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~Chapter 56~

Over the next week word of the problems Linc and Veronica were going through was the gossip of the week. It was like pretty much everyone in the school knew about it. The halls were full of whispers, gossip and stares. Everyone seemed to have their own theory as what had happened between the couple because neither Lincoln nor Veronica were saying anything to the situation.

“I heard she got so freaking jealous that he couldn’t stand it and dumped her”

“He was bored with her and the two had nothing in common anymore”

“She’s in love with that Nick Savrinn guy and has been seeing him behind Linc’s back”

“She was too high maintenance for him”

“He wanted to see other people and not tie themselves down to each other”

They were the talk of the school and pretty much everyone knew the happy couple wasn’t so happy anymore. Jess was the first one at Veronica’s side to support and help her the minute she found out. The night it all happened Veronica stayed at Jess’ and she cried and talked with Jess the whole night. When Sara, Jill and the others learned they were right there also for Veronica in her time of need.

It was a Friday night and the guys had dragged Linc out of his room and out to get something to eat at Annie’s. Derek, Paul and Sucre were full of energy as they watched a hockey game on t.v from their seats. The raised up their glasses of soda as Chicago scored once again. “Woohoo!” Derek cheered as he clinked his glass with Paul and then with Sucre. Beside them Michael and James were talking on the other side of the table and beside them was Linc who remained quiet and just stared at his drink in front of him.

He seemed to be in a daze and jumped at the sound at Paul calling his name. “Yo Linc man you haven’t said anything since we got here.”

Linc let out a sigh and grabbed his drink, “I’m fine just not really in the mood.”

“Here have some chicken wings they are amazing!” Sucre said, pushing the wings in front of Linc. With a shrug Linc reached for a wing.

The group sat their talking and laughing but when a cell phone ringer went off everyone turned to see if it was their phone. “It’s Sara” Michael said as he got up from his seat. “Her and Jill want to go to a movie” he said to James.

“Yea sounds good” James said getting up from his seat and putting on his coat.

“Alright I’ll see you at home Linc” Michael mentioned to his brother but only got a muffled response from him before him and James walked out of the restaurant. Linc remained quiet and watched as his friends started yelling at the t.v. Looking around the crowed restaurant Linc finished his soda and stood up from the table.

“Hey man where you going?” Paul called out.

Shaking his head, Linc pulled his coat on. “I’ll see you guys later” Linc said to them and then started to make his way towards the door.

“Calling it a night so soon?” a girl’s voice said to him and he stopped in his tracks to look at her.

“Hi Lisa”

With a smile she got up from her table and took the few steps towards him, “Listen I heard about what happened and I know you don’t want to talk about it so I won’t ask.” She said with a smile. Linc nodded and then looked away from her and rocked back on his heels. Sensing that Linc was going to leave Lisa quickly perked up, “Listen my parents are out of town and my sister Claire is having a little party”

Linc couldn’t help but laugh when she said little. “I never knew Claire Rix had little parties?”

Giggling and shaking her head Lisa crossed her arm over her chest, “Okay so it’s a bit bigger than a little party, but either way it’s will be fun and lots of booze” she told him.

“I don’t know…”

“Come on Linc I know it’s been a long week for you and you need to let go and forget about everything at least for one night” Lisa said with a smile.

Thinking it over he figured he could use a couple drinks and be little care free for a few hours, “You know what? That sound fun”

“Great so why don’t we get out of here?” she said with a smile and then they both walked out the front door and headed back to Lisa’s.


The movie theatre was only a block from the restaurant so Michael and James walked there. Although their was still snow on the ground it was starting to warm up as spring was just around the corner. Crossing the busy street James and Michael ran across the parking lot towards the theatre and warmth. Pushing open the doors the two brushed off all the snow and started eyeing the room for Sara and Jill.

It didn’t take long because the girls had seen them first and started waving at them from across the room. Both Michael and James started walking towards them and the girls met them about half way. “What took you so long?” Jill asked although she was teasing them.

“What are you talking about? You called us here like ten minutes ago, I believe if you count the fact there is snow and ice on the ground we are here early” James said and everyone laughed.

“Your such a drama queen” Jill laugh a she stepped forwards and gave her boyfriend a kiss.

Michael couldn’t help but laugh at Jill and James and their playfulness with each other. “Okay well why don’t Sara and I get the popcorn and drinks while you two go get the tickets and find us seats.

