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~Chapter 55~

“Romeo, Romeo where for out thy Romeo” Sara said as she read from her Romeo and Juliet book. Her and Michael were studying together on a Sunday afternoon at her house on the couch in the living room. They had been preparing for an English test they were going to have on Monday in Mr. Freeman’s class.

“So how would you best describe Romeo?” Michael asked Sara as he read from their review sheet.

Sara was on her knee facing Michael and leaning her side against the back of the couch and though about her answer. “I think he’s fickle.”

“Fickle?” Michael said with a chuckle.

“Yeah I mean the guys goes from being madly in love with this Rossalen chick and then to Juliet within a matter of minutes. He doesn’t know what he wants and is more infatuated with women.”

“So he’s fickle,” Michael said agreeing with Sara.

“Yeah but you can’t use that answer because I am” Sara told him with a devilish smile.

“Oh so now we’re picking who gets to use what answers” Michael said with a smile as he lean towards Sara.

“Uh huh” Sara said proudly and then started giggling as Michael wrapped his arms around her and playfully tackled her down on the sofa. He was pretty much on top of her as his hands roamed around her waist and stomach as he tickled her. Sara couldn’t help but laugh as his long fingers grazed her sides and feel his hot breath on her neck as he was whispering sweet nothings to her. Sara begged him to stop but her tone didn’t sound so convincing. Finally Michael complied and released Sara and pulled her back up into a sitting position. “Fine you get that Romeo was fickle and I get to use that statement about their parents and family indirectly killing them.”

Sara gave a hurtful look, “Oh I liked that one, but fine deal!” she said wrapping her arms around his neck as she leaned into him.

“Deal” Michael repeated and they sealed the deal with a kiss. “You know I really like this compromise thing!” he said.

Sara couldn’t help but laugh as she leaning forward and captured his lips again. Enjoying the moment Michael leaned his back against the armrest pulling Sara with him as he deepened the kiss.


The following day at school Lincoln and Derek were making their way down the busy hallway discussing Veronica and the fact he was in a lot of trouble for not coming home Friday night when was with Lisa. “Honestly I’m in deep shit, my mom pretty much took my head off for not coming home Friday night!”

“What about Veronica?” Derek asked.

Linc shrugged his shoulders “She isn’t talking me, over and over again I told her nothing happened but she won’t listen to me”

“That’s rough man!” Derek said. The two continued down the hall but came to a stop when they saw Veronica talking to Nick Savrinn. Linc watched them from a distance and gritted his teeth as he thought about how much that guy bugged him. “You okay?” Derek asked as he caught the look on Linc’s face. “Forget about him, the guy is an ass” Derek told Linc but Linc didn’t seem to be listening.

As the two just stood there watching Veronica and Nick, Linc just kept telling himself that they were just friends and nothing else. He repeated this statement to himself over and over again in his head tying to make himself believe it. Just then he saw Veronica leaned forward and give Nick a hug; this just put Linc over the wall and he quickly made his way towards them. “HEY!!” Linc called to them and the loud sound of his voice made both Veronica and Nick jump.

Veronica stepped back from Nick and gave Linc a confused look, “Linc what are you doing?”

“I should asked you two the same question” Linc asked in a voice full of anger.

“Linc don’t do this!” Veronica snapped at her boyfriend.

“Don’t do what? What the hell is going on?” Linc yelled as his eyes darted from Veronica to Nick.

“Linc man just forget about it” Derek said trying to pull his friend away.

Linc wasn’t having it and shrugged Derek off as he took a few steps closer to them. “You stay away from MY girlfriend!” he warned Nick as he pointed a finger at Nick as to show he wasn’t kidding.

“Oh get over yourself Linc we’re just friends, she wanted to talk and I was here” Nick said as he stepped towards Linc showing he wasn’t afraid.

“If she wants to talk she can talk to me!” Linc yelled and he shoved Nick back and he hit the lockers.

“I’m standing right here and please your making a scene Linc!”

Nick wasn’t giving up that easy “She can’t talk to you because you’re to busy screwing Lisa!”

With that statement Linc snapped and lunged at Nick. The two boys wrestled and started throwing punches. Veronica was yelling at them and pleading them to stop but neither listened to her. Derek stood back and watched for a second or two but then tried to break them up. As he stepped in between them Nick took a swing at Derek and then Derek fought back and stated pounding on Nick along with Linc. Though it was two against one Nick held his own as he slammed Derek against the lockers. A crowd of students gathered around them and Veronica’s voice could be heard begging them to stop but it wasn’t until the school security came over and dragged the three boys apart. All three struggled as the security guards held the boys apart as Mr. Pope made his way over to them. “ALL THREE OF YOU IN MY OFFICE NOW!”

The three of them stood up, Linc and Nick continued to glare at each other. Following Mr. Pope’s orders the three of them started to make their way down the hall. Linc glanced over at Veronica but she didn’t look at him as an anger expression played on her face. Shaking her head at the three of them she quickly made her way down the hall with her books close to her chest as well as he latest “F” on her law report.


