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Michael was looking at Sara a while longer and he leaned back against the wall that was built up around the window. He winced and pulled away, he completely forgotten about his lash wounds. Tears were filling his eyes from the pain. She looked at him a moment.

“Oh dear,” she said, “please, let me take a look at them, I think they need to be checked and I should rub more lotion on the cuts, it soothes doesn’t it?” she asked.

“Are you sure, my lady?” he asked, knowing the action of her rubbing lotion onto his back was highly inappropriate.

“Of course,” she said and stood going to fetch the lotion. He slipped his shirt up over his head and she turned around with the lotion in her hands. She felt herself blush and fumble around like an idiot. Why did she insist on rubbing lotion onto his cuts? Here he was half naked before her and in the bathroom as before. She closed her eyes but when she did that she saw him standing by the tub, fully naked, fully handsome, and the perfect gentlemen.

“Err, Sara?” she heard him ask and she realised she still had her eyes closed tightly.

“Yes?” she asked eyes still closed.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Oh nothing, I got something in my eye,” she said convincingly.

“Allow me,” he said and stood but she jumped back, eyes still shut.

“No, stay away, I mean err, hmm, its nothing,” she said, her temperature was rising. “Oh my,” she muttered.

“My princess, is everything…?”

“Fine, its fine,” she said and then blinked her eyes open but she did not look at him, they looked at the floor. He was always handsome, but when he was half clothed, he sent her stomach into butterflies and her body temperature soaring into the sky. She felt all flustered again, the first time she had seen him half clothed, when she was soothing his cuts before, he had simply been an injured man in need. Now, after she saw him fully naked about to get into her tub, she was sent into a bumbling wreck. He was the first man she had ever seen naked, he was young, the same age as her probably, he was incredibly handsome, even when he was dirty. She did not know if she could touch him, rub lotion into his skin without fainting. She realised her breathing had increased and suddenly her dress seemed very tight, especially around her waist and chest. She went to go to him but then changed her mind, she was burning up.

“Whew,” she said, “I just need a minute,” she quickly hurried out of the bathroom and went to her balcony, opening the doors and standing on it, letting the cold rain pour down onto her, cooling her rising temperature. This surely was a change to their serious conversation minutes before, she was trying not to laugh at the situation, she had not expected to get flustered again and she wondered if it was normal to feel so out of control when a man is naked in front of you. Is it normal? She wondered why she felt unable to even look at him, surely that was not normal. He was only half naked, but she kept picturing his…!

“Oh my,” she said to herself. Now she was soaked and the water dripped off the ends of her hair but she was the princess, it did not matter and if he dared to question her. She hurried back in, wet dress trailing behind her. She met his eyes and he raised one eyebrow in question. “I… don’t you say a word,” she ordered to rescue her sentence. He was trying not to smirk at her as it would be disrespectful but she was dripping wet. She sighed and then sat behind him with the lotion in her hands.

“Are you sure you are alright, my lady?” he asked.

“I’m fine, I just… love the rain,”

“You know, when I took my shirt off, you went… rather strange,” he said.

“I…well…” he was now feeling uncomfortable and he could sense her hands hovering over his back and he felt a droplet of rainwater hit his flesh, that would be from her hair.

“If it embarrasses you, I can get Katie to do this,” he said seriously. Katie? Sara thought. Katie would take the advantage to feel the young unsuspecting man and probably grope his bottom whilst rubbing lotion onto him. She shook her head, spraying rain water over him.

“It does not embarrass me, slave, it just… its not even that, its…”

“Don’t worry, my lady, it’s alright. I just would hate to offend you, and if my body does so, then I do not want to expose myself to you,” how could his body offend her? It was purely a work of art, he was tall, lean, handsome, it was like he was made of wonder. He was the perfect man, but… he was a slave and why the hell was she thinking like this? Focus, lotion, wounds. She looked at his back, the cuts as ugly and sore as before, the only thing to mar his perfection. She gently, softly rubbed the lotion onto his back, massaging it into the wounds, slowly stroking her fingers over them. His back was perfectly arched over as he positioned himself leaning his hands on his knees so she could get to his back. A perfect arch, lean and muscular, perfect olive skin.

“Michael…” she started, her pulse was fast and her heartbeat pounded in her chest, she was getting warm again. “Michael, are you happy now? Here, I mean, are you happy working in the castle?” she asked.

“Yes, I just wish my brother was here too,” he replied.

“I can… check in on him everyday if you so wish,” he felt tears fall from his eyes and he was glad to have his back to her.

“Thank you, Sara, I would greatly appreciate that,” he muttered. She smiled to herself, she really felt for the young man, she wished that it would be acceptable to bring Lincoln here to work at the castle but she knew her father would make a stand at two slaves being brought here from his precious monument. She was rubbing the lotion into his skin and realised her hands were travelling lower, down to the bottom of his back, the waistline. There was a lash wound there so she soothed it but was blushing as she did so, tenderly rubbing the lotion in.

“Its done,” she said and he stood, and stretched himself, his back aching from being bent as she rubbed the lotion in. She saw his muscles flexing and his tall lean body reach out and stretch. She was mesmerised but then she was picturing him naked again so she shut her eyes tightly.




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