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~Chapter 7~

So far Sara’s first day was going quite well. Her first class was geography Sara sat with Jill. Her second class was Spanish and she found it very easy, She had been learning Spanish since she was three years old. Her parents thought it was important for Sara to be fluent in both English and Spanish, her French was also not that bad either.

It was only her first class and she felt as if she was on of the best in the class other then Sucre. They had Spanish together and when Sara walked in the door, Sucre had motioned her to sit with him. Sucre thought is was awesome to have someone else who spoke fluent Spanish. The two would talk in Spanish the whole class. It annoyed the guy on the other side of Sara, Brad Belick when he wasn’t able to understand her and get her answers.

Lunch followed after Spanish class. Sucre walked with Sara as she went to her locker and then they both headed for the cafeteria.

As they walked into the cafeteria they saw Jill waving to them and walked over. Jill had saved a seat beside her for Sara.

“I have to say, that was the best Spanish class ever,” Sucre announced. “Usually I spent the whole class trying to explain it to these people, but not anymore. I have my own Spanish buddy” he said all excited.

Sara laughed as she sat down.

The girl opposite to Sara smiled “Hi, I’m Kristine”

“Hi, I’m Sara”

A few minutes later Michael arrived at the table with someone else. “Hey guys, this is Ben” he told them.

“Hey” Ben smiled as he nodded his head.

The gang looks up and smiles at him as he sat down beside Michael.

“Oh Papi this is Sara!” Sucre said to Michael all excited bouncing in his seat.

“Hey” Michael smiled at her. “I’m Michael Scofield.”

Sara smiled at him and shook his hand. “So you’re the famous Sara I’ve heard so much about this morning” he chuckled as he started to eat his lunch.

“I guess so, and your the Michael that Sucre can’t stop talking about” she laughed.

“Oh god I hate English” Nika said as she took her seat beside Kristine. She looked around the table and saw two knew faces.

Jill introduced her to them. “Nika this is Sara and Ben”

“Oh hi” Nika said forcing a smile as she looked at Sara and then at Ben and back at Sara. She had to admit she was very pretty, but it only made her more jealous of her. Yet she decided to play nice. “So Sara, what middle school did you go to?” she asked.

“I didn’t go to middle school. I was home schooled. This is actually my first real school.”

“Really?” Michael asked sounding very interested.

“Yeah my family and I lived in small town and I was home schooled by my mom.” Sara told him.

“So why did you move to Chicago? Or continued being home schooled?’ Nika ask innocently.

Suddenly the smile was wiped off Sara’s face and she looked down at her food. Everyone seemed to notice that she was uncomfortable about the situation and decided to change the subject.

“So what class do you have next?” Michael asked.

“Ah science with Mr. Mahone” she told him.

Michael smiled “Hey so do I” he told her and Sara smiled. Nika watch them closely.

“Oh yay the three of us are going to have so much fun,” Jill said because she also was in the class.

As they ate their lunches they talked about how everyone's first day was going.

Suddenly they all went quiet. “Well, well look what we have here. A table full of niners, what should we do?” Lincoln teased. Beside him were Paul and Derek laughing at him full of enjoyment.