While Veronica was upset about her failing grades, Michael and Sara left their English class with faces of satisfaction as they both held A+ test. Walking down the hall Michael had his arm around Sara and they were both looking over their test. “So apparently our studying method works,” Michael told Sara as he stood in front of her and pressed her back against the lockers.

Sara couldn’t help but laugh at Michael’s playfulness as he wore a big smirk on his face. Playing along Sara wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled her boyfriend closer to her. “Yes our studying method seems perfect and all we need now is a way to reward us for our hard work, any ideas?” Sara asked in a seductive voice and smirk.

Leaning his face closer to hers Michael let out a chuckle, “I don’t know” he said and then his lips crashed against hers. Sara couldn’t help but smile against his lips and kissed him back and pull his even closer to her. As the kiss deepened neither Michael nor Sara could get enough of the other. Sara let out a moan as Michael’s tongue found hers and softly massaged it. His hands lowered to her hips and pulled her into him and Sara didn’t object. The had forgotten where they were as the make out session continued and it wasn’t until they heard Jill’s voice did they break and realize they were in the middle of the school hallway.

“Alright I think you two have given the student body of Crane High a great show but now break it up” Jill said as she pulled Sara away. Both Michael and Sara looked away as their faces turned red all embarrassed as other students in the hallway took a glance at the couple making out. “Plus I don’t think your next teachers will take the I was making out in the hallway as a good excuse” Jill laughed and then her and Sara made their way down the hall but not before Sara made a quick glance at Michael and making a silent agreement to meet up later.

With a smile Michael mouth bye to Sara and watched her and Jill laugh and giggle all the way down the hall. Making his way in the opposite direction he found Sucre and James laughing and joking around by James’ locker.

“Hey look who finally came up for air” Sucre teased Michael as he gave him a playful punch.

“Shut up!” Michael chuckled as he shook his head at his best friend.

James couldn’t help but laugh at the two as he leaned against his closed locker. Once the two had settled down he figure to was better then ever time to inform Michael was had happened. “So did you hear about the fight earlier?”

“I don’t think Michael can hear anyone when Sara’s in the room” Sucre joked and Michael just shook his head and laughed.

“No who was in a fight?”

“Your brother, Derek and that school council kid Nick Savrinn” James told them.

“What, When?” Michael ask full of concern. He knew his brother had quite the temper but Nick must have done something to get under Linc’s skin. He wanted to ask what else James knew but the bell rang and they had to rush off to class. As he walked down the hall he pass the front office and as he looked through the glass wall into the office and spotted Linc and Derek sitting on the benches in front of Mr. Pope’s office and further down the line was Nick with a black eye. Michael made eye contact for just a second before Linc looked down in defeat. With a sigh Michael kept on walking but made a mental note to talk to Linc later.


“Mr. Burrows, Mr. Sweeny and Mr. Savrinn lets go” Mr. Pope said as he opened his office door for the boys to step inside. One by one the boys got up from their seat and slowly stepped inside the principal’s office. As they took their seats in the three chairs in front of Mr. Pope’s desk and he took a seat a his desk. As he sat down he dropped three files on the desk. Two of them were very thick while the other one was very thin.

“I have to say, Mr. Burrows and Mr. Sweeny your files are becoming much like bibles.” Mr. Pope said with an unamused tone. Both Linc and Derek said nothing as they averted their eyes from the principal. “Starting a fight on school property has serious consequences boys!” Pope told them.

“Hey we didn’t start it!” Linc shot back a Pope even though he regretted it right after he opened his mouth.

“I do not want to hear back talk Mr. Burrows! Who threw the first punch?” Pope asked them.

Linc rolled his eyes as he knew where this whole thing was going, “Okay technically it was me but…”

“No buts Lincoln! You have been here for long enough and had have spent more then enough time in that chair over the last three years to know the rules! Same goes for you too Sweeny!” Pope said as he turned his stare to Derek who sat slouched in the seat beside Linc.

“What about Saint Nick here?” Derek said a little annoyed and was making sure him and Linc didn’t go down for something Nick was apart of as much as them.

“Well Nick you have been a roll model student since your first year and is disappoints me to see you in the lines of these two but it has come to my attention that you were just as much of a participant in the fight as these two and I have no choice but to make sure you get the same punishment. Two day suspension for the lot of you!” Pope said.

When Nick heard this he looked up with eyes full of shock and disbelief. “But sir I have never in my entire life been suspended! This will ruin my record and may even take away my chances at a good college please there must be something we can work out!”

“I’m sorry son but a two day suspension is our policy at this school. Now I have called each of your parents and they have been instructed to remove you from school property for the rest of the day. Now go collect your thing from your lockers and sit outside my office until it’s time to leave.” Pope told them as he got up from his chair and moved to open his office door so the boys could exit.

Nick was first out of the office and quickly made his way down the hallway in a huff so as to keep some distance between him and Linc and Derek. Shaking his head Linc filed out of Pope’s office and made his way down the hallway towards his locker along with Derek. “This is fucked!” Derek mumbled as him and Linc were walking.

