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~Chapter 61~

It amazing how quickly a person’s life change, one minute you think you have it all and the next a hug bomb drops on you. Linc sat in the dark in the basement staring at the wall in complete shock after his conversation with Lisa. It was less then an hour ago that she had come over to tell him the new and since then sat in the dark trying to wrack his brain around what he had just been told.


Lisa stood on Linc’s doorstep with her arms hidden behind her back and her shoes trying to dig into the porch. She had made eye contact with Linc only for a second when the door opened but after that she looked down at her shoes hesitating on what she was about to do.

Linc stood there holding the door open shock and confused to see Lisa standing on his doorstep. “What are you doing here Lisa?” he asked in a not too impressed tone.

“We need to talk,” she told him.

“Look I don’t know what your up to now but you need to go!” he told her firmly.

“Please” she pleaded as she placed her foot in the doorway to stop him from closing it on her. “I need to talk to you and once I’m done I’ll leave but there is something you need to know” she said in such a desperate tone.

Linc looked at her and couldn’t help but see how scared to looked. He had never seen Lisa Rix look like anything but confidant, pride, high class and the girl her had everything. Right now he looked at a lost and terrified Lisa and he couldn’t help but feel nervous about it. “What’s wrong?”

Glancing around at her surrounding and feeling very exposed from where she stood right now which wasn’t a place she wanted to explain things to him. “Not here, can I come in?” she asked him.

He was a little hesitant at first but finally obliged and opened up the door for her. The last thing he needed was for Veronica to look out her side window and spot Lisa on his porch. If he had any hope of getting back with Veronica he didn’t want anything to interfere with it. She stepped inside and Linc closed the door while Lisa paced in the hallway floor. “Okay Lisa what’s going on?”

Turning to look at him Lisa bit her bottom lip, “You might want to sit down”

“No you need to tell me what’s going Lisa, no offence but I really am not in the mood to listen to you today. Veronica and I are trying to work things out and I don’t need you…”

“I’m Pregnant!” she blurted out.

Linc fell silent and just stared at Lisa in complete shock. His jaw dropped and had to force himself to lean against the wall so he didn’t collapse. His eyes were wide open in disbelief his closed fist was pressed against his mouth trying to pray he had heard her wrong. Neither of them had said anything since Lisa dropped the pregnant bomb. she stood on the other side of the hallway watching Linc nervously for him to react but got nothing.

It felt like hours had past since they had spoken last and it was driving Lisa crazy not knowing what was going on in Lincoln’s head. “Lincoln…”

“How?” Linc snapped at her.

His question surprised her and with a confused look said, “How, what do you mean how?”

“It was just one time and we used protection!”

“Yeah well a condom isn’t 100% effective” Jane explained as she took a few steps towards him.

‘No, no this has to be some kind of joke! You can’t be pregnant I’m planning on getting back together with Vee!” he yelled at her.

“I not joking around Linc” she cried and the stuffed the ultrasound picture into his hands. “Look I didn’t come here to start anything or cause problems, I just thought you should know considering it’s yours but I’m not expecting anything from you” she told him.

“So you’re keeping it!” Linc asked.

“Yes but I’m not pressuring you to do anything” she told him.

“Well whether I like it or not if you tell people your pregnant people are going to put two and two together!” Linc yelled. “God I’m trying to get back together with Veronica I don’t need this!” and then it hit him, how was he suppose to tell Veronica the girl he loved that the person she couldn’t stand was pregnant with his baby. “Oh god Veronica, this is going to kill her.”

“Look you don’t have to tell Veronica anything, no one has to no it’s yours”

“Lisa people know we slept together it’s only a matter of time people start figuring this out, god how could you let this happen!”

Lisa’s jaw dropped in shock that he was blaming this all on her. “Well if I remember correctly you were there two Lincoln! Look forget it just forget I told you!”

“Forget! This isn’t something you can just forget Lisa!”

“Well what do you want me to do?” I gave you an out so take it!” Lisa yelled at him and then quickly grabbing her purse she headed for the door and slammed it shut behind her leaving Linc alone and to think over everything that had just happened.

*End of Flashback*

Sitting back on the couch Linc buried his face in his hands trying to figure out what to do. That one mistake had completely changed his life.

For the rest of the week Linc had complained of being sick so to avoid going to school and having to face everyone. Although no one knew about the pregnancy he couldn’t bring himself to look at his friends including Veronica. This news was going to crush her, he could picture her shocked and sad face when he would break the news that he was having a baby with not only another woman but with someone she hated.

