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Katherine smiled to herself and decided to check on the new addition to the castle. She slowly opened the door and poked her head round.

“Did you not hear me the first time?” The young man yelled but then he looked around from where he lay on the bed, “Oh forgive me I thought you were-”
“The princess?” he was very handsome, Katherine could see why Sara had chosen this slave to work for her.

“Yes.” he replied.

“I think you were quite unkind to our lady,” Katherine said.

“She deserved it!” He spat.

“Actually she does not,” The young man frowned at her. “my names Katie or Katherine to be proper,”
“Michael,” he said.

“Well Michael, Sara is nothing like her father, I enjoy serving her, I like to think of her as a friend and not just the lady I serve. I think you should show her a lot more respect the next time you see her. By the looks of you, she saved your life! If you cant give her a chance then you ask me, I say your life was not worth saving! Now, when you are fit I shall see you in the servant quarters until then, remember my words,” she left him.

Michael watched the servant woman leave, he was too angry to think about her words, he knew part of it was about giving the princess a chance but there was no way in this life or the next would he give a noble especially a royal any respect or any ounce of a chance. They all deserved to be treated like the vermin they were. He stared up at the inside of the bed, the roof of the four poster curtains. It was very rich, expensive, if sold would buy food for the entire kingdom, probably. A meal for each household. It disgusted him that he was lying in such a bed.


Sara was on a balcony in one of her rooms, she was looking out to another part of the castle, she could also look down onto the courtyard and see maids running the next errand, talking a walk through the elaborate courtyard. The king had statues in it and a pool of water in the centre where birds liked to bathe. It was beautiful and ivy grew up the walls and over one of the archways. This calmed her and she would go and see the young man she had rescued and act as kind and sweet as she possibly could, ignoring his venomous remarks. If they enrage her she will not show it and he would have nothing to feed his disgust and anger towards the rich and maybe he would run out of venom. That was all it would take. It was not her fault or choice that she was born a princess.



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