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~Chapter 19~

“You will never believe what I discovered in the locker room?” Sucre said as he joined Jill, Katie, Kristine and Ben at the lunch table.

“There are lockers” Jill joked.

Sucre sat there for a second replaying Jill’s comment in his head until he got what she was teasing him about. He glared at her for a second and then continued. “No, I heard from one of the football players that Andy and Nika did the nasty!”

“Ewwww Sucre I’m eating” Jill said trying not to lose her food.

“Nika wouldn’t do that. I mean is she dating him?” Kristine asked not totally believing what Sucre is telling them. “Gosh high school has changed her.”

As they talked Michael and Sara joined the table. “Guess what we heard” Michael said as him and Sara sat down.

“Andy Mitchell and Nika doing the nasty? Yeah we heard” Ben said with a chuckle.

“I’m still eating people!” Jill yelled. Sara, Katie and Kristine shook their heads and giggled.

Suddenly they heard cheering on the other side of the cafeteria as Andy entered the room. A lot of the grade tens cheered on their fellow classmate and then a few other guys were flirting with Nika who seem to be enjoying all the attention.

“I can’t believe she slept with him,” Kristine said. “I mean how drunk did she get at that party?”

Sucre shrugged his shoulder. The friends turned back to their lunches. They tried to ignore the commotion happening on the other side of the room. Over the last week and a bit, Nika had become a totally different person to Michael, Sucre, Jill and Kristine. She wasn’t the girl they used to hang out with and to be honest they didn’t like the new Nika.


While people were still cheering for Andy, Veronica and Jess walked into the cafeteria. “What the hell is going on in here?” Jess asked.

“I have no idea,” Veronica answered as they took a seat at an open table.

“Hey babe” Linc said as he walk up and gave her a kiss.

Paul sat across from Veronica and beside Jess with a smile on his face. “So guess what I heard?”

“What?” Veronica said taking a bite of he sandwich.

“Andy and Nika, they ah you know woohoo” Paul winked at her.

“Ewwww what?” Veronica said in disbelief. “Are they dating?”

“Nope, one night stand” Derek told her.

“Nika wouldn’t do that,” Jess said shaking her head. They looked over at Nika who was with Lisa and a bunch of guys around her.

“Well she seems to be a Lisa slut in the making” Veronica scoffed.