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~Chapter 60~

Slowly walking down the isles of a local drugstore Lisa scanned the variety of products available. Passing the front window she looked out in the parking lot and saw Amy sitting in her car waiting for her to return. Turning up another isle she found what she was looking for, kneeling down she glanced at all the different brands and as she stared at them she got a headache. All these different brands and all claiming to do something different then the next so she had no idea which one she should get. “Clearblue, Predictor, First Response, what the hell one do I want” Lisa grunted fiddling with the numerous boxes. “Oh fuck this,” she hissed as she annoyingly just picked one and headed to the front counter.

She felt like her whole life was flashing before her eyes and how everything she ever knew was about to change if this test came out positive. She had no idea what to do, She had so much going for her and it all seemed to be getting further and further from her with each step she took towards the counter. Her parents would give her the whole “We are disappointed speech” and if that wasn’t enough Lincoln who was no doubt the father wasn’t talking to her and seemed to be patching things up with Veronica.

Holding the pregnancy test in her hand she walked over to the elderly woman cashier and placed the box down on the counter. Lisa kept her head down so she could avoid looking at the old ladies piercing eyes as she scanned the pregnancy test and placed it in the bag. Biting her lips she handed the lady a twenty and then quickly snatched her brown bag and headed for the door. As she flung the glass door she wasn’t really paying much attention and ran right into Jill.

The brown bag fell to the floor and Lisa started to panic as Jill reached down to pick it up. “Oh sorry” Jill said quickly without realizing who it was. When she stood back up holding the shopping bag she saw Lisa standing there and the two of them stood there glaring at each other.

“Excuse me” Lisa snapped as she grabbed her bag from Jill’s hand and pushed past her then stormed over to her car and climbed in. Pulling the passenger door shut once she was in, Lisa tossed the brown bag in between the seats and starred straight ahead while Amy started the car. As they pulled out of the parking lot Lisa starred out her window and contemplated about how this one test could change her life forever.

They went back to Lisa’s house and as Lisa was in the bathroom Amy sat on Lisa’s bed nervously waiting for her friend to return. Looking around the room it was full of pictures of them through over the years. They did everything together cheerleading, modeling, vacations and a lot of other family things together. They were more then just best friends they were like sisters.

Hearing the doorknob on the bathroom door start to turn Amy sat up straight as a puffy eyed Lisa rejoined her in the bedroom. “It’s going to take a minute,” Lisa said quietly as she placed the pregnancy test on the dresser then set the timer before moving to sit on the floor at the bottom of her bed. “God I can’t believe this is happening” she sobbed covering her eyes with her hands.

Sliding off the bed Amy wrapped her arms around her friend, “It’s going to be okay, and we’ll figure something out together.”

Tears were running down her beat red face she sobbed as she imagine how her life could change so drastically by the result of this test. “I can’t be pregnant, I mean I’m seventeen I have my whole life ahead of me, oh my god I will be kicked off the cheerleading team,” she cried.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself there is a chance is it could be negative and this is just a false alarm” Amy told her friend as she consoled her.

“Amy, I’ve missed my period it’s not just late, I’ve been really tired lately and on top of that I have been sick for almost two weeks. All signs point to pregnancy” Lisa cried.

Sitting in the floor together the girls wrapped their arms around each other waiting for Lisa’s fate to ring out. It was the longest minute of her life but as the timer started to ring Lisa found herself frozen and unable to get up off the floor to see the verdict.

“Okay it’s time” Amy told her and helped Lisa to her feet and together the girls walked over to the dresser and gazed down at the stick to find out the results. Staring down at the pregnancy stick Lisa covered her mouth and gasped in terror. “Oh my god I’m pregnant!”


With the warm spring weather finally upon them the gang wanted to spend as much of their time outside as possible. The school days were numbered, which meant soon summer would be here again and they could say goodbye to homework, textbooks, assignments and teachers running their lives. Taking the basketball out of the garage for the fist time since last summer the guys played a little three on three while the girls sat on Jill’s lawn listening to music and tanning in the sun. Bouncing the ball on the driveway Linc tested the air in the ball and making sure it was in good shape to play. “So are you ladies sure you don’t want to join in?” Linc ask bouncing the ball on the sidewalk by Veronica and the others feet.

“No we’re quite comfortable right here, but if you don’t mind your blocking our sun” Veronica said without moving from her tanning position that was now shaded by Lincoln’s shadow

With a smile Linc shook his head and moved away so they were now lying in the sun and bouncing the ball he rejoined the guys. “Okay, me, Michael and Sucre vs. Paul, Derek and James” Linc called out “And we’re skins!”

