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Story Notes:

I know I am not a very good writer but I enjoy doing it anyway and I hope a lot that someone might enjoy reading.

Oh and I know the prison was called Fox RIVER not Fox Lake, I just thought Lake sounded good for a school instead of River and Fox River High, I believe has been used before. Hope eveyone is well :)

Every day at Fox Lake High was the same. The geek who cannot defend himself gets picked on and spends lunch and break in the library studying to keep himself company. The guys who slack in everything and don’t care about anything hang out by their cars or the basement stairs. The popular guys play football or find someone weak they can pick on. The popular girls sit around gossiping and talking about shopping and their boyfriends. The days went by the same as the last and the next but that was the way Fox Lake High went.

“Hey, watch it!” Michael yelled at Seth as they collided in the corridor.
“I’m sorry,” Seth muttered and went to gather his paperwork that had scattered when he walked into Michael Scofield. He scrambled to collect them but Michael kicked them out of the way and took Seth by his jumper and slammed him to the lockers.
“You will be sorry,” he threatened and his friends were gathering at his side to cause further intimidation. The bell for first lesson rang and the corridors emptied. “Light me up one, Nick,” he said and Nick Savrinn passed him a lit cigarette. Seth gulped as he watched Michael take a drag, his angry blue eyes continued to stare at Seth. Michael watched Seth cower at the sight of him holding a cigarette, he was recalling Michael’s reputation, many rumours with no truth of course but one had told of Michael burning some kid with a lit cigarette. He drew on another puff and then released Seth. Michael and his gang laughed as Seth tried to gather all of his work off the floor and hurry to class.
“So pathetic,” Sucre said walking passed the kid.

“Hey, Sara!” Paul Kellerman called and ran to catch up with her in the courtyard - both were late for class.
“Hey Paul, how are you?” she asked.
“How’d you fancy going to that party at Veronica’s house at the weekend?”
“I’d love to,” Sara replied.
“Cool! Pick you up at eight?”
“But I’m grounded,”
“Oh right,” he muttered disappointed.
“Gotta go, meeting Nika in the girls bathroom,”
“Can I come?” Paul joked raising an eyebrow.

“Quiet class!” Mrs Reynolds called. “Now would you please get out your science books and turn to page seventy two!” her shrill voice called.
“’Bout your age, aint it?” Sucre muttered loud enough so the class could hear but the teacher couldnot. The class was laughing.

“What is funny?” she asked sternly and Seth’s hand shot up but Michael’s fist slammed onto the table so he lowered it. Seth was not stupid enough to be telling the teacher it was Sucre, he was going to ask a question about the homework. He lowered his hand anyway at Michael’s violent request. “Sick of these stupid kids,” she muttered as she turned to the board and the children at the front heard and were snickering.
“Miss?” Michael asked.
“Is this an intelligent question Mr Scofield?”
“it’s a statement, miss, or an opinion perhaps,” she rolled her eyes and turned to face him.
“Very well,” she sighed.

“I don’t, personally think sex education is shown in enough detail, Miss Reynolds,” the class gave a small burst of laughter. Miss Reynolds crossed her arms and popped her hip, raising an eyebrow.
“Would you like me to get a couple up on the desk for a demonstration, Mr Scofield?”
“Yeah,” the class laughed again.
“God, your so pathetic,” Sara spoke up. “I don’t think you could handle it in detail!” she yelled and turned to face him. “Why don’t you give it a rest?”
“Since I’ve gone further than you in this particular part of life, I don’t think you can talk to me like that,” Michael replied.
“Does that make you some kind of god?” Sara asked mocking him. “What would you know about me anyway?” her voice reached a higher level. He raised an eyebrow.
“I know a lot more than you’d think.” he replied infuriating her.

“Enough!” Miss Reynolds yelled, “I am not interested in either one of your personal lives! Now get to some work!” Michael was still grinning at Sara who turned away from him, trying to calm her rage. Sara shot a glare at Michael but was further irritated by his grin.

“God! I hate that Michael Scofield!” Sara raged after class flipping her wavy copper hair as she did.
“Forget about him, he’s nothing,” Nika said to her. Nika was Sara’s best friend and had been since the start of school. They were both considered ‘babes’ and the boys usually settled an argument by saying Nika was the hottest but only because she was considered easy and almost everyone knew that Sara was a virgin.

“Michael Scofield is a low life! He’s scum, lowest of the low and his friends too, everyone knows that.” Their friend Gretchen Morgan said as she joined them. Veronica followed.
“Hey, Sara, has Paul asked you out yet?” Veronica asked.
“He asked me to your party at the weekend,”
“Really? What’d’ya say?” she asked enthusiastically.
“No I’m grounded,”
“And are you really?” Nika asked, knowing her best friend so well.

“No,” Sara replied, “he’s not my type,”
“Paul Kellerman is not your type? Are you crazy?” Gretchen yelled.
“You know what, all he wants from me is a fuck! That’s it!” Sara yelled, suddenly exploding with rage.

“Well clearly someone needs to get laid, maybe you should take him up on the offer,” Gretchen replied looking at her bitchily. Sara glared at her and stormed off. She went to take the elevator up to the science labs when Paul caught up with her.

“Lets go to class together,” he said grinning. A few other students caught the same ride up. One of them was Seth another was Michael, on his own. Sara thought this would be the worst elevator ride of her life. When the lift was going up Michael lit a cigarette.
“Not in the lift, bitch!” Paul spat.
“Who calling bitch?” Michael yelled taking a step forwards.
“I have asthma,” Seth squeaked from the corner.
“No one cares, dork!” Paul snapped and Seth went quiet. He did not know which of Michael and Paul he was scared of most. Paul and the rest of the jocks were cruel but Michael and his gang were just crazy. Either way, he kept quiet.

“Put it out!” Paul said referring to Michael’s cigarette.
“No!” Michael replied and Paul slapped his hand making the cigarette drop from it. Michael’s instinct was to take hold of him and throw him against the wall of the elevator. The lift broke down and the lights went out.
“Great going, Michael,” Sara said.
“Shut up!” he snapped.
Chapter End Notes:
Hope ya liked ;) Please let me know if you think its total crap, I really dont mind. But if your intersted to read the path I am taking this, then do let me know that as well. hehe. Love to hear from you guys