Trying to keep his mind busy with other things he went to the basement to play a little game of pool by himself. The plan wasn’t working and he just seemed to get frustrated as he couldn’t get the balls to go in the hole. Letting out a loud grunt in anger he threw the pool stick at the wall by the stairs and just missed Paul and Derek by a few inches as the two came down the stairs. “Whoa man what’s wrong with you?”

Glaring at his friends Linc scratched the back of his head and then walked over to collapse on the old gray sofa. Paul and Derek watched him closely and both gave the other a worried glances as they saw their friend look lost and helpless. Continuing down the stairs the two boys hurried over to Lincoln wondering what was going on. “When you said you didn’t feel like partying tonight we came right over” Paul explained.

“What’s going on Linc?” Derek added grabbing a stool and taking a seat in front of Linc.

After sitting there in silence for what seemed like forever as he looked down at his feet contemplating how he should explain this he let out a troubled sigh. The was only on way to do this, deciding to rip off the band aid of this secret he whispered very quietly, “Lisa’s pregnant.”

At first both Paul and Derek thought they had heard wrong but when they both realized what Linc had said a look of panic showed on their faces. “What are you sure? How? Is it yours?” Linc heard his friends start to ramble on and throw like a hundred questions his way trying to get all the facts.

“Oh god what the hell are you gonna do and what about Veronica man?” Paul yelled.

“Fuck I know I know!” Linc yelled back as he jumped off the sofa and began pacing the floor. He was so stressed out and his body was tense as he tried to think what to do. There was no way out of this and whether he liked it or not Lisa was pregnant. “God I mean how the hell does one stupid idiotic mistake change everything. One minute I’m thinking on planning to get Veronica back and the next thing I know Lisa’s fucking knocked up and now what?” he yelled at Paul and Derek not really sure if he wanted an answer from them or if he was just venting. “What am I suppose to do?” he whispered as he leaned against the far wall and slid down into a huddled position.

Sitting there is silence with his head down Linc didn’t even move nor did Paul and Derek who were still dumbstruck by the whole thing. Suddenly as Linc was hunched over he heard the front door open upstairs and the sound of keys being dropped on the front hall table. “Hello?” Linc heard his mother call and then just like that his heart started to pound faster and faster. He knew what he had to do whether he like it or not. He had to tell his mother and face the disappointment in her voice to come. The only thin harder then telling his mom was telling Veronica.


For Sara and Michael it was another late night at the library as the worked frantically to finish their project. The two were huddled over by a computer in the corner finishing the last minute touches to their project. “There I think that just about finishes it” Sara said cheerfully.

“Finally” Michael whispered close to Sara’s ear as he ran his fingers across the back of Sara’s neck and let his hot breath tickle the side of her face causing Sara to giggle in delight. When he heard her laugh Michael couldn’t help but chuckle and kiss her shoulder. “It will be nice to be done school for the summer” Michael said his head rested on her shoulder while he read their paper on the computer screen.

“You’ve got that right” Sara told him and then turned to kiss his forehead. “But seriously I think our prison Fox River will defiantly get an A” she told him.

“Well unless we print it and hand it and do the presentation we’ll never know so lets print this puppy” Michael said happily as he clapped his hands together and headed to the printer while Sara pressed print on the computer. After clicking okay she felt a huge weight being lifted off her shoulder. Getting up from her seat she walked over to the table where her and Michael as all their work spread out. Gathering up their papers she put them in her bag and then looked around for Michael knowing he should be done by now.

“Michael” she called as she left her bag and their stuff behind and headed over to the printer over by the bookcases looking for him. Glancing around the area she jumped a bit when someone took her by the waist and twirled her around and pressed her body against the bookcase. Sara couldn’t help but smile as she realized it was Michael and wrapped her arms around his neck. “What is this?” she asked just before Michael leaned in and kissed her.

Sara heard herself moan and let her body relax into his as his hands trailed up and down her sides. When he pulled away she whimpered in protest and Michael just smiled at her as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a paper origami rose and held it in front of Sara’s face. She couldn’t help but smile as she accepted the rose and brought it to her nose as if to smell it and twirled it in her fingers. “You really need to show me how to make one of these,” she told him.

“I’ll get right on that” Michael said with a chuckle as he leaned in again for another kiss and this time slowed it down and held Sara even closer as the kiss deepened. Pulling her closer his hand ran up the side of her body and into her soft silky auburn hair. Her heart was racing with excitement and her arms tightened around his neck enjoying the pleasure.

“Just imagine a summer of you and me lying around the pool in the hot sun, wearing nothing about bathing suit, late nights together and doing what ever we want” Michael whispered in a hot husky voice that made Sara’s toes curl in excitement.

