secrets. He supposed they all led double lives. They all liked a good party when one came their way. Danny came back from the toilets rubbing his nose a little. He sat down. Michael cleared his throat to get his friends attention then touched his own nose discreetly to indicate to his friend that he still had white powder around his nostrils.
“Shit!” Danny said as he wiped it away.
“Another round, fellas?” Alex asked and ordered one anyway.

“So I had this pompous prick today, he wanted me to draw up some sketches on the spot. He told me his ideas and the fucking asshole told me, no practically ordered me to draw up the whole campaign then and there!” Paul ranted. Michael looked at the door of the restaurant where he heard a little commotion. He saw the doorman refusing entry of a group of Puerto Ricans who were not dressed very smart and clearly not from this part of the city.
“What’s going on?” Nick asked.
“it’s the fucking riffraff from across town, they think they can fucking live alongside us, they’re fucking deluded!” Paul said as the Puerto Ricans walked away giving in to the refusal. “Yeah that’s right go back to your crumbling old neighbourhood!” Paul said quite loudly. Alex plonked a glass of whiskey in front of him and handed him a cigar.

“Calm down,” he said smiling.
“I am calm!” he snapped.
“Clearly” Nick replied sarcastically.
“Nick, how’re you and Veronica doing?” Danny asked and Michael’s ears picked up. He smiled at his friend.
“Great, she’s amazing.” amazing alright, Michael thought when he knew that since the Christmas party at the office, Veronica had been getting it on with his older brother. He felt bad for keeping that secret from his friend but he wanted nothing less than to cause trouble. “What do you guys think about me asking to marry her?”
“Well you don’t have to ask us permission!” Alex said.
“You know what I mean, do you think she’d say yes?”
“If you ask me, marriage is a big mistake, it kills all the passion” Danny said. Michael had to agree. He was not married and never had been but knowing what he knows about Veronica and Lincoln, Nick asking her to marry him would be the worst idea.

“He’s right. I seen it too many times to care for marriage at any point in my life” Michael added to the conversation hoping to influence Nick.
“Yeah, its better to be a bachelor, eh?” Paul said and nudged his friend with his elbow.
“What, when your eighty?” Alex laughed. Michael smiled and took a drag on his cigarette.


They went to a club after the restaurant. Alex and Michael chilled by the bar while the other three chatted up women. He noticed a woman dancing and was immediately entranced by her. He recognised her from work. He thought she might be a secretary or something. He downed his current drink and took note of what she was drinking and ordered himself another and her one. He took it to her, cutting through the dancers. He handed her the drink. She looked at him.

“I don’t accept drinks from strangers. You can never be too careful.” she handed him the drink back. He stood watching her slink away through the crowds. He put her drink on the side and gulped his down and followed her.

“Wait, you don’t have to accept my drink, what’s your name?”
“What is this? Drink, name, number? Or drink, name, a fuck, number, I’ll never call you again?” she asked with a flirtatious grin on her face.
“I was thinking more like, drink, name, number, dinner,” he smiled charmingly. She looked away, her eyes fluttering with flirtation and attraction.
“Let’s start with that drink” she said and disappeared to the bar. He followed her and bought her another so she could watch that he was not putting anything in her drink. She swiped it up and took a sip.
“I’m Michael”
“Sara” she smiled.
“I work at Tancredi Enterprise. I’m an ad exec there” he said.
“Oh really?” she smiled grinning to herself and taking a sip of her drink.


Michael and Sara shared a taxi home after they established they lived in the same neighbourhood. He asked the taxi to hold while he walked her to the door. They stood at it while she fumbled in her bag for her keys.

“It was nice meeting you tonight, I do hope we can go out for that dinner,” Michael said to her. She flashed him a smile. “Do I get a kiss?” he asked
“A kiss?” she replied and then kissed her hand and blew it to him “make it last” she replied as she found her keys and opened the door. “See you around Michael Scofield.” she slipped inside and closed the door on him. She wondered what his face would be like when he realised that she was his bosses daughter. She would give him something though, he was not like most of the smarmy ad execs her father had working for him.
Chapter End Notes: