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Story Notes:
To start off with Michael and Sara aren't together yet and Lincoln isn't his brother. Other characters will be added as the story moves on. Rating is for future posts.

Whatever Life Throws at You

Summary: Michael is the Sheriff of a small town and gets some surprising news, in more ways then one. In this story Michael and Lincoln aren't brothers.

Being the sheriff of a small town was the best life for Michael Scofield. Fox River Hills didn't have much in crime, but it did have it's moments with drunks, minor fender benders, and bar fights. Michael sat at his desk going through some files when one of his deputies, Fernando Sucre came in.

" Good morning Fernando," Michael said.

" Morning sir," Sucre said.

Michael looked at Sucre and laughed.

" What's so funny?" Sucre asked.

" You don't have to call me sir," Michael told him," We've known each other for years, you can call me Michael."

Sucre smiled.

" Okay Michael," Sucre said," Where's Whistler?"

" He's on his way in," Michael said," He had a late night."

Sucre knew who Whistler might've been busy with, the girl he met at the bar last night.

" Do you know what's going on with him?" Michael asked.

" He met a woman at the bar last night," Sucre answered," Her name is Sofia. Whistler was drawn to her like the wind. I do have to admit, she's beautiful."

Michael sat back in his chair.

" So how's it going with you and Maricruz?" Michael asked.

Sucre again grinned, but said nothing. Maricruz Delgado was the love of Sucre's life, Michael has known that for years.

" You did it, didn't you?" Michael asked," You asked her to marry you?"

" And she accepted," Sucre answered," So what's on the agenda?"

" Not much going on here," Michael said," But I have a feeling something is about to happen."

Sucre got up.

" What makes you say that?" Sucre asked," Nothing happens here."

Just then someone came through the door. Michael stood up.

" May I help you?" Michael asked.

" That depends," the man said," Are you the sheriff of this town?"

" That's me," Michael said," Michael Scofield."

Michael extended his hand and the man shook it.

" Alex Mahone," Alex said," FBI. You haven't heard the news have you?"

Michael shook his head.

" There's a nationwide manhunt for some escaped convicts who broke out of Statesville in Virgina. Word is that they might be headed here."

Michael then remembered.

" I have heard about that," Michael said," What makes you think they'll come here?"

" I can't tell you that at the moment," Mahone said," Small town, easy to hide, especially if nobody knows you. These men are dangerous."

At that moment, James Whistler came through the door.

" Sorry I'm late sheriff," Whistler said.

Whistler then noticed Mahone.

" What's going on?" Whistler asked.

" Briefing on escaped convicts," Sucre said," They might be headed here. So what do we do?"

" Be on the lookout," Michael said," Is there anything else you can tells us Agent Mahone?"

Mahone sat down.

" The four men that broke out are now the most wanted men in America," Mahone said," One of them, has ties to this town."

" Who?" Michael asked.

Mahone showed Michael who.

" Lincoln Burrows," Mahone said," Seems that he discovered something about his past and he wants to find out if it's true."

Michael again sat down.

" We need to keep our eyes open then," Michael said," Starting now."

Mahone then got up.

" I'll be in town a few more days," Mahone said," I'm staying at the Fairfax Inn. I'll be in touch."

Mahone then left.

" Looks like we may have our work cut out for us," Sucre said," So what now Michael?"

" Keep our eyes and our ears open," Michael answered," This might be a small town, but we also have to be prepared for whatever crosses out path."