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Story Notes:
I apologize already for my typing mistakes I'm actually from Iceland.Thanks for reading :)
Author's Chapter Notes:
This is only short intro!
Hope you like it.

Jessica's school day just ended it was a beautiful sunny day in California. She was walking towards her car when somebody interrupted her.

"Sorry, but are you Jessica ?" a man asked.
"Depends.I'm kinda busy right now so .."
"This might sound a little strange, but I know some information about your dad."
"About my dad? I think you have the wrong person." Jessica Shouted back and got inside of her car.
Jessica was starting her car when the man started yelling.
"Wait ! This is really important.I know you’re dad, because I'm his brother. I know everything about you too Jessica Liliana Burrows. I know that your mother was Meredith Smith and I know that you live with your aunt!" Michael shouted.
"What? Burrows?" Jessica was really confused by now
"I have your birth certificate with me" Michael handed it to Jessica.
" I m a bit confused right now,please just leave.Why would you come up to me after all these years? and after all my dad is dead !" Jessica was shouting and she slammed the certificate back to Michael.
"Because they are lying to you! You re dad isn’t dead."
Michael took a picture out of his pocket and showed it to her.In the picture was a little baby and a beautiful woman .
"Where did you get this? This is me and my mom ."
"Your dad took that photo.I'm asking you to come with me to get a cup of coffee or something to listen me out, if you don’t want to hear it you can walk out."
She thought about it for a minute.
"Fine, but I am not leaving with you anywhere if I don't know your name."
"Michael. Michael Scofield"

After that Jessica got out of her car and went with him. She didn't know how this two minute conversation would affect her or her life.
That day Jessica was thinking while she was sitting in a chair tied up. That specif day she became hunted.