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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is quite a short chapter but I hope you enjoy it.

He woke in the middle of the night, he could smell food and saw a plate by the side of the table. He went to sit and then he noticed the princess asleep on a chair. That was not normal, a princess did not settle for sleeping on a chair while a slave took her bed. He looked at her a moment, the moonlight glimmered through the window, illuminating her beauty and her auburn hair that now fell loosely over her shoulders. She was not in her night dress but that would make this situation even more inappropriate. She was an amazing beauty, he could not help but let her steal his breath. His back felt a little better and he was able to sit up. He picked up the plate quietly so he would not wake the princess and he began to devour the best food, although cold, he had ever eaten. He wished he could give some to his brother and prayed so hard that he was surviving. After eating, he felt able to get out of bed, his feet touched the animal rug beside the bed and it was soft on his bare feet. He stretched his arms out, feeling all of his aches stretch and heal. The pain in his back was less and he looked at the princess again. She looked so pure but she was still the daughter of King Tancredi. He looked over and saw some clothes, male clothes, clean, crisp, smart even. Were they for him? He went to go to them but tripped up on the edge of the rug and crashed to the floor. The princess woke.

“Goodness, are you hurt?” she asked immediately rushing to his side and helping him up.

“I’m fine,” he said moodily but he was really quite embarrassed. She was not laughing at all but he felt embarrassed by his clumsiness. “I’m fine!” he snapped as she still fussed.

“I do hope so,” she said as she stood up straight. “Those… those are for you to wear, the clothes you have on are filthy, you may have a bath, and then change but maybe not until other servants are up, Katie will be here when the sun heightens.” she really was being kind. He almost felt like a rude peasant boy. Sara smiled, her plan had worked and the young slave met her eyes a little apologetically.

“Thank you,” he muttered. Finally some gratitude, she thought as she tried to conceal a smile that bordered on smugness.

Chapter End Notes:
Thanks for reading :)