“Ooo show time” Jess laughed as she pushed her upper body up to watch Michael, Linc and Sucre strip from their shirts.

“JESS!” Sara laughed

“Hey tell me what’s sexier, sun tanning or guys running around all hot and sweaty shirtless?”

“She’s got a point Sara,” Katie laughed as she also sat up to watch the guys try and show off.

Linc glanced over at the girls and notices Veronica eyeing him and he couldn’t help but smile. Tossing his shirt to the side he gave her a wink and then bounced the ball up the driveway towards the basket. Dodging past Paul and then made a lay up shot to put his team in the lead.

“Okay as much as I like you I’m afraid I ain’t going to go easy and let you show off to a curtain someone” Paul joked giving Linc a devilish smile.

“Shut up, Kellerman” Linc shot back as bounced the ball over to him.

When Paul had the ball he bounced it with confidence and even did a few tricks with the ball before dribbling around Sucre and passing the ball to James who took it up the driveway towards the basket and passing it back to Paul so he could make a fancy jump shot.

“Whose showing off now” Sucre called out as he rolled his eyes and then high fived Michael as he ran past him.

Over on the grass the girls couldn’t help but laugh as very quickly a friendly game of basketball turned into world war III. “Honestly and they wonder why we don’t play with them?” Jill scoffed as she shook her head and rolled over on her stomach to read her book.

As the competitive actions came out the girls had to tune out the shouting with music on their MP3 players and amuse themselves with books and magazines.


“YES IT DID! IT WAS FAIR AND SQUARE!” Linc yelled back still bouncing the ball.

“LINC YOU PRACTICALLY TACKLED PAUL” James called out joining in on the fight.

“No I didn’t”

“Huh Linc your set me flying across the drive way man!” Paul insisted.

“That’s bull”

“Linc come on it’s a game, we’re still winning” Michael argued.

“Yea well their trying to cheat and I ain’t going to let them,” Linc snapped back.
“The score is 20-12”

“No it’s 18-12” Derek yelled.

“Well obviously you don’t know how to count so lets ask the judges” Linc said as he turned to face girls on the lawn. “Hey did the basket count?”

Suddenly five head looked up at them all confused as to what Linc was complaining about now. “What?” Jess asked what every other girl was thinking.

“Did the basket count?”

“Basket? Oh Linc honey we stopped paying attention as soon as you did the jump ball thing” Jess laughed and all the other girls laughed and nodded their heads in agreement with her.

“Well it counted” Linc assured her.

“No it didn’t Linc!” Derek, Paul and James yelled back.

“God they are all unbelievable you would think this game could destroy the world,” Sara complained.

“Well in their world it could” Jill joked and Sara shook her head and laughed.


Amy pulled up to the clinic with Lisa in the passenger seat. Pulling the car into a nearby parking spot Amy put the car in park and looked over at her friend. It had been two days since they got the test result and in that time Lisa did a lot of thinking and decided that what she was about to do was for the best. They sat there for a moment in the parking lot not saying a word or attempting to get out of the car. “You know you don’t have to…

“Yes I do” Lisa insisted, “Without a doubt it’s Linc’s and at the moment we are not on the best of terms, I still have a life, cheerleading and I graduate next year and then I want to go to college somewhere across the country and not have any burden of a kid on my plate as well. It’s what’s best for everyone” Lisa assured her.

Amy nodded, “Okay if you’re sure…”

With a deep breath Lisa opened the car door, “I am” she answered firmly and then hopped out and made her way into the clinic. There were half a dozen women in the room all ranging in the age of 16-28. Stepping up to the front desk Lisa talked to the nurse who then handed her a clipboard with some information she needed to fill out.

“Do you have someone to give you a ride home after the procedure?”

“Um yes I do” Lisa said with a nod taking the clipboard.

Taking her seat in the waiting room Lisa started to fill out the form. Within ten minutes her name was called and Lisa was then lead to the one of the private rooms. “Just take a seat and we’ll be with you in a few moments.” Without making eye contact with the woman Lisa nodded and quietly took a seat on the examining table with her legs pressed together and her hands positioned on her lap looking very small. The room was white and had navy blue accents on the walls. There was nothing on the walls but a small diagram poster showing the stages of a pregnancy. Biting her lips Lisa looked as the different stages and then placed her hand on her stomach as she imagined what the baby inside her looked like.

Taking a deep breath she averted her eyes down at her lap and pulled her hand away from her stomach trying not to think about what she was about to do but how it was her best option, she couldn’t be the pregnant teenager at Crane High. A sudden a noise on the other side of the closed door caught her attention. It was a woman crying out in the hallway. Lisa’s heart started pounding as she listen to the muffled sound of the staff trying to comfort the distraught woman. Trying to ignore the commotion outside Lisa ran her fingers threw her blond hair, she glanced around the room until her eyes landed on a orange bag that said Biohazard Biologicos Peligrosos on the front and Lisa was sure that was where the remains will go, the baby… her baby.

