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~Chapter 38~

Mrs. Hodmin was at the front of the class writing down another math formula on the board at the front of the classroom. It was a grade eleven class that included Veronica and Derek. Veronica sat in the second row from the front and Derek made sure to get a seat near her. While Mrs. Hodmin wasn’t looking Derek pulled out his phone and texted Veronica.

She felt her phone vibrating in her jean pocket, quickly and discreetly Veronica took it out and flipped it open.

Derek: we need 2 talk about Linc.

Veronica turned in her seat and glared at Derek and shook her head.

Veronica: I’m not goin 2 talk about this wit u
Derek: bcuz of ur fight he not playin 2nite
Veronica: Yes he will, game 2 important.
Derek: he tryin 2 prove u more important but we need him
Veronica: I said we talk after
Derek: he not playin until you two make up. please talk 2 him

There was a long pause and for Derek it felt like forever.

Veronica: ok

Derek started to grin and smiled at Veronica and hoped the two lovebirds would make up fast. When the bell finally rang, Derek packed up his stuff and made his way out the door and followed Veronica. “So Vee…”

Veronica rolled her eyes and turned around to face Derek. “Look I’ll talk to him and you can win your precious football game. Now where is he?” Veronica asked. “Now I’m not promising anything, I said I would talk to him.”

Derek nodded “Well good, I guess I’ll see you at the game. I think Linc is on his way home before the game so you should be able to catch him in the parking lot.” He told her before heading to his locker and sweet talk the girl next to him. Veronica sighed and then walked towards the stairs and outside.

While Veronica was going down Kristine and Katie were making their way up to the up to the third floor. They made their way through the crowd and to their lockers and put their books away, “So have you heard from Jill, she isn’t here today but they have the football game tonight?” Kristine asked Katie as she opened her locker.

Katie shook her head “No not since last night at Annie’s. Sara’s not here either, I texted her this morning but she hasn’t responded.

“Maybe their sick, but Jill has the big game and I don’t even think mono would keep her away from playing” She laughed as she closed her locker and walked back towards the stairs.

As they made it to the main floor Kristine bumped into Veronica who seem like she was in a hurry. “Hey Vee, you okay?”

Veronica picked up her bag that had fallen to the floor when they collided. “I’m so sorry Kristy I am trying to talk to Linc but he just drove out of the parking lot before we could talk.” Veronica said running her fingers through her long dark brown hair.

“Maybe you should call him” Katie told her “With game hours away he probably running around getting everything ready.”

Veronica nodded, “Yeah that makes sense, okay I’ll call him. Bye I’ll see you guys at the game.”

“Bye Vee” they both said before walking away.

“Veronica pulled out her cell phone and text Linc a message.

Veronica: Meet me outside stadium at 6:30 b4 game.

She started to smile at the idea of finally making up with Lincoln, not talking to him today made her feel so lonely. Running towards the bus she had a smile on her face, what she didn’t know is that Lincoln had forgot his cell phone in his locker and wouldn’t get the message in time.