“Alright” James said and then with his arm wrapped around Jill the two started to walk away laughing and giggling with each other. As they left Michael couldn’t help but think about how happy he was that to Jill so happy. She had always been their for him and the two were like brother and sister, she was a good part of the reason why Sara and him were together and he was happy she had found someone too. Lost in his thought he didn’t catch what Sara had said to him. “What?” he asked trying to focus on his girlfriend.

“Where did you go?” Sara asked with a giggle, “Your mind was kind of gone for a moment there.”

“Sorry I was just thinking. Now how about he see what we want” Michael said taking Sara’s hand leading her to the consestion line up. Standing in line Michael had his arms around Sara and was whispering in her ear. Sara started giggling as Michael’s hot breath tickled her ear, knowing what he was doing he continued and they both were laughing.

“So how’s Veronica?” Michael asked as he now stood in front of Sara and held her hands in his and swinging them gently side to side.

Sara shrugged her shoulders “Well she’s doing alright I guess, it’s hard at school with everyone talking about it but she’s doing her best considering.” Sara told and she watched as Michael nodded. “What about Lincoln”

“He’s” Michael started to say and shrugged his own shoulders, “He’s Linc. Keeps everything bottled up and doesn’t talk about it.”

“I hope they work it, I mean Veronica just needs to get he head on straight and figure some stuff out and hopefully things can go back to they way they were” Sara said in a soft voice as she wrapped her arms around Michael’s waist and rested her head on his shoulder.

Holding her close, his hand rubbed her arm as he nodded his head.


“Okay red” Linc said and then flipped over the card.

“Oooo it’s black” Lisa said as her, Linc and a few college kids sat around the kitchen table playing a drinking game called circle of death. “That means three shots Linc”

An already wasted Linc reached for his shot and gulped the whole thing down followed by two more. Everyone at the table cheered as Linc felt the alcohol burn down his throat. “Woohoo!” he called out and then high fived the kid next to him named Kevin.

“Well Linc looks like your losing big time” Kevin said as he eyed all of Linc’s empty shot glasses.

“I’m honestly to drunk to care, here let me go again!” he chirped as he reached for another card “Black” he called out and then flipped it over and saw that it was indeed black. “Woohoo I got one right, now all of you take three shots,” Linc told them. Doing what he said Lisa, Kevin and the other kids playing grabbed their shots and took a swag and felt it burn their insides. “Looks like your catching up Lisa and I may not lose”

“Trust me Linc I never lose,” she told him as she put the empty shot glass back on the table. “My turn, Red!”

They continued to play, laugh and have a good time. Linc was really hitting it off with the college kids and entered every drinking contest they did. “LINC, LINC, LINC!” he heard them cheer and he loved the sound of it. He took shot after shot and drink after drink. He was having a great time and was in no hurry to end it any time soon as they partied into the early hours.

“And then she acts like it’s my fault!” a very drunk Linc told a wasted Lisa as they sat holding red plastic cups filled with beer at the mini bar.

“Your fault?” Lisa slurred as she lean a little closer to Linc.

“Ah huh” Linc sung and then took a big gulp of his beer. Lisa started giggling and then Linc started laughing too, although he wasn’t sure why he was laughing. “You know this is great, I can drink all I want, yell all I want and no girrrrlfriend to tellll mmmmeeeee offfff!”

“That issss ssssoooo true!” Lisa said in a seductive voice. Linc couldn’t help but laugh as he leaned over the bar counter and filled up two glasses. It took him a little longer to pour since he had to really concentrate on what he was doing. While pouring the second glass, Linc tumbled forward as one of the other drunken college kids fell into him.

Usually Linc would have been angry and annoyed at the kid but with everything he had had to drink he could only laugh. The glass slipped out of Linc’s and spilled all over the front of his pants. Lisa leaned back and away from Linc and started laughing at the scene that had just taken place. Linc and the other guy also started laughing, “Sorry Linc” he laughed and gave him a rough pat on the back.

“Isssss alright” his words slurred as he shook the man’s shoulder to express their was no harm done. The two guys laughed together for a couple seconds and then the guy grabbed the bottle of vodka and stumbled away calling out the his friends who were across the room.

Standing up from his seat on the bar stool Linc looked down at the wet mess on his clothes. “Ah man!” Linc whined as if he just realized what happened a few moments ago.

Lisa let out a giggle and stood up also, “Come on I can see if we have any clothes you can wear” she told him and then while holding onto the wall made her way up the stairs with Linc following behind her.

“Never realize you had curvy stairs,” Linc said as he held onto the rail and pulled himself up.