“Afternoon Ms. Rix how are you feeling.”

“I’m okay,” Lisa said very hesitantly.

The short affectionate woman gave Lisa a small smile as she took a seat in the chair in front of Lisa and started to explain all her options and started to council Lisa was what was going to happen each step of the way. Lisa sat there silently without talking and listened to the woman.

Amy sat in her car reading her book and was caught off guard when the passenger door opened and Lisa climbed in with tears in her eyes and with her arms wrapped around herself as she sat down. Amy placed her book in between the two seats and looked at her best friend.


“I couldn’t do it’ she blurted out in a trembling voice.

“What?” Amy asked her quietly trying to process everything.

“I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t kill my baby,” she cried letting her emotions take over. Without hesitating Amy leaned forward wrapped her arms around her and allowed Lisa to cry on her shoulder. She had no idea what she was going to do at this point other then the fact she couldn’t go through with the abortion.

They sat there is silence for a couple minutes both trying to process Lisa’s decision. Clearing her throat Amy turned to her distraught friend and placed a hand on her shoulder. “You know your going to have to tell Lincoln.” Amy told her calmly.

Lisa turned and looked at her friend with terror in her eyes. How was she supposed to tell the guy who now despised her that she was pregnant with his child?


After another day at school Linc pulled the car up on the driveway at their house and the brothers along with Veronica climbed out. Since Linc and Veronica had decided to call it truce and promised to get along they fell back into their normal routine of Linc driving them to school. As Michael observed his brother and Veronica he couldn’t help but think about how all this could lead to someone getting hurt. Linc seemed to think that him and Veronica were patching things up would eventually lead to them dating again but Veronica claimed that they could only ever be friends now.

Throwing his backpack on his back Michael walked up the front steps to the porch while Linc and Veronica talked by the car for a few seconds. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out the brass key and stuck it in the lock and turned it slowly and once hearing a click he turned the handle and pushed open the door. By the time Michael strolled over to the kitchen and place his bag on the table Linc was walking in the door looking all confident with himself.

Michael glanced over at his brother while he opened the fridge looking for something to drink. Looking at Linc’s face and how happy and full of lust made Michael realizes this was worse then he had hoped. Shaking his head while he reached into the fridge for a soda he spoke with out looking at his brother. “Linc you need to stop this.”

Linc’s smile faded and he glared at his brother, “Stop what?”

With a sigh and closing the fridge door he moved to the table and looked at Linc who had a confused look on his face. “Stop flirting with her, acting like your dating and planning a future with her”

Linc rolled his eyes at his brother as he leaned up against the counter. “Michael I’m not doing anything you’re reading to much into this”

“Am I?” Michael questioned him. “The other night out at Annie’s you kept going on about how you may be friends now but you were planning on you and Veronica to start going out again soon. What you need to realize is that Veronica isn’t planning on the two of you getting back together, in fact she is more then curtain that all that the two of you can only now be friends. Look I know you don’t want to listen to this but you need to understand this and not get your hopes up because it will only end badly for one of you and at this point it’s going to be you” Michael explained in a firm voice to Linc.

“You need to mind you own business man” Linc snapped at his younger brother.

“Listen Linc…”

“No drop it Michael! What happens between me and Veronica has nothing to do with you. I don’t care what you think so I don’t want to hear you talking about it again! Got it!” Linc yelled.

Shaking his head in disbelief Michael stood up from his seat and as he picked up his backpack he glared at Linc one last time. “Whatever” Michael mumbled. “I’m going over to Sara’s to study”

“Do what you want I don’t care” Linc snapped with his arms crossed over chest and glaring at his brother as he left the kitchen. When he heard the front door slam Linc pushed his body away from the counter and started to make himself a snack. Rummaging through the cupboards looking for something to eat and creating a mess as he did it. Reaching into the snack cupboard he grabbed a package of popcorn. After placing the packet in the microwave he strolled over to the t.v to see what was on. When he heard the beep on the microwave go off he got up from the couch and as he poured the hot buttery popcorn into a bowl then he heard the sound of the doorbell.

Stopping in the mist of pouring he glanced towards the hallway wondering who that would be. Setting down the bag and bowl he slowly moved to the hallway and over to the door to slowly open it and there on the other side was Lisa standing uncomfortably on the porch with a serious but terrified look on her face. Both Lisa and Linc said nothing but stared at each other.