“Yeah well I’m just glad that jackass didn’t walk away free from this” Linc growled as he stepped up to his locker and started to unlock it. The two talked for a few minutes as Linc remerged through his locker but the sound of someone walking down the hall made them both go silent and see Veronica slowly walking with her head down. It appeared that she was unaware that they were there so Linc and Derek both looked at each other nervously.

When Veronica finally did look up she came to a sudden halt and stared at Linc and Derek and no one dared to say anything. Veronica’s face expression quickly turned to avoid eye contact with Linc. Since Veronica wasn’t looking at him Linc also looked away and back into the bottom of his locker for his books.

“Well I gotta go get my stuff before my ride gets here” Derek mumbled before slowly leaving Linc and Veronica alone to talk. As he left neither Linc nor Veronica said anything as he walked away. Slowly Linc’s gazed at Veronica who was standing about six feet way from him still with her arms crossed and staring angrily down the hall. Seeing that she was still mad made Linc annoyed and he let out a chuckle as he shook his head. “So your still mad at me? Unbelievable”

“What’s that suppose to mean?’ Veronica asked.

With a sigh Linc shut his locker and turned to look at Veronica, “It means even though I didn’t nothing wrong I’m the bad guy and while you go around hugging and getting all close and friendly with Nick I’m still in the wrong!” he said with a raised voice as he pointed to himself.

“I’ve told you Nick and I are just friends and we were talking before you waltzed over and attacked Nick. I mean what right do you have to be mad at me when you and Lisa seem to be getting to know each other better” Veronica snapped back.

“And I told YOU that Lisa and I were just geography partners!”

“YOU SLEPT AT HER HOUSE!” Veronica cried as she stomped her foot.

“AND I SAID I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!” Linc yelled and his face was turning red showing how frustrated he was getting. Forgetting where he was his loud voice echoed down the hall and his loud disturbance causing Mr. Mahone to come out of the classroom and glared at Linc and Veronica.


Shaking his head Linc leaned against his locker and mumbled “Sorry sir.” Mahone stared at them a little longer and then returned into his classroom and slammed the door shut leaving Linc and Veronica alone again.

With his arms crossed as he leaned against the lockers Linc turned his head to look at Veronica who still stood six feet away from him. “I don’t, I don’t know why we are letting Lisa be a problem between us.”

“I know” Veronica said with a sigh, “She does it to get to me and I’m letting her and lately more then usual. Things are so messed up and I feel like everything is spiraling out of control and getting away from me and I can stop it. I mean my grades have dropped drastically and I’m having trouble juggling everything on my shoulders with school, student council, us, plus my parent are probably heading for divorce.”

“What? Since when?” Linc asked shock to here about her parent’s marriage falling apart.

“They’ve been fighting a lot, marriage counseling isn’t working and my dad tends to not come home at night so I think it’s over!” Veronica said as she started to cry. Linc wanted to go to her but was afraid to be pushed away since their own issues weren’t solved yet. “It’s too much and I can’t handle everything right now. I need to get my grades up and student council also need more of my attention.” Veronica said as she wiped her eyes and stared at Linc with a look of defeat.

“So what are you saying?” Linc asked not sure what she was getting at.

“Listen it’s not you, I’m the one with the issues that I need to take care of and to get my life back on track I can’t focus on everything at once so, until I get things figured out and work through my own issues I think we need to take a break.”

“What do you mean a break?” Linc asked although he was afraid of her answer.

Veronica closed her eyes to stop the tears and let out a sigh, “I mean a break from us.”

He wasn’t sure if her had heard her correctly at first but by the look and tears in her eyes he knew he had heard right. He couldn’t believe she was blaming their relationship on what was wrong with her life. Shaking his head in disbelief and feeling hurt that he was her problem, he swung his bag over his shoulder and stormed away without a word or even another glance at a distraught Veronica standing in the middle of the school hallway.


Christina had come to pick up Lincoln and gave his quite the lecture all the way back home although Linc found himself draining her out as he stared out window and thought about Veronica. He felt sad, angry, and frustrated along with so many other emotions he didn’t know what they all were. The entire ride home was a daze and he in fact didn’t even remember getting out of the car and heading to his room he was so out of it.

Now he sat in the dark on his bed staring at nothing as he tried to process everything. He had no idea how long he had sat there but he heard someone open his bedroom door slowly and the light from the hallway shined into his dark room.

“Are you okay?” he heard Michael say.

At first he was surprised it was Michael because he should still be in school but as he eyes glanced at the alarm clock on his bedside he saw it was already 4:00pm. With his eyes closed and his shoulders hunched over Linc exhaled heavily and with out turning to face Michael he said. “Vee and I broke up”

Slowly Michael crossed the room in the dark and made his way over to Linc and stood beside him. Reaching out he placed a brotherly squeeze on Linc’s shoulder, “I’m sorry” Michael said with complete honesty. “I’m sorry”

Nodding his head Linc stared straight ahead at his wall while Michael’s comforting hand remained on his shoulder. “I don’t know what I’m going to do?”