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Story Notes:
Fair 100 Words Drabbles as well as longer pieces posted as Michael/Sara one-shots.(Up to 5 700 words)
Author's Chapter Notes:
Name: The Wall Drabble Trilogy

Characters/Parings: Michael/Sara
Spoilers: S4 speculations
Genre: angst / romance
Word Count: approx.320
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Michael makes another wall and Sara discovers it.
The Wall – Part 1 (Michael’s POV)


The wall starts with a simple polaroid photo of a woman whoonly very few knew. He was robbed of that chance. That’s why that photo hangs there in the first place; a reminder of what he could have had if not for them.

Names, photos and notes add; all expanding the piece of art with a deadly finality.

The first wall was full of love, despair and hope. The second is of cold-blooded hatred and revenge. Marking the last act of a tragedy no one knows nor understands, this wall is not of life anymore. It’s a wall of death.

The Wall – Part 2 (Sara’s POV)


She looks at the wall and is shaken to her very core. Never did she see something as brilliant yet eerie at the same time.

Then her eyes catch the very heart of the masterpiece and her bottom lip starts to tremble. The photograph's black ink framing her face is worn-out. She subconsciously raises her hand and traces the fading colour with her index finger as he must have done hundreds of times before.

She wishes she could be happy about such a level of devotion and love. And still, her heart only constricts in pain for him and his grief.

The Wall – Part 3


She stares at the wall hypnotized, never hearing him enter.

„It’s not what you think.” He looks dismayed by her discovery.

“What do I think?”

“That I want to kill all these people.”

“Don’t you?”


“Why did you make this then?”

“Because I once wanted to.”

“But not anymore?” She sounds uneasy; fragile; scared. But also hopeful. He lowers his eyes.

“To be completely honest…I sometimes still do. For what they did to you.” His eyes rise to meet hers determinedly. “But I won’t.”

“What made you change your mind?”

“You. The fact that you deserve so much more. Deserve better than that.”