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~*~*Chapter 42*~*~

Victory was theirs, as they won the championship game 110-66. After the game a number of student made their way to Derek’s house for the after party. There was tons of finger foods and drinks for everyone and he even had live music as one of the student bands played at the party in the basement where a great number of the student were hanging out.

Some of the kids were getting themselves wasted and seeing who could get drunk the most. Sara and Jill arrived not long after the game and made there way through the house, they had to push past a lot of drunks before the got to the stairs leading to the basement. Jill had texted Kristine to see where she was and Kristine texted her back saying they were in the basement.

Sara and Jill found Kristine and Katie pretty quickly as they were jumping up and down close to where the band was playing. Sara recognized the kids in the band from school and there was about five of them. Two of them were in grade ten, the lead guitarist/ singer and the one base player. The other two base players and drummer were in grade eleven.

The two girls soon joined Kristine and Katie and danced to the music. Sara and Jill were having fun dancing together and along with Kristine and Katie. The four girls were too busy laughing and having fun that Sara never realized that the lead singer and guitarist was watching her and had a huge smile on his face.


Derek had dropped Linc, Michael and Veronica back at the brothers’ house so that they could change. Within an hour they pulled up in front of Derek’s place and saw cars parks all the way down the street. “Wow it’s a full house tonight” Linc said as he turned off the engine. “Listen man Vee and I need to talk, we’ll me you inside”

Michael rolled his eyes and hopped out of the car and made his way to the house. Once he was gone Linc looked over at Veronica who sat on the in the passenger seat. “You know Vee we don’t have to go in we can go somewhere else.” He reached out his hand and caressed her hand.

Veronica shook her head “No it’s okay, you should be celibrateting your victory with your team.”

“I know but if you want to talk some more then we can to that.”

Veronica smiled and undid her seatbelt; she gracefully made her way over to Linc and climbed on his lap. “I think we’ve done enough talking don’t you?” she said seductively before her lips crashed down on his.
Linc was surprised by her quick movement but quickly kissed her back and pulled her closer to him. “Vee someone could see us”

“It’s dark and everyone is in the house, we’re good,” she said with a smile as she pulled off her shirt and reached for the button on Linc’s pants. Linc groaned and pulled Veronica closer and nipped at her neck. “I love you Vee” he whispered in her ear and then pulled her even closer.


As Michael entered the house he made his way to the living room where he found Sucre and Sofia cuddling together on one end of the room and Michael noticed Sucre eyeing Ben who was hanging out with some guy who called himself Trumpets and his group of friends including a guy with the nickname Lechero and another by the name of Sammy. After the fight after the pep rally Ben had started hanging out with a new group of friends and it was fine by Sucre.

Michael was going to head over and say hi but his attention turned to Sara and the others who came up from the basement giggling as they made the way over to the food table. “Oh Michael you’re here” Jill squealed at she ran up to him.

Sara and the others came over as well and said hello as they snacked on some chips and dip. Sara smiled at Michael and he smiled back; causing butterflies in her stomach. She was sure her face was as red as a strawberry and forced herself to look away.

“So is Sucre still band from talking to us?” Katie asked at she looked over at Sucre and Sofia clinging together as if their were glued together.

“I think so,” Jill said as she sneaked a chip off Sara’s plate.

“Maybe we should go over there just to piss her off,” Kristine said with a smirk.

Michael shook his head and laughed at them. “The last thing we need here is a cat fight, and I know many of the guys here will find it hot but I will have to break it up and then you’ll come complaining to me”

“Who says we’d lose” Katie said and both Kristine and Katie started laughing as they imagined kicking Sofia’s spoiled whiny butt.

“You know I was never a fan of girls like her” Sara stated. “Before you know it she’ll have him give up all the stuff he loves just to make her happy.” She added shacking her head as she looked over at them.

“Well hopefully Sucre will come to his senses soon and dump her whiny butt” Katie said crossing her arms over her chest.


After adjusting their clothes Veronica and Linc made their way into Derek’s house hand in hand. “That was… Wow since when are you into having sex in a car while there’s a party a few feet away.

“I’m full of surprises” Veronica said with a smile and wrapped her arms around Linc.

As they entered the house a very drunk Jess was the first to notice the happy couple. “Oh loooook Miistter ssstubburn and Misss sstubburn made up!” She cheer as she stumbled over to them gigging and gave Veronica a big hug.

“Oh look it’s the friendly drunk,” Veronica laughed.

Paul and Derek soon showed up and patted Linc on the back. “Where have youuu beeen mannnn? Youuuu missed the drinking conntesst” a drunk Derek said with a laugh as put his arm around his friend.

“Well I’m going to have to catch up won’t I” Linc laughed as him, Derek and Paul took off down the hall.

As the party continued everyone was having a great time there were lost of laughs and dancing along to the bands played. Michael had gone off with his brother while the girls talked in the basement. They had just convinced Kristine to go talk to Archie and the two seem to be laughing really hitting it off. “Aw it’s so cute to watch people who like each other talk for the first time,” Jill said as she rested her head on Sara’s shoulder and watched Kristine and Archie flirting.

“Sara, Sara!” Katie came over squealing. “You’ll never believe what I just heard”

Sara shook her head and Jill stood up straight to listen. Katie had a huge smile on her face so what ever it was it had to be good. “I just heard that Landon Weston the lead singer and guitarist of the band has a thing for you and is planning to ask you out!”

“Oh really, Sara he’s really hot” Jill told her.

Sara smiled on the outside but her insides were screaming because she liked Michael. So many times she had thought about talking to him about it but always chickened out. She had to admit, Landon was pretty cute but he was no Michael. Looking down at her cup Sara saw it was empty, “I’m just going to go get another soda I’ll be back ok”

Both girls nodded and Sara made her way upstairs to find Michael. She figured if she had a chance with Michael she wanted to take it instead of always wondering what could have been. She moved through the main floor weaving in between the other kids looking for Michael as she reached to kitchen she stood outside the room and listened at she heard Michael talking to his brother.

“Look Linc, Sara and I are just friends and that’s all we’ll ever be.” She heard Michael say.

It was like someone has stabbed his in the heart and was twisting the knife. She was very wrong; Michael never saw her as anything more then just a friend. She felt tears threatening to fall but she wouldn’t let them and defiantly not for someone who never really cared about her as much as she thought. She pushed through the crowd and moved to back door to get some air because she suddenly was having a hard time breathing.

*Ten minutes earlier*

Michael was pouring himself some punch as he watched Sucre and Ben eyeing each other on separate side of the room. He had a bad feeling things could get ugly if one of them made a move on the other. Taking a sip of his punch he saw Nika making her way over to him. After discovering that Nika liked him he had done his best to avoid her because he wasn’t quite sure what to say to her. Throwing his empty plastic cup in the garbage he made his way out of the room and prayed that she didn’t follow him.

He made his way through the crowd of drunken teenagers and down the hall. Pushing passed all the kids he came face to face with his brother who of course had a beer in his hand. “Hey Mike, I’ve been wondering where you were” Lincoln said with a smile. He watched as Michael looked around and he seemed to be trying to get away from something or someone. “You alright man?”

Just then Nika came up behind Michael “Hey Michael, didn’t you hear me calling you?”

Michael looked at her and was unsure what to say and Lincoln noticed how uncomfortable his brother was. He now knew that it was Nika he was trying to avoid. “Sorry Nika but do you mind if I talk to Mike for a minute? I’ve been trying to find him since we got here.”

Nika nodded her head and stated to walk away but not without glancing back at Michael and smiling at him. Michael gave a small smiled at her then after she was out of sight mouthed “Thank you” to his brother. Lincoln said nothing and dragged Michael by the arm into the kitchen. There was a couple making out against the refrigerator but Lincoln quickly made then scurry out of the room so that he could have a little privacy with his brother.

Lincoln placed his empty beer can on the counter and grabbed another one out of the sink/cooler. He turned back to his brother and shook his head. “Michael what’s going on?”


“That’s bull and you know it. You’ve been acting weird since last night after the topic of you and Nika came up.” Linc said and then took a swag of his beer.

“There is no me and Nika!” Michael said firmly. “We’re just… I don’t know what we are now. To be honest I don’t even know Nika anymore, she’s a whole different person.”

“Listen Mike, I know they other guys were talking about you hooking up with Nika but you know they were just kidding around” Lincoln told him and Michael averted his eyes away from his brother. “To be honest I think Sara is more your type.”

“Don’t start this again Linc” Michael pleaded.

“Come on Mikey you can’t fool me, your obsessed with that girl. You are constantly talking about her or hanging out with her, why not just ask her out? You know you want to.”

Michael shook his head at his brother, “Look Linc Sara and I are just friends and that’s all we’ll ever be.” As he said these words his face expression showed he didn’t completely agree with himself. They way he looked at Linc was as if he wanted nothing more then to be with Sara and more then just friends but he fear of her rejection and not feeling the same way.

