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Story Notes:

Here you go Vivian, this is for you, I hope you like it. I had written the first few chapters but they started towards being dark so I will try and sort it unless you dont mind that. I have finished Living The High Life now so I thought I would post this even though I have still got lots of other stories on the go. I really need to finish one of them soon. LOL. I think Rebels will soon be finished. I also want to get a sequel to Living The High Life posted, I have already wrote some parts to that. Anyway, please let me know if this is going in the direction you would like it. I wrote it for you Vivian and I do not want to disappoint. Also, Vivian, if you like fairy tales there is one on here by PBaddict4va and its called Happily Ever After? I havent read it but I remember when they posted it so check that out too.

Of course anyone else who reads this, please do enjoy it.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Please enjoy this. I hope it wont disappoint anyone, its not usually what I write about but I happily wrote upon request. Thanks Vivian ;)

Aldo sighed as he returned to their hut. He saw his two sons and his beautiful wife and they looked at him expectantly. He had been supposed to bring them food but there was none. He had none. He hated this part.

“The forest seems to be empty of game or anything for that matter, I’m sorry, we have to go hungry again,” he said. Lincoln stood out of his seat.

“We cant, father, not again, mother is weak, she needs food,”

“Its alright Lincoln,” she said putting a hand on his arm.

“Its not alright!” he snapped. Aldo sat and put his head in his hands. He was watching his wife starve, his two sons becoming more and more tired of everything. Life wasn’t supposed to be like this. Life wasn’t supposed to be in control of a tyrannous king. The city, which wasn’t even their city anymore was in his complete control. Aldo stood and went outside. He knocked on one of the other rebels hut door. They opened.

“Jane, have you got… I’m sorry I hate to ask-”
“You need food again?” he sighed and nodded shamefully. “I don’t have much myself, I barely have enough.”

“I understand,” he muttered.

“Wait,” she said and disappeared inside, she was back a moment later holding a dead rabbit. “Its not much,”

“That could be a couple of meals for just you,” he said astonished.

“I know, its alright I ate enough,” she smiled and he gratefully received the animal. He returned home and saw Michael pacing and Christina with her head in her hands.

“What’s wrong?” he asked and Michael looked at him, his deep blue eyes pained.

“It’s Lincoln, he‘s gone,”

“Gone? Gone where?” Aldo asked and slammed the rabbit onto the table.

“The city,”

“What? We’re banished he wont get passed the gates! He‘ll get himself killed!” Michael’s eyes were now filling with tears at his father’s words. Christina let out sobs, she was so weak she could not chase after Lincoln and Michael had tried but then his mother had fallen and needed him. She told him to get Lincoln but Michael refused to leave her side.


Lincoln had made his way into the forest, karts were always passing at this time to deliver to the city. He was so angry with everything, he was not angry at his father, it was not his father’s fault. It was the King. King Tancredi up in his castle with his pretty daughter all stuffing their faces while the rest of them starve. The poor people inside the city walls were living in such poor conditions that disease was sweeping through and they were all starved. His parents rebelled against the king and for this were exiled. They lived no better than the peasants inside the walls.

Lincoln saw a cart, he ducked behind a tree and waited. The slow moving vehicle passed him and he ran out and quickly climbed into the back. He was hidden by hay, this was a delivery for the farmers inside the walls. Their land outside but still, he would get in. it was unpleasant to be buried in the hay but if it meant saving his family from starvation then he would bear the discomfort.

Finally, the gates opened and the cart rolled in. The minute it stopped Lincoln peered through the hay and when he saw no one watched, he jumped out and brushed himself off. The cart was near the castle gates and so were others. He saw people unloading crates of food. Many crates and all just for the king. He looked at some of the peasants, skinny, sick, and envious of the food that was going to the king. How could he just let his people starve like this? Children! Lincoln saw a small girl and her brother, tiny they seemed, so skinny and sick, sitting among the filth of the streets. This was wrong! It only fuelled his want for committing this theft.

He walked towards a food crate and looked inside it, no one watched. He snatched some bread and stuffed it down his tunic top and then ran.

“Stop!” he heard. He had been seen. He pushed through the people, heading towards the gates that were still open for carts. He was almost there, almost, so close.

Suddenly he was tackled and found himself on the ground, the bread went flying and landed in some dirt. The people looked at it and then at the Kings man who had tackled the thief.

“Well the King wont want it now,” he said and the people all dived for the bread, sharing it out as far as it would go. The little boy had immediately gone to get some but being so small was pushed out of the way.

“Hey, hey! The kid, give him some!” Lincoln called as he was dragged to his feet. The boy got some and he looked at Lincoln in silent thanks and returned to his sister and they shared the small amount between them. It broke Lincoln’s heart but after what he did he doubted that heart would be beating much longer.

Chapter End Notes:
I hope you enjoyed the first chapter, I'd love to hear what you thought. :)