“Sound like heaven, let’s get this project handed in and finished our exams” Sara whispered in his ear before pulling him back in for another passionate kiss.

After collecting their finished paper and the rest of their belongings Michel and Sara ran to the library exit hand in hand. Both were very touchy and flirty with the other as they headed out into the parking lot twirling around in each other’s arms. Sara giggled as Michael would swing her out and then pull her in close for a kiss. His arms helping to support her as she was walking backwards down the street as they kissed.

He loved the way she giggled around him, it was so refreshing and he couldn’t get enough of her. Cupping her face he pulled her in for another kiss while also trying to stop her from falling while she walked backwards with her arms around his torso. “If I fall or run into something it’s your fault” Sara warned him as she is not quite exactly sure where she’s going. “I’m watching” Michael laughed. As they continued the kiss Michael glanced behind Sara and then started to freak out. “OH MY GOD WATCH OUT!!” he called out pulling her closer to his body.

Sara jumped and let out a scream and grasped hold of Michael as tightly as possible and didn’t dare to look to see what was behind her as she pretty much crawled on top of Michael in the process. Suddenly the sound of Michael laughing made Sara look up at him all confused and when she turned to see what was behind her she saw nothing, they were alone on the street. “GOSH DON’T DO THAT!” Sara cried as she slapped Michael’s chest in disapproval of his little joke. “I thought I was going to hit something.”

“Your face was priceless” Michael said while his laughing had yet to stop.

Glaring at him with the coldest look she could do she turned her back to him and started walking away from him trying to show how angry she was. Yet her anger went away when Michael ran up behind her and wrapped his arms around her while the walked and kissed the side of her face trying everything he could to get her to smile and unfortunately for Sara she couldn’t keep the straight face. “I’m sorry,” he said against the side of her face.

“You should be” Sara told him and when she looked up she noticed they were now in front of Michael’s house. It was dark but when they looked at the house they saw a light on in the kitchen and they were loud voices coming from the house and Michael was sure it as yelling. “I wonder what’s going on?” Sara asked still in Michael’s arms standing there looking at the house.

“I’m not quite sure” Michael answered her as he took her hand and lead her up the driveway to the front door while Sara held on to their project bristle board. The closer they got the louder the yelling got, Michael glance back a Sara as they stood a the door wondering what Linc must of done because they hardly ever got is fights with their mother. With a deep breather Michael turned the door hand and then pushed it open. As they stepped inside he could hear his brother and mom in the kitchen just down the hall. “Wonder what Linc did now?” Michael said softy to Sara.

Suddenly catching both teens off guard Michael’s mother heard the front door shut and saw Michael and Sara standing there. “WHERE HAVE YOU TWO BEEN?” she yelled at her younger son.

Michael was a little shocked by her outburst considering he had called her earlier to explain how he was going to the library with Sara to finish their project. Holding up their Bristol board that Sara had just leaned against the wall Michael answered, “The library like I told you.” He was still confused as to what was going but only got a nodded from his mother before walked back into kitchen with Linc.

“God Linc how could you be so careless” Christina moaned as he paced the floor looking exhausted.

“I didn’t do it on purpose, I mean it not like I woke up that day and said hey I think I’ll get Lisa Rix pregnant today” he snapped back.

“Lisa’s pregnant!” came Michael’s voice and both Linc and Christina turned ort see Michael and Sara standing in the kitchen doorway now.

“Shut up Michael!” Linc yelled.

Feeling like she was intruding Sara stepped behind Michael and tapped him on the shoulder. As Linc went back to arguing with their mom Michael turned to Sara. “Look I think it’s best I go, it’s getting late so I’ll see you tomorrow” she whispered. Still in complete shock of the news he had just heard about Linc Michael nodded his head and gave Sara a quick kiss before she headed for the door and left quietly.

Turning back to his brother and mother he saw them both fighting tears although Linc would defiantly deny it later. “Okay I need to go lie down this conversation is making my head spin” their mother said and then quickly left the room and headed upstairs where she slammed her door.

Still full of anger although not sure are who, maybe himself Linc grabbed a plastic cup from the counter and threw it at the wall. Michael watch his troubled brother as he rubbed her forehead trying to figure out what to do and left the kitchen and went to collapse on the sofa then bury his face in his hands out of total exhaustion. Quietly Michael followed his older brother and went and sat next to him trying to give him the support he need at the moment. Patting his back Michael comforted his brother as he finally let the tears he could no longer hold back fall. “I don’t… I don’t know what I’m going to do” Linc cried, “God the only thing I do know…”

“Is that you’re going to be a father,” Michael said softly.

“I’m going to be a father.”