Lisa looked at him confused and turned her body around to look at him. “I don’t, their just boring straight stairs” she told him and started to walk backwards up the stairs. This was a bad idea not only because they were drunk but, because empty cups and bottle had been left on the steps. As she stepped onto the last step an empty beer bottle was in her way and she fell back and landed on the upper level. Linc couldn’t help but laugh as he heard Lisa shriek as he fell on her back. Not paying much attention he tripped over the exact same bottle and fell face first right beside her.

“OHHH I’m so glad I’m drunk or that would have really hurt” Linc chuckled as his face remained face down in the carpet. Lisa couldn’t help but laugh as she rolled over in an attempt to get up off the floor.

“You know I haven’t had this much fun since I don’t know when” Linc told her as he reached for the banister and slowly pulled himself up.

“Before Veronica broke up with you?”

“You mean when she ripped my heart out and fed it to the dogs” Linc said with a little anger in his voice while he fell back on the floor

Lisa laughed and reached out to help him stand up. “I believe the saying is fed it to the lions.”

“Whateverrrrrrr.” He was on his feet thanks to Lisa but lost his balance and fell forwards and causing them both to fall against the wall. Somehow Linc was able to put his hand out onto the wall and prevent himself from totally squishing Lisa.

“Oops” Lisa said in a high shriek and then started to giggle. Linc also started laughing but the laughter stopped as their faces remained inches from each other. She could feel his hot breath on his face and he could feel hers. They made eye contact and just stared at each other. Linc’s eyes looked at her eyes and then glanced down at her pink lips, he wasn’t sure what he was doing but he couldn’t look away from her. Licking his dry lips he watched as her mouth open as she was going to say something.

“Lincoln” his name rolled off her tongue and he couldn’t resist any more and let his body do the thinking and crashed his lips against hers. The kiss was almost desperate on Linc’s end, like he needed to feel wanted after everything that had transpired in the last week. Lisa didn’t need to think twice and kissed him back, her hand came up and cupped his face. He had her pinned to the wall and his hand grasped her hips and he pushed her back against the wall and pressed his body against hers.

Lisa started sliding her body down the hall as she guided them to her room. Still very drunk her feet tripped over themselves and she fell back into her room. She had a firm grip on Linc’s shirt and pulled him down with her. Linc couldn’t help but laugh as they rolled around on her floor. They rolled right into her dressed and Linc hit his head on a drawer knob. “Owww” he said and rubbed the back of his head. Lisa couldn’t help but laugh and moved herself from underneath Linc and stood up. Pulling Linc up with her the back up towards her bad and he fell on top of her and continued to kiss her.

Her arms were around his neck and their heavy breathing filled the room. Kicking off his shoes, Lisa removed his shirt and gave light kissed on his chest. Gathering Lisa in his arms Linc pulled her up the bed so she was now closer to the headboard. As he assaulted her neck, his hand undid her buttons on her top and then tossed it to the bottom of the bed. Pants soon followed quickly along with their undergarments.

“Oh Linc” Lisa moaned as he kissed the small space between her breasts. Raising his head up he reached for the end of the bed and grabbed his jeans and pulled out his wallet, fumbling with it for a moment he pulled out a small packet.

“You always carry one in your wallet or did you plan on getting lucky?” Lisa giggled pulling him back on top of her. Linc just licked his lips and smiled as his lips crashed down on hers.

At this time Linc didn’t really think about what he was doing as him and Lisa made a big mistake. He was hurting and wanted away to forget about his problems for the time being. As they moved on the bed, underneath it Linc’s phone was vibrating on the floor and the caller ID said Michael who was calling wondering where his brother was at two o’clock in the morning.
Chapter End Notes:
Okay I know LiVe shippers are mad but listen the story is call The Best and Worst Times so it can't all be happy and fluffy. Bad things are going to happen to them and it's what will make the story interesting. Up to this point I haven't done anything horrible but curtain events are going to happen that will rock all of their worlds. MiSa isn't completely safe either. I already have a good idea of what is going to happen and it's won't be smooth sailing for them all. Now as I tell you this, I am a MiSa and LiVe shipper and in the end they will end up together but obstacles will stand in their way of happiness until then so if you don't like what just happen and only like happy and joyful stories then you might not want to read anymore because this isn't the worst thing I have planned and it might not include LIVe at all but MiSa so be prepared for some really shocking twist involving your favorite characters. Now not to make it sound like the rest of the story will be doom and gloom because it won't be I just think it's time I stir things up a bit. I hope I still have readers after this because I really enjoy writing this story and promise lots of happy moments to come as well. I look forward to your reviews and I'm sorry for those who don't like where this is going. Thanks for reading and I hope a lot of you will want to read more.