Lincoln moved over to his brother and placed a brotherly hand on his shoulder and gave his shoulder a squeeze. “Listen man I know you like her a lot and the fact your afraid of being rejected explains how much.”

“Sara is an amazing person and I like spending time with her but if I tell her and she doesn’t feel the same way, then what? Everything will be awkward between us and the fact she rejected me will always be playing in the back of my head.” Michael told his brother as he turned to face the wall.

“Fine be her friend Michael, be the guy she come to and talks about her boyfriend and watch her run to his arms when she’s sad instead of yours. Watch him comfort her and all the things that you can only fantasies about.” Linc watched as his words were getting to Michael. He could almost see his mind replaying his words in his brothers’ head even though Michael tried hard to push them away. “Listen man I don’t know Sara as well as you do but I’ve seen the way her eyes light up when she sees you coming, plus no matter how boring your explanation of the buildings downtown are she listens.” He gave a small smirk and thought he might have seen one from Michael as well. “Michael, Sara is hot and girls like her don’t stay single for long. If you don’t make your move someone else will and you will regret and always be playing the “What if” game.”


“Look Linc Sara and I are just friends and that’s all we’ll ever be.”

These words played over and over again in her head; Michael wasn’t interested in her. Sara had pushed through the drunken kids and made her way out the back door, out into the cold November night. Tears threatened to fall, but she did everything she could to stop them. She thought he liked her and not just as a friend, they would always hang out together and study together.

She wrapped her arms around herself and took a seat on the porch step, looking out at the backyard. She sat there by herself contemplating on what she should do now. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the back door opening behind her. She turned her head to look at the person who had just opened the back door.

“Hey” he said as he moved closer to her. “I’ve been looking for you.”

Sara smiled “Yea I just needed some air. It’s a bit crowed in there and hot.”

“Nice out here” he said taking a seat beside her. “I saw you dancing to my music down in the basement”

Sara nodded, “You have a beautiful voice Landon and your songs are very catchy”

“Thank you” Landon said with a smile. Swallowing hard and scratching his short light brown hair Landon tried to find the right words to say to Sara. He really liked her and she had caught his eye as she dance to the music. “Listen Sara I was ah wondering if you know sometime we could go and get a bite to eat together.”

Hesitating at first Sara looked up at Landon and gave a soft smile. There was no doubt that Landon was attractive but he wasn’t Michael. His smile didn’t make her whole body shiver with excitement like Michael’s did.

“Look Linc Sara and I are just friends and that’s all we’ll ever be”
replayed in head again to remind her that what she wants will never happen. Michael was more then clear when her was talking to his brother that he only saw her as a friend. She had a horrible pain in her heart and wanted nothing more then to go home lock herself in her room and never come out. She bit her lip realizing she was taking to long to answer. A part of her was screaming no because she only wanted to be with one person, but another part told her that she shouldn’t waste time grieving for something she never had and move on and what better way to do that then to go on a date.

“I… I would like that” Sara said smiling at him.

Landon smiled back and noticed her shivering; he quickly unzipped his coat and placed it on Sara’s shoulders. “Here” he said.

His arms lingered around her a little while the necessary and long enough for Michael to walk over and to see them. He stopped dead in his tracks and watched as Landon had his arm around Sara. They were both laughing and talking together and the sight of them made Michael think that someone actually ripped his heart out of his chest and was tossing it repeatedly at a wall of nails. Michael was too busy looking at them that he didn’t hear Kristine, Katie and Jill come up behind him.

“Oh he actually asked her out and she must of said yes!” Kristine said excitedly and clapping her hands.

“Oh they look so cute” Katie squealed. “Don’t you think Michael?”

At first Michael didn’t answer he just continued to stare at them but when Katie nudged his arm. “Yeah they look cute” was all Michael was able to say and trying to sound normal. Kristine and Katie didn’t seem to notice anything and continued to talk about Sara and Landon. Jill on the other hand could see Michael wasn’t happy about the situation at all. She could tell that Michael wanted to be that guy with Sara, she had always thought Michael had a thing for Sara but it wasn’t until after Landon asked Sara out did she know how much he really cared about her. She was about to say something to him but all of a sudden they heard yelling and shouting coming from the other room.

They ran into the living room and saw Sucre and Ben throwing punches at each other and wrestle each other to the ground. “You bastard!” Sucre yelled as his fist contacted with Ben’s face.
Chapter End Notes:
I know you MiSa fans are upset right now but soon everything will be cleared up.